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How to Clear the Clutter     


Do you ever find yourself wishing that you had a few concrete, actionable strategies for streamlining bureaucratic activities? Many leaders get the feeling that they would have more time as individuals, teams, and departments if they could find a way to identify and reduce clutter and inefficiency within the day-to-day activities of their team.  Time saved could then be used on more involved problem solving or could simply give the team a sense of success on easy, quick wins.


Try focusing your attention on these 3 areas the next time you are looking to identify and reduce clutter and inefficiency on your team:

  • Meetings.  Can any of the meetings you currently attend be eliminated or partially eliminated? Can they be held less often?
  • Reports.  Can necessary reports be done in a less complicated/time-consuming manner without compromising quality? 
  • Approvals.  Can the approval process be done with fewer people involved?  Is there a more productive technology you could use to make approvals faster?
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