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The Power of Persuasion  


Persuasion has been defined as influence that is deliberate and employs a systematic process of getting others to support your ideas.  We influence others by communicating and behaving in ways that are more likely to trigger a "yes" response.  As a leader, knowing when and how to influence and persuade others, both inside and outside of your organization, has many benefits.


The next time you need to get that "yes" response, try using these 6 principles of persuasion:

  • Reciprocity.  Be first to give. Remember, you get what you give.
  • Scarcity.  Demonstrate the uniqueness of the product or emphasize the exclusivity of the information.
  • Authority.  Develop the reputation of an expert. Let your credentials show.
  • Commitment/Consistency.  Connect your solution to the person's or organization's goals. Have everyone put their commitments in writing.
  • Social Proof/Consensus.  Show that others have had success; share testimonials.
  • Liking.  Be genuine and build on similarities.
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