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What Seems to be the Problem Here?    


Identifying the solution to a problem is largely dependent upon pinpointing the problem itself.  When waters are muddy, an Is/Is Not Analysis may help you see the problem more clearly.  An Is/Is Not Analysis is a series of critical questions focused on both what is and is not relevant in the situation at hand.  Performing this analysis can help you develop a focused problem statement and define the scope of the problem.


Here are 3 questions to ask in an Is/Is Not Analysis:

  • What are you having a problem with?  Ask yourself what is and is not wrong in the current situation.  What is happening that should not be happening?  What is not happening that should be happening?
  • Who is involved?  Which departments/units/people are implicated and which are not?
  • When was the problem first noticed/documented?  When is the problem present and when is it absent?  Has the problem occurred before?  Is it gradual or sudden?  


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