December, 2015

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Be Prepared for Google's Fiber Build Out with a PRO Go-Kit™
That's right, Google Fiber is coming. 
Will you be ready?
Over the past several years, fiber optic networks have seen tremendous improvements and is steadily gaining popularity as bandwidth requirements are on the rise. Using fiber offers several more advantages over the more common DSL and cable networks. Being able to provide faster speeds over longer distances is one of the most important advancements of fiber optic internet. All the major names are now in the race to provide millions of users with Gigabit fiber optic internet. If you are in a region with fiber optic networks already established, you are already in the running. Services like Google Fiber, Xfinity, Verizon Fios and AT&T are broadening their reach and opening opportunities for those in the telecommunications industry. 

If you are working with these companies, you need to be prepared. Precision Rated Optics offers a convenient, all-in-one solution for storing and transporting your fiber optic equipment and tools. Whether you are prepping, cleaning, splicing or testing, there is a Go-Kit for every fiber optic operation. If you don't see what you need, just call and ask to build your own Go-Kit. 

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First-Line Fiber Installation & Verification
New Advanced Capabilities Make Testing Simple
Optical Loss Go-Kits
Dirt and debris are the main cause of many fiber failures. If you are a technician or contractor, our expertly configured kits contain all the tools necessary to quickly measure loss, power levels, inspect and clean connector end-faces. Features including both SM and MM testing capabilities along with Test Cables and SC, ST, FC and universal adapters in a semi-rigid carrying case make PRO the best fiber test kit on the market.

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Product Spec Sheet: Optical Loss Go-Kits 
Optical Loss Go-Kit
The Perfect Splicer for ANY Job!
Rock Solid Core Alignment Fusion Splicing
OFS-935C Core Alignment Fusion Splicer
The PRO OFS-935C is the perfect splicer for ANY job. This splicer has it all, from the easy-to-use touch screen interface to the rock solid core alignment splicing - all at a price that is thousands less than other comparable brands.

The OFS-935C offers SOC capability, providing superior performance with reduced insertion loss and back reflection. The OFS-935C is economical, durable and backed by Precision Rated Optics service and warranty in the United States. The OFS-935C is available in three configurations, and is a perfect addition to any PRO Go-Kit!

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Product Spec Sheet: OFS-935C Fusion Splicer

Equip More Techs for Less!
Quickly Locate Optical Breaks!
OBL-201A Optical Break Locator
The OBL-201A is a high-performance optical fiber troubleshooter for locating fiber breaks and imperfections. Break results and details are displayed on a large LCD screen. Check out our new Product Overview Video of the OBL-201A Optical Break Locator!

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The VIP-35 Series Just Got a Makeover!
Fresh New Look!
VIP-35 Series Video Inspection Probe
The newly remodeled 400x VIP-35 Inspection Probe is designed to provide customers the ability to troubleshoot network performance issues (most commonly caused by dirty connectors) by inspecting the end face of a connector for debris. In addition to the standard package (VIP-35-K2), the VIP-35-DATA is capable of data storage and data downloading. Additional tips are available upon request.

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2016 Product Catalog
Our 2016 Product Catalog features some amazing new products, as well as some updated products featuring Bluetooth capability, touchscreen interfaces, FiberBase compatibility and more!

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