October, 2015

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Find and Repair the Break in Minutes! 
1. Test
Designed to be quick and efficient the OBL-201A Optical Break Locator (OBL) is an easy-to-use high-performance optical fiber troubleshooter for locating fiber breaks and imperfections. Break results and details are displayed on a large LCD screen. At only 10oz this unit is extremely portable and user-friendly. The USB port and included USB cable make it easy to transfer data and perform updates. 

The OBL-201A Optical Break Locator allows the technician to be able to prep and test the fiber in just a few minutes. Unlike an OTDR, the OBL is more affordable and does not require extensive training. With an OBL you can save time and get more techs equipped for less than the cost of an OTDR!

2. Splice
Fusion splicing has been made easier with our new addition the OFS-936S Core Alignment Fusion Splicer. The OFS-936S Fusion Splicer is compact and lightweight, making it perfect for close range in Data Centers or for transporting in FTTx and OSP environments. 

  • Lightweight
  • Quickly Find Breaks in Fiber
  • Short Dead Zone
  • Backlit for Easy Operation in Low Light
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • Built-in VFL Port
OFS-936S Fusion Splicer Features
  • Rugged, Economical and Compact
  • 4.3" Touch Screen
  • Waterproof
  • Dust-proof
  • Anti-Shock
  • SOC Compatible
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Everything you need... in a backpack!
Configurations for Every Application and Budget
No Ordinary Backpack...
This is no ordinary backpack. PRO Go-Kits are housed in backpacks designed and manufactured by the world-renowned Pelican Case company. Water resistant, lightweight and practical, they feature a lifetime guarantee, and can safely store and transport all of your test equipment, hand tools and cleaning supplies. There's even a special hard-shelled compartment to accommodate up to a 17-inch laptop!

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Product Spec Sheet: PRO Go-Kit™ 
The VIP-35 Series Just Got a Makeover!
Fresh New Look!
VIP-35 Series Video Inspection Probe
The newly remodeled 400x VIP-35 Inspection Probe is designed to provide customers the ability to troubleshoot network performance issues (most commonly caused by dirty connectors) by inspecting the end face of a connector for debris. In addition to the standard package (VIP-35-K2), the VIP-35-DATA is capable of data storage and data downloading. Additional tips are available upon request.

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PRO-5350 Series OTDR - Perfect for Field Testing
The New Generation of Intelligent OTDRs
PRO-5350 Series OTDR
The PRO-5350 Series OTDR is specially designed for tough outdoor jobs. IP65 protection level, lightweight, easy operation, low-reflection LCD and more than 12 hours working period make it perfect in field testing. The PRO-5350 Series OTDR comes standard with a VFL, Power Meter, Stable Light Source and Touchscreen. It's available in singlemode and multi-mode configurations. Check out our new Product Overview Video of the PRO-5350 OTDR!

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Product Spec Sheet: PRO-5350 Series OTDR 

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PON Network Testing has Never Been Easier!
The Smallest Full-feature PON Power Meter
PON-301B PON Meter
Rugged, reliable and designed as a "pass-through" device, the PON-301B "Triple-Play" PON meter can perform in-service testing of all PON signals (1310/1490/1550nm) from anywhere within the network.

In addition to user-defined thresholds, Precision Rated Optic's PON-301B PON Power Meter offers pass/fail/warning LED indicators which allow the user to quickly and easily assess the network's power level

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Product Spec Sheet: PON-301B PON Meter

2015 Product Catalog
Our 2015 Product Catalog features some amazing new products, as well as some updated products featuring Bluetooth capability, touchscreen interfaces, FiberBase compatibility and more!

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