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July, 2014

Whew! July... It may be hot outside, but the PRO-OLM 200 Series Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS) is one of the coolest test sets on the market! Bi-directional testing is the best, most accurate way to assess the integrity of a fiber. The PRO OLM-200 is extremely affordable and easy-to-use, boasting features usually only found on much more expensive units. In this July newsletter, we have taken the time to fully explore these remarkable pieces of equipment. Take a look!

Also, take a look at News from PRO, Announcements, our 2014 Product Catalog and great discounts on our Featured Products and, as always, our deeply-discounted "demo" test equipment.

Featured Product from  

OLM-200 Series - Optical Loss Test Set (OLTS)



The OLM-200 Series Optical Loss Testers provide the ultimate in convenience by combining a versatile 850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550 and 1625 (nm) Power Meter and a Light Source all in one unit. The OLM-201A and OLM-201B can transmit at 1310nm and 1550nm, while the OLM-202A and OLM-202B can transmit on 1310nm, 1490nm and 1550nm.


Product Overview Video:

OLM-200 Series
OLM-200 Series 30 Sec Ad


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Download: Product Spec Sheet (pdf)
Download: Product Manual (pdf)

Emergency Response Kit

Due to the incredible response to the PRO Emergency Response Kit by Tier-2 telecom companies, we are adding new configurations to the lineup. Look for the new kits to be featured in upcoming PRO newsletters. 


If you're not familiar with the ERK, you can learn all about them here:  PRO ERK-1

Free "How-To" Videos
PR0-790 Fusion Splicer
PRO-790 "Electrode Replacement"
Nothing lasts forever, including the electrodes on your fusion splicer. This video shows you how to replace the electrodes on a Precision Rated Optics PRO-790 Fusion Splicer. Although the fusion splicer used for the demo is a PRO-790, the same basic procedure applies to many splicers on the market. 

In the Spotlight...

PRO Enclosures, Patchcords and More!
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2014 Catalog  
2014 Product Catalog

Our 2014 Product Catalog features some amazing new products, as well as some updated products featuring Bluetooth capability, touchscreen interfaces, Fiber-Base compatibility and more! 

Take a look!

  May 2014
In This Issue
OLM-200 Series
Emergency Response Kit
Free "How-To" Videos
In the Spotlight
2014 Catalog
Discounted Demo Equipment
Monthly Specials

CS-125/250 "Quick Click"
Bulkhead Cleaner

PRICE: $47.50

* Newly redesigned
* Best price on the market!
* 800+ cleaning operations
* 40% more cleaning
  capacity than competing

Learn More:


Discounted Demo Test Equipment
32/30dB,1310/1500nm SM w/LTS & VIP Port
Regular Price: $6,350
Sale Price: $4,495


8 Channel CWDM w/SM OTDR, VFL, LTS & VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,150
Sale Price: $7,500


8 Channel CWDM w/SM OTDR, VFL, LTS & VIP Port, Probe & Soft Case  

Regular Price: $9,995

Sale Price: $8,100


18 Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $8,095
Sale Price: $5,975


C-Band 1530 - 1561nm (196.0THz - 192.0THz) w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,995
Sale Price: $7,300


L-Band 1574 - 1608nm (190.5THz - 186.3THz) w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,995 
Sale Price: $7,300


1551, 1571, 1591, 1611nm CWDM Wavelengths

Regular Price: $8,995 
Sale Price: $7,000


32/30dB, 1310/1550nm SM w/ LTS & VIP PORT

Regular Price: $5,845
Sale Price: $4,400

SM 1310/1550nm OTDR: 32/32dB

Regular Price: $5,080
Sale Price: $4,275
SM 1310/1550nm OTDR: 38-37dB

Regular Price: $6,500
Sale Price: $5,175

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