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May, 2014

Thank you for your interest in Precision Rated Optics! In this issue we are pleased to introduce you to the new PRO TP-P6 Multifunction Test Platform

Also, take a look at News from PRO, Announcements, our 2014 Product Catalog and great discounts on our Featured Products, as well as deeply-discounted "demo" test equipment.

New Product from  

TP-P6 Multifunctional Test Platform 



The TP-P6 is a compact, modular platform that allows for the "stacking" of up to three modules, providing a multitude of customizable configurations. Specifically designed for LAN, WAN FTTx/PON applications, the use of "Plug-and-Play" modules allows the TP-P6 to meet all of the test requirements for installers, contractors and service operators, whether performing network installation, service activation, maintenance or troubleshooting.



Product Overview Video:


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Download: Product Spec Sheet (pdf)

News from PRO
PRO Wins KIZ Award!

PRO is very proud to have won the prestigious Keystone Innovation Zone award for 2013. The awarded funds will further PRO's research and development of new optical test equipment and products for the fiber optic industry.

Learn more: Visit PRO
KIZ URL: http://bit.ly/1m6ZzBY

PRO's New Website

We would like to welcome you to our new home on the web! We have worked hard to offer you the best website, featuring PRO's fiber optic products, training and services.

Take a look and, as always, we'd love to hear your feedback.

2014 Catalog  
2014 Product Catalog

While we've discontinued some of our products, for the 2014 Product Catalog we are proudly introducing several updated products with enhanced features, as well as several brand-new products. Take a look!

  May 2014
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News from PRO®
2014 Catalog
Featured Product
Featured Product

CS-125/250 "Quick Click"
Bulkhead Cleaner

PRICE: $47.50

* Newly redesigned
* Best price on the market!
* 800+ cleaning operations
* 40% more cleaning
  capacity than competing

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Discounted Demo Test Equipment
32/30dB,1310/1500nm SM w/LTS & VIP Port
Regular Price: $6,350
Sale Price: $4,495


8 Channel CWDM w/SM OTDR, VFL, LTS & VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,150
Sale Price: $7,500


8 Channel CWDM w/SM OTDR, VFL, LTS & VIP Port, Probe & Soft Case  

Regular Price: $9,995

Sale Price: $8,100


18 Channel CWDM Channel Analyzer w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $8,095
Sale Price: $5,975


C-Band 1530 - 1561nm (196.0THz - 192.0THz) w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,995
Sale Price: $7,300


L-Band 1574 - 1608nm (190.5THz - 186.3THz) w/VIP Port

Regular Price: $9,995 
Sale Price: $7,300


1551, 1571, 1591, 1611nm CWDM Wavelengths

Regular Price: $8,995 
Sale Price: $7,000


32/30dB, 1310/1550nm SM w/ LTS & VIP PORT

Regular Price: $5,845
Sale Price: $4,400

SM 1310/1550nm OTDR: 32/32dB

Regular Price: $5,080
Sale Price: $4,275
SM 1310/1550nm OTDR: 38-37dB

Regular Price: $6,500
Sale Price: $5,175

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