Evinrude E-TEC G2
"The Outboard of the Future"

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin (June 14, 2014)----It all started with a call from Linda Baehring, Sr. Brand Marketing Specialist for BRP Evinrude asking if my Dad and I would be available during the weekend of June 13-15 for the Club 2015 Evinrude event, Linda explained very little about the details of this monumental event but was excited to share that there would be a "Global Reveal" of something from Evinrude. The first two things that went through my head were "I wonder what Evinrude designed now" and "wait a minute, that's Fathers Day weekend." Being that I would be spending the weekend with my Dad for Fathers Day and super excited to be invited to a Club BRP event we didn't hesitate to attend.


Two weeks prior to the Club 2015 Evinrude event my Dad and I contemplated as to what type of an outboard could Evinrude design that would possible be better than the current E-TEC. We knew that in our opinion, if it could be done we would like a new outboard that is still a two-stroke engine but with better fuel economy and more power for a better hole shot. I think that we push the limits of our Evinrude when our boat is filled with fishing and filming equipment, not to mention four scuba tanks and two sets of dive gear. I do realize we are not the average fisherman and the amount of gear we load in our boat does   push the limits of our engine performance, but nevertheless, more torque would make it a lot easier to plane the boat and allow for a safe takeoff. As for Fuel economy, everyone can agree gas prices are crazy and every penny you can safe is well worth it.


With our list of wants running through my

head, I began to ponder what new technology would Evinrude put in this outboard. The entire six-hour drive out to Milwaukee, I kept relaying to my Dad, my knowledge of the other BRP products that I own and follow extensively online. I explained that Ski-Doo had incorporated a throttle-by-wire instead of cable driven throttle not only helping with installation but also giving seamless power delivery and ultra-smooth engagement. I also mentioned that power steering has started to appear in BRP's Can-Am ATV's. You should have seen my Dad's look on his face, "they wouldn't add power-steering to an outboard!" The only response I could give him was "lets wait and see what Evinrude has to unveil." For myself knowing that this would be the first Evinrude Club event in over six years, something big was about to drop.


The night of the "Global Unveil" was amazing. Hundreds of visitors from numerous countries all were attending the event. The employees of Evinrude were all there and the buzz of anticipation was building strong. We were all seated in the giant conference room with jumbo screens playing nostalgic Evinrude commercials, everyone was laughing and eager to get to see the new product. When the time finally came, two newly-designed, jaw-dropping Evinrude E-TEC G2 outboards raised up thru the stage floor in a cloud of fog and laser lights. The crowd first when silent... but just for a brief moment... and then a rousing applaud. The new G2 was strikingly different, bold, colorful, and looked like Iron Man's sidekick. I instantly saw the resemblance in design between other BRP products and this made Evinrude finally look like a product built from BRP, not like a design inherited from OMC. The striking new look will grow on you fast-after spending only 5 minutes looking at the G2, all current outboards just seem outdated. It's crazy to think that literally an unveiling of a single new product can make the current outboard industry look years behind. All I could think next was "When can we get one!!!"


José Boisjoli, BRP President and CEO

The Evinrude E-TEC G2 is the first all-new outboard designed by BRP since the company acquired the Evinrude brand following the bankruptcy of OMC in 2001. BRP President and CEO, José Boisjoli pushed his engineers and designers to work together to offer something to the marine industry that would change the market. José wanted it to make a powerful statement and to perform better than anything on the market now. Evinrude was able to redesign everything but they chose to start at the moment of combustion, this engine is the first outboard engine block specifically designed for direct-injection technology. This new engine block is what Evinrude calls "PurePower Combustion" which touts best-in-class torque, emission and fuel efficiency. The list of new technology doesn't end there, you can customize the look of your engine to match your rig-hundreds of different custom color combinations exist. Dual axis rigging can now allow boat builders to build the transom with more space and less clutter. Fully integrated digital controls allow you to pick how you want to drive your outboard, want to use the throttle or foot pedal, how about turn on i-Trim, the new automatic intelligent trim system all these features are offered with just a push of a button. Why not take advantage of the new Dynamic Power Steering, yes I said it and my Dad is amazed I knew what could be possible in the outboard motor market, the Dynamic power steering is integrated right into the midsection of the engine and it does deliver superior handling and better control. With all the new features and designs and bold colors my mouth is starting to foam and my head is spinning. I love technology and I envy BRP for pushing the limits to what us users think impossible but Evinrude simply just took a leap far above the rest and I belief this new E-TEC G2 will be the staple of what future outboards are going to be designed by.


I will leave you will one last statement that will seal the deal, 5/5/5! What is 5/5/5 you ask? How about 5-year engine warranty, 5-year saltwater corrosion warranty, and 5-years or 500 hours no dealer-scheduled maintenance. So even if you think the new Evinrude E-TEC G2 is ugly in print pictures, I dare you to take a look at one in person because I can tell you the bold heroic look along with the technology under the hood and an unbelievable warranty will convince you that this is the future of outboards! 


Visit: Evinrude.com to learn more information about the E-TEC G2

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