The Sport of Fishing is a Brotherhood

While driving alone in his truck, a gentleman from the border town of Del Rio, Texas received a dubious phone call stating that he had won a sweepstake. Considering the fact that he had never won anything before, and that this seasoned angler had been around the block a time or two, Mr. Bill Kingsbery had his serious doubts as to the legitimacy of the call.

The first thing that came to his mind was that the voice on the other end of the line was about to ask for his credit card and/or social security number. Fortunately that wasn't the case at all. Steve Levi, BoatUS ANGLER Brand Manager, had placed the call to inform Bill (a BoatUS ANGLER member in good standing), that he had won the very first annual "Hook n' Look Smallie-Fest Sweepstakes". The prize included the opportunity to fish with me on my home water and world-class smallmouth fishery, Lake St. Clair

With both of us unsure of what to initially expect, upon his arrival, I greeted Bill as if we'd been acquainted for years, and to a certain degree we were. You see, I'm a firm believer that fishermen are part of a brotherhood, we possess a common bond... that which is the meaningful... love of this glorious sport we call fishing. We share similar memories, humorous stories, historic feats of battle and mutually convey to each other our angling accomplishments... all in a day of fishing.

Needless to say, Bill and I had some laughs, hooted and hollered while turning the heads of several St. Clair smallmouths, and ultimately... and I emphasize quite effortlessly... became good friends.   


Join BoatUS ANGLER today for a chance to win a day of fishing and filming with me in 2014 on our 2nd Annual Smallie-Fest Sweepstakes!


Hook n' Look Splash #20
Hook n' Look Splash #20 - Choosing The Correct Fishing Line for Heavy Brush
Choosing The Correct Fishing Line for Heavy Brush
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Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION
Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION
 Evinrude E-Nation

Chat with the community about favorite fishing spots and choosing the right gear.  Or just get advice on catching the big on.  Join the social community of E-Nation.

Ranger Aluminum Boat Plant Tour
Ranger Aluminum Boat Plant Tour
Ranger Aluminum Boat
Plant Tour

One of the highlights of each day at the headquarters for Ranger Boats here in Flippin, AR is getting to meet visitors from all over the world that have come to take a tour of our manufacturing facilities. Unfortunately, not everyone gets the opportunity to make it to our part of the world, but we don't want that keep you from being able to see the processes we go through as we build these legends... one at a time! Ranger's Lance Newton gives a guided tour through the Ranger Aluminum Boat Manufacturing Facility.

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