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The smallmouth bite on our home water, Lake St. Clair is absolutely insane, especially during the early weeks of June. We are stoked that BoatU.S. Angler has provided us the opportunity to take one lucky winner on, what is most likely to be, an indisputable brown bass EXTRAVAGANZA! In addition, our guest will appear on an episode of Hook n' Look, broadcasted nationally on Outdoor Channel. All you need to be eligible is a valid BoatU.S Angler membership. BoatU.S. Angler is the fishing division of BoatU.S. - the oldest and largest association of boaters and anglers. So if you're not a current member, sign up now for a chance to accompany the Hook n' Look crew in June. Join today!


To see the full details of the "HNL Smallie-Fest Sweepstakes" please visit www.boatus.com/angler/

Danny Visits Outdoor Channel Headquarters
Danny Visits Outdoor Channel
Outdoor Channel Master Control On a recent trip to the west coast, Danny Stricker (Hook n' Look Videographer and Technical Adviser) was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Outdoor Channel Corporate Offices were based in Temecula California where he was to reside for a few days. After realizing that his hotel was only a short block away, he couldn't help but grasp the opportunity to stop in and witness where the "magic" happens.

Danny exclaimed in gratitude, "I need to thank Brian Hamada, Quality Control Manager for Outdoor Channel for taking the time to show me around the facility and personally introduce me to everyone that takes part in making sure the Hook n' Look program broadcasts flawlessly." He continued, "This was an amazing trip for me. I literally felt like a star when I walked through the building.  Each and every employee I was introduced to would immediately follow up their friendly handshake by imitating our Hook n' Look sign off. You know... "Hook...n'... Look."
The most fascinating part of the tour for this inquisitive techy, was observing the Master Control room. Once all the quality control and closed captioning is done the final show edits are placed on a server, awaiting broadcast. The Master Control is where the television shows ultimately get sent out on the airwaves. "Very Cool", Danny asserted!  
Gearing up for next season with Shimano
Kim Stricker will be casting with Shimano in upcoming 2014 episodes.  Shimano, the multinational manufacturer of fishing tackle offered to outfit Hook n' Look's host and producer with Chronarch Baitcasting Reels, Sustain Spinning Reels along with Crucial IM-10 Graphite Rods.
"I sincerely appreciate Shimano's generosity and willingness to initiate a promotional relationship with Hook n' Look," said Kim.  "Danny and I eagerly look forward to making every effort to help grow this opportunity. Thanks again Bob "O"!

Visit Shimano Site for Product Details - http://fish.shimano.com
Coming Up This Week on Hook n' Look

Hook n' Look - Episode 5 
"My Darlin' Thermocline"

My Darlin' Thermocline
My Darlin' Thermocline

Kim's friend, Randy VanDam shares some tips for mid-summer largemouth bass.  Later, the two disclose some interesting facts in regards to how various species relate to a thermocline.

    Air Times on Outdoor Channel 
  • Saturday May 4th, 2013 at 11:30 AM  
  • Saturday May 4th, 2013 at 4:00 PM  
  • Sunday May 5th, 2013 at 7:00 AM (EST)
Splash #17
Splash #17

Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION
Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION

360 Imaging a Scuba Diver
Kim and Danny Stricker have some fun and want to visually see how they appear scuba diving on the Humminbird 360 Imaging.
Learn more.

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Chat with the community about favorite fishing spots and choosing the right gear for the right time. Or just get advice on catching the big one.  Join the social community of E-Nation. Visit E-Nation Today.

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