HNL Smallie-Fest Sweepstakes

The smallmouth bite on our home water, Lake St. Clair is absolutely insane, especially during the early weeks of June. We are stoked that BoatU.S. Angler has provided us the opportunity to take one lucky winner on, what is most likely to be, an indisputable brown bass EXTRAVAGANZA! In addition, our guest will appear on an episode of Hook n' Look, broadcasted nationally on Outdoor Channel. All you need to be eligible is a valid BoatU.S Angler membership. BoatU.S. Angler is the fishing division of BoatU.S. - the oldest and largest association of boaters and anglers. So if you're not a current member, sign up now for a chance to accompany the Hook n' Look crew in June. Join today!


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Congratulations to Our iPad Mini Winner!

Our sincere thanks to everyone who came out to the 2013 Bassmaster Classic and stopped by the Hook n' Look booth to visit. The abundance of flattering comments in regards to our program have us pumped up to begin production of our next season.

We would also like to congratulate Chance Ballard on being the lucky winner of our iPad Mini giveaway. Chance is a 13-year old who resides in Oklahoma and enjoys playing baseball, hunting and fishing. His favorite lakes to fish are Grand and Fort Gibson because he always seems to do well on those bodies of water.  

Coming Up This Week on Hook n' Look

Hook n' Look - Episode 12 
"You Gotta Find'em First!"

Hook n' Look 2013 Show 12 - You Gotta Find'em First!
 You Gotta Find'em First!

It's a simple fact, in order to catch fish...first you've got to find them.  On this week's episode, Kim Stricker and his guests utilize Humminbird sonar technology to locate sunken man-made brush piles as well as natural isolated structure, which attract Lake Lanier spotted bass.  Later, Kim and his son Danny descend to the bottom to reveal the intricacies of the productive cover.

    Air Times on Outdoor Channel 
  • Saturday March 23rd, 2013 at 11:30 AM  
  • Saturday March 23rd, 2013 at 4:00 PM  
  • Sunday March 24th, 2013 at 7:00 AM (EST)
Smallmouth Bass On Steep Ledges
HNL Splash #16

Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION
Kim and Danny Stricker Welcome You to E-NATION

Smallmouth Bass On Steep Ledges
Kim and son Danny then descend to the depths and uncover the bass' positioning along the sheer drops.
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For those of you that haven't heard, BoatU.S. Angler has the "Weigh-To-Win" contingency program for tournament anglers.  For one low annual membership fee, you'll have a chance to dramatically boost your winnings and gain the assurance of 24/7 dispatch that comes with a BoatU.S. Angler Membership. What's really nice is that you don't have to win the tournament to get paid, you just need to be the highest placing BoatU.S. Angler Member in the tournament.  So not only do you have another way to make more money but you will also have the confidence that you are covered on the road or on the water just in case you may need a tow. 

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