September 2015

Welcome Back!

It's a New Year... and it's time.
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Spotlight TREP$:  In this issue we have some great write-ups to share with you- written by and about young entrepreneurs we met this spring... You will meet Marcella (Glen Ridge, NJ), Luke (Florida, NY), Dominique & Emily (Frankford, NJ), Jordan (West Milford, NJ) and Conor (Mount Olive, NJ).  Scroll down to enjoy!

As always, thank you for being a part of this important and extraordinarily fun mission.
Pamela deWaal and Hayley Romano

Meet Marcella, of "Ozen Designs"
Glen Ridge High School, Glen Ridge, NJ


My name is Marcella and I am in seventh grade.  I am owner of Ozen Designs, primarily an earring jewelry company. I recently have branched out into making necklaces and bracelets in sets to match with the earrings.

I first started making earrings at my sleep-away camp at which my mother sent me a letter regarding the old boxes of beads she had found in her art studio attic and whether I would be interested in learning how to make earrings. I quickly responded that I had just learned how to.  When I got home my mom surprised me with  twelve boxes of beads and a few lessons to expand my knowledge and experience with earring making. My mom originally had Ozen Designs when she was in high school and college. My grandmother is also in the jewelry business as she has a jewelry and engraving store. She bought me a second pair of pliers as well as some clip-on hooks for those without pierced ears and some extra beads.

For a while I created a few pairs a day due to time restraints, but after I had multiple boards filled I didn't know what to do with the earrings. I could not wear them as my ears aren't pierced so I began to give them away to family members and friends. They all suggested I should sell them so when the TREP$ marketplace came around, I joined the program. I have since been creating my designs for peoples' ears, or 'ozen' in Hebrew. I am now selling earrings from my business at street fairs and on the side of the road like a lemonade stand as well as at the TREP$ Marketplace.

Making earrings is a way for me to connect with my mother as well as a way to relieve stress or express myself through bending wires. I make earrings using my favorite pliers that my mom used that I have named red hot because they have bright red grips on the handles. I am trying to develop my business and show at more market places in other towns as well as make a "design your own earrings" option, but I'm still trying to work out the details for this idea.  
Meet Luke, of "Forever Young"
My name is Luke and I am in 5th grade.  This is the first time I have participated in TREP$ and was so excited to get started.

The day I brought the enrollment form home and asked my parents if I could participate, is when I started planning my business!  First I quickly came up with my business name and logo, "Forever Young" using the infinity symbol in the middle.   Next, I started with thinking of what I could do with the buttons my grandma had given me over the summer for crafting.  That is when we came up with using them for "Button Bobby's", decorating bobby pens with them.  Then after lots of brainstorming with my family, we came up with using them to decorate headbands and even making rings with them.

I still wanted to do more, so we found an idea on Pinterest using washers to make Mickey/Minnie necklaces.  We went wild with making them because there were so many design possibilities.  We even made "Frozen" inspired ones which instantly became a hot seller even before the Marketplace when my mom posted pictures of them on her Facebook wall and people were asking if we could put them on hold for them.  We then decided to add keychains/backpack clips to the production using the washer necklace as the charm and made some to match the necklaces.  Another hit was making keychains using our school colors so lots of the teachers liked those and so did the students of the school. 

I had high hopes of making a huge profit, especially since I had decided early on to give a sizable portion of my proceeds to our local food pantry.  I had already sold $25 worth of product before the Marketplace opened so I was off to a good start.  From the minute the Marketplace opened, I started selling one thing after another.  I had prices good for everyone, starting at 50 cents for the button rings, $2 headbands and keychains, and $3 for the necklaces. 

It turned out to be an amazing success!  I sold $328 at the Marketplace and $220 of that was profit!  I paid for all the costs out of the proceeds since I wanted to use my own money for everything.

I wish it was already time for another TREP$ Marketplace.  I can't wait for next year's TREP$!!!!
Meet Dominique and Emily, of "Georgia's Treats"
Frankford Township School, Frankford, NJ
My name is Dominique and I am in the 5th grade.   I was excited to be working with my friend Emily on this project.  This was my first time doing TREP$ and selling at the Marketplace and I thought it was really fun.  Emily and I decided to make homemade healthy dog treats.  This was fun because we got to include Emily's dog Georgia in our business and the name of our business was "Georgia's Treats".

We used a recipe and to make the treats and then used cookie cutters of dog bone, a dog,  a heart, and a crown for the shapes. Then we used a brown lunch bag and some ribbon with a label to package our product. We charged $2.00 for the Peanut Butter treats and $3.00 for the Cinnamon. Together we made a profit of $80.00

I learned about paying for the ingredients and all the things we used to make the treats before I could make a profit. I also learned you need a sign to catch people's attention. I had the most fun creating our business and working out the details and ideas.  I was glad to be in the TREP$ Marketplace because I was able to work with my friend, have fun and learn to start a business.
Meet Jordan of "Crayon Lipsticks"
Upper Greenwood Lake School, Hewitt, NJ     
My name is Jordan and I am in 6th grade. Last year, when I heard about TREP$, I was super excited. I loved to use different types of accessories. I decided to make scarves and bobby pin earrings and necklaces out of bobby pins.
It was a lot of work but I loved that my idea was original.

This year, my interest in make-up was sparked. Well, it was not until I learned that some make up brands test on animals. This means that they injure and or kill animals just to see if their products are safe for humans. This really made me so sad. I then looked up on YouTube how to make your own make up. That is when I saw, "How to make crayon lipstick".

I immediately started making the lipsticks and using them for myself. I then thought, that is what I will make for TREP$ this year. My mom helped me melt the crayons, mix the coconut or shea butter and pour the lipsticks into the tubes.
 I asked my friends what colors would they like as lipsticks. This helped me choose the crayon colors by looking at the 64 selection box.

At the TREP$ Marketplace, my prices ranged from $2.00 dollars to $3.00. I had three selections for the lipsticks, chap-stick tint, pot tints and double case tint. All the color were easy to see because containers were clear. The double case tints was a contact case in which I used a different color for each well. I was able to sell out all my chapsticks and all of the contact case lip wells. I am so happy  I was able to participate in the TREP$ Marketplace.
Meet Conor of "Davoren Enterprises"
Chester M. Stephens School, Mount Olive, NJ      
My name is Conor, I am in 5th grade.  I was really happy when I heard the news about joining TREP$. I am very interested in business, it's a hobby of mine. Last year, I won an essay contest about why it's important to save money. I love money.  I have a box called "Secret Millionaires Club: Business in a Box". It includes a DVD of Warren Buffet giving tips to kids about having a business.  I learned a bunch of things from that.

As soon as I knew about TREP$ I started thinking about what I could sell.  My first idea was making a marshmallow shooting gun.  My parents told me that I didn't really know how to make something like that and it was my project and I had to be responsible for whatever I made without too much help.  I could not find a way to make the gun. I spent some time looking around the web for something I could make. I saw dog tag necklaces. I remembered my brother bought a book once just because it came with a dog tag necklace, kids really like dog tag necklaces.  The rule of TREP$ is that if you have something that exists you have to improve it in some way, that is when I thought of having the dog tags with writing for our school mascot the Marauders.  I also included the year.  

I found a website that could make the dog tag necklaces with the writing I wanted. I also decided to order three sets of 12 in our school colors red, black and silver. My mom helped me get free shipping. The necklaces cost $1.75 each, I decided to sell them for $3.00 each.  Even though I had my own money I signed a loan agreement with my parents and ordered them.  I also chose dog tag necklaces because both boys and girls like them. I figured it would work out.

The night of the TREP$ Marketplace I was a little nervous.  I had made up signs for my table display. I also put out a bowl of mints, I love when places give away mints and I thought it would attract people to my table. I also played a CD of the song "Who let the Dogs Out" so people would notice me. I sold out of dog tags. I paid back my parents and made a profit. I would definitively do TREP$ again but for now I am writing a screen play.