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Who is Inspiring You?
Dear Friends, 
Today, a 10 year old from Helen Morgan School in Sparta inspired me.  He reminded me that what we are doing is wonderful. TREP$ is encouraging all the right behaviors in our students, our children.  It is helping them grow into the kind of adults our  country, our world, needs.  CREATIVE, HARD WORKING, PROBLEM SOLVERS.  This young man emailed me to ask to be added to our newsletter mailing list so that he could read about other successful young entrepreneurs.  Pretty self motivated for a 10 year old- my inspiration of the day.  Who is inspiring you?

Last spring I met a few young entrepreneurs who especially impressed me, and I would like to introduce them to you.  Ashley had created the most beautiful quilts. Alleyna was probably the most poised and professional young entrepreneur I've met to date.  Amanda impressed me with her practical, yet brilliant list of criteria.... read on!
Meet Ashley

Hi, I'm Ashley!  

I'm 9 years old from Warren Point Elementary School.  


In TREP$ I first came up with an idea of doing homemade drawings! My mom told me I should offer some other items in addition to my original drawings. I brainstormed a little bit and asked myself, "What would people use?  What would be eye catching?" then it came to me! How about Blankets! These blankets could be comfortable, warm, bright, and beautiful! Then I thought even better, these blankets can explain their personalities!  


I had watched my mom sew unique blankets for baby gifts and other occasions when I was younger and she taught me how to make them.  I asked my mom if I could use the sewing machine with her guidance.  I could just hear the sweet sound of "PLUCK , PLUCK , PLUCK" just like when I was younger.   


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Meet Amanda

My name is Amanda.  

I am 12 years old from Apshawa Elementary. I participated in the TREP$ program.

The purpose of the TREP$ program was to learn how to create a small business and earn a profit by selling a product.

The first step was to figure out what product to sell. I used the following criteria  

to help decide what to sell:


Pick a product people would like to purchase at the end of winter and beginning of spring

Pick a product no one else would sell to limit competition

The product had to be lightweight and easy to carry

The product had to be cheap to produce to keep the selling price down

I went online searching for ideas that met the criteria.


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Meet Alleyna

Hello, my name is Alleyna  

and I am a 6th grader at St. Catherine of Siena School.  

I am interested in pursuing a career in Fashion Design.  


I knew right away I wanted to focus on accessories for my TREP$ business. It took me a couple of days to decide on the type of accessories and the age group of the audience I wanted to reach. Then just like that it hit me.  "I should be making what I have been learning over the past few months."


I've decided to create a line of fashion accessories such as headbands, clips, and bracelets. I have to admit the whole TREP$ process was a lot of fun for me. I purchased all the supplies I needed before spring break. I spent that week creating my products. I experimented with different ribbons, mixing colors, and working with duct tape. The best part for me was getting the chance to show my family, school mates and friends what I love to do.

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From Walter T Bergen's parent volunteer, Karen Schneider Dellaripa

"I have chaired our TREP$ program for the last 6 years and have found it to be one of the most fulfilling exciting things I have ever done I am always so excited for the Marketplace so that I can see what the kids have created - what they come up with and how they present themselves blows me away every year! This year is my last year as chairperson as my youngest is off to high school and it's time to let others have the fun I will miss it and all my TREP$ kids tremendously! Good luck to you and I hope that it brings you as much joy as it did me. "

Thank you Karen- for all of your years of dedication to TREP$ at Walter T Bergen School!


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