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June 2014





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Lynda Katz Wilner, M.S., CCC-SLP is a corporate communication trainer and 
a Speech and Language Pathologist.
She is the founder and director of Successfully Speaking, a woman-owned communication consulting firm, which specializes in professional speaking skills, foreign accent modification, and regional dialect reduction for native and non-native speakers. She works with individuals and groups. 

Ms. Wilner developed and published Medically Speaking: Accent Modification for the Medical Profession, The Medically Speaking Inventory: Assessment of Accented Speech, and collaborated with Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker in the development of  RULES, RULES To Go, Medically Speaking RULES, Medically Speaking Idioms, RULES BY THE SOUND Boston RULES, and the Pronunciation Screening Tool for Healthcare. She trains individuals, groups, and trainers around the United States with her unique programs. 
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Our Vision

Successfully Speaking helps individuals from diverse backgrounds  achieve excellence in communication and maximize their professional success.

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Do you have a topic your employees want to hear? Public speaking? How to present yourself professionally? Active listening skills? Vocal hygiene? Telephone skills? Effective communication in the workplace? Networking? Let's talk about bringing these educational and practical topics to your workplace. Call 410.356.5666 to see how Successfully Speaking can help your organization.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend. It would be wonderful if we could capture the beautiful weather we had on the East Coast and be able to repeat it throughout the coming weekends as summer approaches. 
I was saddened to hear about the recent passing of Dr. Maya Angelou. I had the wonderful opportunity to hear her speak at the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association in 2012. I can honestly say, it was the best presentation I have heard! She has been an inspiration to many.
Active Listening Skills     
We often focus on speaking well. However, an effective communicator is also a good listener. Learn more about how to demonstrate active listening skills, and how to "read" the person speaking to you. Read more
Sometimes, it's not just what we hear. We receive much information from visual observation. Actions often speak louder than words. To see how this can affect your understanding, check out this video as we play Simon Says
32 Words That Are Confusing!

Make sure you are not undermining your professional presence by using the wrong word Click here  
Eye Contact in Marketing Cereal at the Supermarket
Successfully Speaking has been conducting a series of communication workshops for the The Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center in Baltimore. Thanks, Cindy Goldstein, Executive Director, for sharing this amusing  article about eye contact on cereal boxes!!!!


Grammatically Speaking 

Here are some more grammatical slips heard from fellow professionals. Can you see what is wrong? What should be said?


"He drownded in the pool."


"It was not us, the clinics, who were at fault."


"I couldn't do nothing about it." 



FREE 30-minute Webinar  for Non-Native English Speakers - June  19th
Our sister company,
ESL RULES, held its first free 30-minute interactive mini-webinar to help non-native English speakers master the RULES of American English.Here is a comment from our webinar:  
"Just finished listening to and participating in your Webinar.  I enjoyed it, and was able to learn something in such a short time.  I am sure I will be using the Proper Nouns pronunciation rules in the future.Thank you!"   

                           Maria T, Spanish Medical Interpreter

Our next webinar will be Thursday, June 19th from  6:30-7:00 pm and the topic is
"Strawberry Shortcake, Blueberry Pie.......All About Compound Nouns."


Due to the interactive nature, this is limited to the first 10 non-native English speaking participants. Please, no trainers, teachers, or current clients of Successfully Speaking or The Whittaker Group. 


Online Accent Modification Webinars

If you know of a group of 3-4 individuals who want to take online modification classes at a reduced rate, check out our programs.
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Warm regards, 

Lynda Katz Wilner, M.S. 
Successfully Speaking