"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best." Og Mandino



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Keeping your cool is pretty easy when your team is winning-not so easy when you are on a losing streak.  We have four things youth athletes need to know about losing with integrity.  Learn more..

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What is the best helmet for my youth player?

The most important factor when evaluating ANY helmet purhase, youth or varsity, is that the helmet is fitted properly on its player. When in doubt, the helmet that fits a player properly is the helmet the player should choose.   

Wishing you a happy memorial day from the staff of AYF

I learned an important coaching lesson a few weeks ago. My 8 & 9 year old daughters play on a flag football team and I'm the coach. Truth is, nobody volunteered to coach, so I HAD to step in and do it. At the beginning of the year, I made it clear to the parents that we would be stressing fun (sounds ridiculous that this had to be said, but it did). Somehow, because I'm the only parent that stepped up, I felt like this allowed me to just kind of "show up" and coach.

Now, our team is definitely not the most talented, but every girl shows up for practice and games. Their attitudes are positive. They seem like they genuinely enjoy themselves, even though we have yet to win a game.

Well, when we played the first place team a few weeks ago, nobody had any fun. We lost 42-0, and it didn't seem that close. Not only did the other team have some great players, but their coach did a fantastic job. He was organized and had some great schemes. Bottom line- I got out coached. I did a disservice to my girls by resting on my laurels and thinking that keeping everything super simple was the right way to do things. Worst part was I could see the disappointment in my girls' faces.

I went home and worked on some new, "fun" plays. When we practiced them the girls enjoyed the new challenge. It was like they were telling me, "Finally Coach!"

Well, the rematch occurred this past weekend. No Hollywood ending here- we lost 28-14, but it was competitive. And most importantly, my team had fun! They improved and that made them feel good.

Even though we volunteer to coach, and sometimes we do it because nobody else does, we still owe it to the kids to be good at our job. We should spend extra time working on becoming better coaches. Trust me, you don't want to learn it the hard way. It hurts.




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XP's partner, Under Armour greatly supports this fundamental camp program and has extended an amazing 40% discount on all UA gear sold on the BSN site. This does not exist for any other youth organization and is exclusive to AYF!  We are all very motivated and committed to working with you to restore the confidence back into youth football.

I look forward to seeing you soon to build and enrich your team's performance.  Please visit www.ayfxp.com for up to date details.


Are you prepared for the 2015 season? Here are some helpful hints to ensure a successful cheer season. 

  • Attend cheer camp with your team this summer to get the proper training, build team unity, get your season off to the right start, and it's lots of fun! Contact EDGE Cheer and Dance to customize a local camp for your team or association. www.EDGEcheerdance.com
  • Create a team manual to include expectations, an emergency plan, calendar, and practice plans.
  • Set obtainable goals.
  • Schedule a pre-season parent and athlete meeting. Keep it up beat but cover the important issues: financial obligations, practice, game, and competition commitments, how you will address concerns, and the importance of sportsmanship.
  • Set up some summer fundraising, it's never to early to start your travel fund.
  • Attend a hands on coaches clinic.
  • Plan some creative and fun team bonding activities for your team throughout the season.


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AYF 100 Yard Classroom Project Contest 




  • Photograph the AYF 100 Yard Classroom Banner hanging at your field. If you don't have a banner contact your Regional Chairman.
  • This entry form and photo must be emailed to AYF100YARD@PlayAYF.com by Oct 31st
  • Those who participate can win a $1,000.00 Dollar or a $500.00 Dollar Scholarship presented to the athlete of your choice.
  • The scholarship drawing will take place at the AYF National Championships.

Have questions? Contact us at AYF100YARD@PlayAYF.com

It took me by surprise when after practice one of my NFL linebackers asked me straight out "Coach, am I good enough?" This guy was a physical specimen who dazzled the scouts at the NFL Combine with his athletic ability, intelligence, and football savvy. Here he was at the top of his game asking if he was good enough. I wanted to say get out of here, stop, you're pulling my leg. But he was so sincere I had to hesitate before I gave him the analysis that everyone knew before he was selected in the first round of the NFL Draft. I went through the usual scouts review of his comparison with his size, speed, and strength for his position. He was not impressed
 until I mentioned his  "X" factor rating. The "X" rating is that which all NFL teams struggle to put into words. In simple terms it describes a player as being "good enough." My linebacker smiled when he heard of his unanimous rating and appeared to walk a slight bit taller on his way to the locker room.

With the sign up season underway, do you look only for the kid that is good enough? I hope not. I have been impressed with a new effort by most organizations to think beyond signing that stand out athlete. Looking for that one special player may distort the greater good you are doing for the kid who is not "good enough." He may never make the high school team. He may never play D 1 football in college. He may never make an NFL Roster. Yet he is good enough to learn the values taught in our great game. I get a sick feeling when I read or see a media report on an eighth grader committing to a college scholarship. That is not a realistic situationIn four years of football, coaches change and scholarship offers may vanish. The value of your organization is when a player learns dedication, perseverance, character and team work. Team minded players strive above what they thought possible of themselves. A player is recognized as one of the gang and is appreciated for his courage to stay on the team in good times and bad. The USA needs leaders today more than ever. In the suburbs where average family incomes are over two hundred thousand a year, to the inner city where family incomes are below the poverty level at eight thousand - all kids love to play the greater game. With over half of our children being raised by a single parent, we have a critical leadership need. Negativity is rampant with messages that nobody but the celebrities are good enough and you aren't unless you buy or wear or drive this! Our consumer society is guilty of "stinkin thinkin". 

A sense of self worth must be cultivated by all who work with youth. I think I know what our troubled youth are asking each other and their parents. Doesn't everyone want to know  "am I good enough?" The good teachers and coaches can make a child feel that he is "good enough." The lessons learned in life's laboratory, (the one hundred yard classroom}, will prepare this generation for the challengers they will face in troubling times. Bottom line evaluation of your organization is not what parents think. It is about what the kids do to learn and grow. The leaders of tomorrow need your current leadership in protecting kids from "reflected glory' parents, overzealous coaches, and rule bending administrators. As a leader in your organization, you must set written guidelines of behavior for all of your members. Serving the community is more difficult today than ever. I congratulate you for your selfless service.

Several National Youth Research organizations recently revealed that the reason for kids not having fun in youth sports was pressure from parents to excel. It is strange that they found shouting encouragement had the opposite effect on kids performance. Some suggested that parents support their players in a non-verbal manner by simply applauding for a good play. When asked by researchers what the child would most like their parents to say. The results were "nothing" during the game. After the game "I love you" or "I love to watch you play" was the top choice by the kids. That is hard to do for a parent, but very effective for the child. If you can set the example for the entire organization then you too will be good enough.
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Eport Seahawks -Garden State AYF

East Side Raiders - Team Maryland AYF

Conquerors Youth -Team Maryland AYF

Sandtown Wolverines-Team Maryland AYF

Northwest Bulldogs-Team Maryland AYF

Hyde Park Presidents- Taconic NY AYF

South County Ducks - Capital Beltway AYF

Blackhawks Athletic Club - Pennsylvania Elite AYF

Bucks county Bears - Pennsylvania Elite AYF

Jamaica Bulldogs - Empire State

Nickel City Panthers - Queen City


Buffalo Ravens - Queen City

Rochester Hurricanes - Queen City

Poughkeepsie Pioneers - Taconic

East Orange Panthers - Garden State AYF

Orange Tornadoes - Garden State AYF

Silk City Cardinals - Garden State AYF

Irvington RAiders - Garden State AYF

Montclair Cobras - Garden State AYF

Central Jersey Seminoles - Garden State AYF

Linden Panthers - Garden State AYF


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Stoughton Hurricanes - South Shore

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Watkins hornets - Southern Maryland

St Charles Bears - Southern Maryland

Beacon House Falcons - Metro AYF

Marshall Heights Bisons - Metro AYF

Shutdown Academy - Metro AYF

Martinsville Vipers - Virginia

Virginia Beach Ducks - HRAYFC

7 City Kings -HRAYFC

Rich City Spiders - CVAYFC

Chesterfield Falcons - CVAYFC

804 War Cry - CVAYFC

Capital City Blackhawks - CVAYFC

Fort Lee Wolfpack - CVAYFC

Hopewell Dolphins - CVAYFC

Hopewell Devils - CVAYFC

Petersburg PASL - CVAYFC

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Tri Cities Greyhounds - NorCal

Sacramento Hornets -Nor cal

West Pitt Youth Football - Nor cal

Seatac Sharks

Rainier Ravens

Rainier Beach Vikings

Seattle Jr. Seahawks

South Park Soldiers

White Center Seahawks

Benson Bruins

Renton 5 Star

NW Cougs

Team Blackout

Desert pacific

Adelanto Saints - High Desert California

Apple Valley Rattlers - High Desert California

Apple valley Seminoles - High Desert California

Barstow Aztecs - High Desert California

Hesperia Sting - High Desert California

Hi Desert Steelers - High Desert California

IWV Burros - High Desert California

Little Rock Roadrunners - High Desert California

Rosamond Roadrunners - High Desert California

Snowline Diamondbacks - High Desert California

Sultana Stallions - High Desert California



Northeast Miners - El Paso, TX

Northeast Warhawks - El Paso, TX

Supers Football Organization - El Paso, TX

Tomahawk Warriors Football Organization - El Paso

Apes Football Organization - El Paso, TX

EL Paso Blazers - El Paso, TX

Eastside Longhorns - El Paso, TX

Fort Bliss Titans - El Paso, TX

Ravens Football Organization - El Paso, TX

SEC Houston Conference


Central Midwest

Naperville Patriots - Chicago AYF

Chicago Jokers - Chicago AYF

Calumet Chargers - Chicago AYF

Hyde Park Spartans - Chicago AYF

Markham Wolverines - Chicago AYF

Southside Wolverines - Chicago AYF

Lansing -Michigan AYF

Kalamazoo - MIchagan AYF

Detroit -AYF

St. Louis Junior Football League

Minasotta AYF

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Hazelwood East

Hazelwood North

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West View

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Centreville Tigers

Fairview Height Heat

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Northside Falcons

Kalamazoo Hurricanes

New Genesis Crusaders

Capital City Saints

Dynamic Athletics

Kappa Express

Lansing Cowboys

Lansing Mustangs

Lansing Titans

Lansing Warriors

 St. Louis Devil Dogs




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