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2014 AYF/AYC National Championships Highlights

Previously aired on NBC Sports watch the complete video now on youtube.

It's AAA Nomination Time! DEADLINE EXTENDED!


To be eligible for the AAA award, applications must be submitted by Mar 31st, 2015 by logging in to MYAYF.com and navigating to the awards section.


Good luck to all potential award winners.


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Meet the 2015 AYC Technical Committee


Nicole Cararra - Jersey Shore Cheer Commissioner

Tina Certo - Big East Cheer Commissioner

Kelly Frazier - Atlantic Cheer Commissioner

Tammy Gagne - National Cheer Commissioner


Want to know if a skill is legal? Send your inquiry to our technical committee at Ayctech@americanyouthfootball.com. Please use the AYC technical skill review form located at MyAYF.com


Any questions contact
Wilson March
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Under the law of negligence, you will be judged against the standards that have been set on concussion / brain injury protection by state legislation and by National Federation Of State High School (NFHS) recommendations. The basis of any lawsuit will be your failure to be able to prove that you adopted and implemented these standards. We provide a sample risk management program that addresses most of these standards that can be found at www.sadlersports.com/riskmanagement under the document entitled Football / Cheer Concussion Awareness Risk Management Program (short form).


See our recent blog on this topic which discusses a recent lawsuit filed against Pop Warner for failure to follow standards.
XP, UnderArmour and 

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 We focus a lot on making sure a child's youth football experience is enriching. It seems that most conversations focus on either the players themselves or the coaches. But there is an essential group that is overlooked when it comes to ensuring a positive experience for all. That is the officials.


Think back to a time when you or your child had a game that included subpar officiating. Maybe the crew didn't have adequate knowledge of the rules. Maybe they used poor judgment.  Maybe they couldn't keep control of the game and it got chippy. Whatever it was, it tarnished that day. Frustration was present on the field, on the sidelines, and in the stands. Maybe it was so bad that adults lost their cool and modeled a bad example. Hopefully it was an isolated incident. But as we all have unfortunately witnessed, bad officiating takes away from what we are trying to accomplish on the field with our kids. 


Is it glamorous being a youth official?  That depends on your own definition. But it's an opportunity to serve our game, and thus, it is a chance to lead.  I see a shortage of talent in our officiating pipeline.  We need people who are passionate about football and who want to give back to the game.  More than staying involved, officiating develops social skills and leadership qualities. It's a way to earn extra money.  Quality officiating ensures our kids have a positive experience playing the game of football. It's important that our players see officials as professional and competent. Also, there are tremendous opportunities to advance up the officiating ranks to high school, college, and even the NFL. 


I urge you to contact your local association, AYF, or the NFL to see what resources are available to those wanting to become officials. It's critical to our game that this group is plentiful and well trained. Having positive interaction with officials will teach our players the important lesson of respecting authority, and keep the focus where it belongs- on the game.

Adventure is around the corner in 

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2015 Football Divisions

2015 Cheer/Dance/Step Divisions

  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime craig@americanyouthfootball.com.

AYF Welcomes: 

Big East

East Side Raiders - Team Maryland AYF

Conquerors Youth -Team Maryland AYF

Sandtown Wolverines-Team Maryland AYF

Northwest Bulldogs-Team Maryland AYF

Hyde Park Presidents- Taconic NY AYF

South County Ducks - Capital Beltway AYF

Blackhawks Athletic Club - Pennsylvania Elite AYF

Bucks county Bears - Pennsylvania Elite AYF

Montclair Cobras - Garden State AYF

Orange bengals - Garden State AYF

East Orange   - Garden State AYF

Irvington Raiders - Garden State AYF

Jamaica Bulldogs - Empire State NY


New England

Dual County-TriValley Conference

Stoughton Hurricanes - South Shore

Taunton Hawkeye - South Shore

East Hartford Huskies - Conn Alllied



Watkins hornets - southern Maryland

St Charles Bears - southern Maryland

Beacon House Falcons - metro AYF

Marshall Heights Bisons - metro AYF

Shutdown Academy - metro AYF


Mountain northwest

Tri Cities Greyhounds - NorCal

Sacramento Hornets -nor cal

West Pitt Youth Football - nor cal


Desert pacific

Adelanto Saints - High Desert California

Apple Valley Rattlers - High Desert California

Apple valley Seminoles - High Desert California

Barstow Aztecs - High Desert California

Hesperia Sting - High Desert California

Hi Desert Steelers - High Desert California

IWV Burros - High Desert California

Little Rock Roadrunners - High Desert California

Rosamond Roadrunners - High Desert California

Snowline Diamondbacks - High Desert California

Sultana Stallions - High Desert California



Northeast Miners - El Paso, TX

Northeast Warhawks - El Paso, TX

Supers Football Organization - El Paso, TX

Tomahawk Warriors Football Organization - El Paso

Apes Football Organization - El Paso, TX

EL Paso Blazers - El Paso, TX

Eastside Longhorns - El Paso, TX

Fort Bliss Titans - El Paso, TX

Ravens Football Organization - El Paso, TX

SEC Houston Conference


Central Midwest

Naperville Patriots - Chicago AYF

Chicago Jokers - Chicago AYF

Calumet Chargers - Chicago AYF

Hyde Park Spartans - Chicago AYF

Markham Wolverines - Chicago AYF

Southside Wolverines - Chicago AYF


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     Acronyms are for lazy people who want to play "mind games". I keep hearing over and over that "we are at war for the minds of our children." We can not win in today's world full of evil. I have a solution. Forget WWW,  OMG, CTE, LOL and call it what it is. The Internet, like fire to the caveman can be a blessing or a curse. Poverty is blamed for violence, yet the worst evil has recently been distributed by those born to wealth. Terrorists recruiting our youth is evil. That fact should be balanced by the proof that people of the world have higher IQ's than ever before. I prefer to focus on the latest scientific research that proved today the world's IQ has been raised by 20%.  Scientists attributed better nutrition as one reason. I am sure the widespread availability of electricity in developing countries has given more people access to the Web. Like fire, the web can hurt or harm. If we are united in our efforts, more people will reject evil than adopt it's message.  So let's fill the web with fearless acts of kindness and successes.
     In my job I read of CTE so often that I know people are playing "head games". While we must take every precaution to insure the safety of our children it is a certainty that many are looking to profit from the fear they spread. I am afraid. I am afraid that ESPN reports on injuries will cause our great sport of football to die at all levels. I am afraid that this safety concern will  keep our children from  learning the values of teamwork, leadership, courage and physical health.  I have read scientific studies that indicate there is no proof that youth, high school, college, and yes even NFL players are less healthy. If anyone compares youth football to the NFL, tell them we have a bridge in Brooklyn we can sell them. 
     Embrace our pop culture but do not be deceived. In our ying and yang culture, what we see and hear needs closer scrutiny. Rap artists are mostly college educated and play to the street guys to make more profit. Music videos with their quick cuts can distort reality. Magazine covers are photo shopped. Foods that have been proven harmful exist on grocers shelves, yet sales are up.  This can be very confusing to a child if he does not see examples of leadership and love in his home. You are the key to a community of like minded adults. Put the kids first and show leadership.
Hey - As Jonathan King wrote "Streets full of people - All Alone. Roads full of Houses - never home. Hands full of Money - All in Debt. Arms that can only lift a spoon. Everyone's gone to the moon!" 
Yes fire and the internet can be good or bad.- Now is the time to win this good over evil struggle.




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