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Today's Sunday New York Times - Business Section highlights the changing landscape of funeral options open to consumers.  Read the full story including quotes like: "It's your funeral, your choice - and the industry needs to recognize that," Ms. Barrett says. "Or it can stay in the box, and drive itself out of business."

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May 16th ~ Saturday 9:00 ~ 12:00 noon (PST)
Home Funeral & Green Burial Webinar

Our first ever Webinar was attended by enthusiastic
participants from all across the United States!  Based on numerous requests, we are thrilled to provide this convenient and economical training format again.
Learn about Home Funerals & Green Burials from the comfort of your own home with just a computer, internet and phone access.

Char Barrett will provide a highly interactive opportunity to explore topics such as: assessing if a home funeral vigil is a good fit, general funeral laws and death certificate paperwork, what to do at the time of death, bathing and dry ice basics, engaging family and friends in a home funeral, green burial options and resources.

Here's what previous attendees had to say:

"Useful, succinct, prioritized info!"
"Great emphasis on emotional and spiritual journeys, families & logistics."
"Valuable clarification about family directed services and the family's role."
"Guidance toward knowing each of our state's laws and all material was tremendously helpful!"
"I really appreciated this opportunity to learn from afar."
"The entire webinar was informative and fantastic - it served to wet my appetite for more..."

$75.00 ~ Due 24 hours prior to Webinar    

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We hope you enjoy reading updates from A Sacred Moment and keeping up with developing trends and options when dealing with end of life issues.  Education and awareness opens our minds and hearts, allowing us to access places we never imagined traveling.
Char Barrett
A Sacred Moment