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June 2013

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In the newsletter this month, Chris Palomarez has produced a helpful chart for those transitioning from the discontinued Floquil paint line by Testors. This chart will also be available on our website.


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and HELM (HLCX).

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Transitioning Paints  

By Chris Palomarez             


The following chart is a very early draft that references paints that are close to the Floquil railroad colors. We are providing this list to support our customers in finding alternatives to the discontinued Floquil paint line. Unfortunately, most of the colors referenced in the Microscale decal instruction sheets, have mostly called for Floquil colors.  


Below is a compiled list of possible colors from other manufacturers that may be a close representation to Floquil's railroad line of paints. It's difficult to claim the paints will be an exact match, as Floquil paints have altered their railroad colors over the years too. The following chart is for your reference. Colors depicted will get you close, although, matched colors may not be perfect. You can also find this cross reference on our website.


  • VA - Vallejo
  • MM - Model Masters
  • TE - Testors
  • TS - Tamiya Spray
  • GS - Gunze Sangyo
  • HU - Humbrol
  • XF - Tamiya
  • A - Acrylic
  • E - Enamel
  • F - Flat
  • G - Gloss
  • M - Metallic
  Floquil Color New Man. Part # New Color Name Kind Sheen
 DustVA70.820 #4OffwhiteA 
 Rail BrownVA70.795 #216Green goldA 
 PrimerMM1730Flat Gull GrayEF
 Engine BlackMM1747Gloss BlackEG
 Reefer WhiteMM2720Classic WhiteEG
 Reefer GreyTE1233Flat Light Aircraft GrayEF
 Grimy BlackVA70.924 #94Russian Uniform WW2A 
 Railroad Tie BrownHU10Service BrownEG
 Flat ClearMM2015Flat ClearLF
 Aged ConcreteVA70.976 #120BuffA 
 Weathered BlackXF56Metallic GreyAF
 Caboose Red 110020MM1705Insignia RedEF
 FleshVA70.928 #6Light FleshA 
 TuscanMM1701Military BrownEF
 Reefer OrangeHU18OrangeEG
 Reefer YellowMM28104Chrysler YellowEG
 Railbox YellowMM1708Insignia YellowEF
 Brunswick GreenXF63German GreyAF
 Burlington Northern GreenGS66Bright GreenAF
 Dark GreenMM1710Dark GreenEF
 Light GreenMM1716Pale GreenEF
 Depot OliveXF5Flat GreenAF
 Pullman GreenHU86Matt Light OliveEF
 Coach GreenXF71Cockpit GreenAF
 Dark BlueTS15BlueAG
 Light BlueXF18Medium BlueAF
 Missouri Pacific BlueTE1172Flat Sea BlueEF
 Missouri Pacific Lighter BlueVA70.961 #67Sky BlueAF
 Missouri Pacific GreyHU40Pale GreyEG
 Great Northern Sky BlueMM2715French BlueEG
 Conrail BlueMM2012Cobalt BlueEF
 Signal Red 1MM2719Italian RedEG
 Roof Brown (Orig)VA70.941 #148Burnt UmberAF
 DustMM2010Sand BeigeEF
 Boxcar RedXF64Red BrownAF
 ConcreteMM1726Light Sea GrayEF
 FoundationMM1709Radome TanEF
 Antique WhiteVA70.918 #5IvoryA 
 GrimeMM1733Camouflage GrayEF
 Depot BuffHU81Matt Pale YellowEF
 Caboose Red 110088HU133Satin BrownEF
 Old SilverMM2714German Silver MetallicEM
 Bright SilverMM1402Stainless SteelEM
 Bright GoldHU16GoldEM
 CopperMM2922Champagne GoldEM
 Gun MetalTS38Gun MetalEG
 GraphiteTS40Metallic BlackEG
 Southern Pacific Lettering GreyMM1729Gloss Gull GrayEG
 Southern Pacific Lark Light GreyVA70.884 #104Stone GreyA 
 Southern Pacific Lark Dark GreyMM1791Navy Gloss GreyEG
 Union Pacific Armour YellowTE2118Deep YellowEG
 Southern Pacific Daylight OrangeMM2770GO MangoEG
 Southern Pacific Daylight RedVA70.910 #27Orange RedA 
 Southern Pacific Scarlet RedMM2733Ford Engine RedEG
 Platinum MistVA70.883 #152Silver GreyA 
 Union Pacific Armour Yellow(faded)HU103Matt CreamEF
 Union Pacific Harbour Mist GreyXF20Medium GreyAF
 PFE Light OrangeGS109Character YellowEF
 Southern GreenMM1764European GreenEF
 Southern Freight Car BrownHU186BrownEF
 Santa Fe RedTE1150Flat RedEF
 Santa Fe BlueMM1719Insignia BlueEF
 Santa Fe YellowMM2023Blue Angels YellowEF
 Santa Fe Mineral BrownMM1785RustEF
 Reading GreenHU116Matt US Dark GreenEF
 Tuscan RedTE1140BrownEG
 Oxide RedMM2009British CrimsonEF
 Canadian National Orange #11VA70.911 #22Light OrangeA 
 Canadian National Orange #11MM4629Chevy Engine RedEG
 Canadian National Grey #17XF55Deck TanAF
 Canadian National Yellow #12MM1707Chrome YellowEG
 Canadian National Green #12HU1325GreenE 
 CNW YellowMM201Cadmium Light YellowEF
 CNW GreenXF70Dark GreenAF
 Wisc. Central GoldTE1112Light YellowEF
 Wisc. Central MaroonMM28112Honduras MaroonEG
 TTX YellowVA70.949 #10Light YellowA 
 MKT GreenGS312GreenEF
 NYC/PC GreenTE4210VerdigrisAG
 CSX GreyTE1226Flat Dark Aircraft GrayEF
 CSX BlueVA70.809 #54Royal BlueA 
 CSX BlackTE1147BlackEG
 CSX YellowMM1707Chrome YellowEG
 SOO Line RedHU1321RedE 
 Zinc Chromate PrimerMM2003Skin Tone Warm - TintEF
 Aero Light Gray PrimerMM1728Light Ghost GrayEF
 Aero Base Black PrimerMM1749Flat BlackEF
 Aero Base White PrimerMM1168Flat WhiteEF
 D&H BlueMM2940Racing BlueEG
 D&H GreyMM1721Medium GrayEF
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