Vol. 5 Issue 3

March 2013

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St. Patricks Day Top of the mornin' to you! This month we are featuring new releases from C&O, NP, SP, UP & CGW. We also have a whole new list of "RePrints" that will inspire you to start new projects. Happy St. Patricks Day to all of you.




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MB-SP2   MI-10   MI-8   MI-6



 ReprintsYou may view a specific New Release by clicking one of the links below
Back by popular demand (Reprints)

Over the years we have created a vast collection of decal sets that often fall out of demand or popularity. Like all things, what was hot is not...and what is not is now hot!


Here are just a few decal sheets we have reprinted just in time for the holidays!


 MC-5001   87-282   60-282   87-137   60-137    87-55  60-55  48-460  60-196   87-182    60-182


   87-533   87-998   60-998   87-618   60-5  87-948   60-948    87-105  60-105    48-277   87-769


60-198    87-583   60-583   87-1389   60-1389   87-820   60-820  87-50   60-50   60-64   60-84 


60-568  87-1164   60-1164  MC-4279   60-4279   MC-4130   87-924   60-924

Amtrak SDP40F Modeled from a Kaslo Shops Kit

Model By Jim Becker             


There are just some models that are completely not available as RTR, well, at least YET! Jim Becker did a great job building this Amtrak SDP40F from a Kaslo Shops kit (http://www.kasloshops.com/). Microscale 87-100 was used for the lettering. Keep in mind 87-100 and it's brethren (87-362, 87-423, 87-424) has been updated in HO and N scale to include the Amtrak 40th Anniversary schemes. This locomotive certainly has me inspired to build some resin kits! - Chris Palomarez
YouTube Videos & Articles of interest
We would like to showcase those of you who have mastered the techniques associated with general modeling. If you use our products such as Microsol, Microset, trim film or any other item from our site...we would like to see how you have made good use of the material or solutions.
The only condition is that you write an article that will be of interest to other Microscale modelers and that you use some Microscale products such as Microscale Solution or Microscale decal set(s).If your article is selected and used in our Newsletter, you will be entitled to 4 FREE decal sheets of your choice from our regular stock.
If you have a knack for presenting, we invite you to submit your best "HOW TO" articles or YouTube Video for publication in our monthly newsletter and on our Microscale YouTube channel. We know how talented you are and we figured it would be a great way to showcase your work and our products.
Send submissions to: railroad@microscale.com

With your submission, please include your written release for Microscale to use the information and photos for publication.


Image Instructions: If you have images that exceed 2-3mb each and have more than two or 3 you want to include, we would like you to send them in seperate emails please. Sometimes too many images in one email messages will cause a dely.

2009 Catalog

Each month we will be letting you know what we're working on for the near future. Please remember to check out this newsletter each month for details of upcoming releases.    


Coming Soon...
GATC 2600, 3500, 4180 Airslide Hopper Data in Black and White
AutoMax Data, Lettering and Portholes
Oregon Shortline Per Diem Boxcars
KYLE Railways Freight Cars, Locomotive, Caboose
WP Insulated 50' and 60' Boxcars
WP, MoPac Diesels UP Style Lettering "Canary Scheme" 
Microscale has been serving the model train hobby market for over 50 years. We pride ourselves in delivering the finest quality products and service. We also provide a variety of custom printing services for manufacturers and other organizations alike. If you have a custom decal project and want us to provide you with an estimate please contact us at vickie@microscale.com or ryan@microscale.com.
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