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Have You Ever Violated Copyrights?                     by Bill Hudson  


I recently used a postcard photograph for a painting. The image is a breaking wave near Point Reyes National Seashore. The photograph is titled "Big Waves and Chimney Rock from Limantour Beach." The photographer and artist is Kathleen P. Goodwin (ref


I've taken hundreds of pictures of waves and typically use only my own photographs as reference for all my paintings. But I fell in love with Kathleen's wave because it had great value contrasts with a lot of foam and mist in both bright sun and deep shadow. It was a perfect fit for using watercolor in conjunction with casein paints to represent the scene with drama and realism. And that was exactly what I was looking for. I was asked to do a demonstration of watercolor and casein paints on April 8th for the North County Society of Fine Arts in Rancho Bernardo, (ref I thought Kathleen's wave was the image to bring home the advantages of casein paints.


The painting turned out better than expected. But even though I changed the background and added the Portland Head lighthouse from Maine, the wave is without question a copy of Kathleen's photograph. And that posed some limitations. I could not profit from using Kathleen's image unless I was granted her permission to do so. I could keep the painting, but I could not sell the painting or any copies.


I contacted Kathleen, told her what I had done, sent a copy of my painting, and requested permission to use her image for profit. I told her I would always acknowledge her as the photographer and offered fair compensation for the use of her image. Ms. Goodwin had every right to say "no", but she was nice enough to grant her permission.


I believe this will work out for both of us. In addition to the NCSFA demonstration, I intend to exhibit the painting at upcoming shows in Beverly Hills, La Jolla, and Malibu. I always label each painting with a background story where I will be grateful to acknowledge Kathleen P. Goodwin and her website.

Lighthouse Breaker 
Lighthouse Breaker


I am sorry for the inconvenience to Kathleen and realize this is not a process I want to repeat. But, if you use another person's image for profit, you are ethically and legally obligated to get their permission.



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Upcoming Events (for Bill Hudson) 

April 8, 2014  1pm - 3pm  Demonstration of watercolor and casein by Bill Hudson for the North County Society of Fine Arts (ref in Rancho Bernardo, CA

May 17 & 18  Beverly Hills Art Show.  Stop by and visit at booth #329.

June 21 & 22  La Jolla Festival of the Arts.

July 26 & 27  Malibu Festival of the Arts.



Announcements (submitted by Newsletter Subscribers) 

3rd Annual Plein Air Convention & Expo - Monterey/Carmel - April 7 - 11

PleinAir Magazine has announced that they will be holding the 3rd annual convention for artists and outdoor painters at the Monterey, CA convention center on April 7-11, 2014. 700 artists will gather to learn from a faculty of over 70 of the top artists in the world.

Faculty highlights include world renowned painters Keving McPherson, Joseph McGurl, and Dan Gerhartz, plus watercolorists Alvaro Castagnet and Stuart White, and pastel painters Peter Adams, president of the California Art Club, Richard McKinley, and others.  

To learn more visit 



Painting courses at the historic Watermill in Tuscany, Italy


The Watermill at Posara in Tuscany, Italy, specialises in painting holidays. Here are the new painting courses in 2014:

  • Frank Eber (14-24 May) plein air watercolor and a three-day visit of Florence art galleries.

  • Keiko Tanabe (24-31 May) watercolor

  • Trevor Lingard (31 May -7 June, 20-27 September), watercolors.

  • Becky Joy (7-14 June). Oils, watercolors and other media

  • Fábio Cembranelli (14-21 June),

  • Mike Willdridge (21-28 June, 28 June-5 July)

  • Georgia Mansur (16-23 August) watercolors, impasto acrylics and oils

  • Laraine Simpson (31 August-7 September)

  • Sarah Yeoman (13-20 September) watercolor

  • Charles Sluga (27 September-4 October) watercolor

  • David Taylor (14-21 October) watercolor

Contact The Watermill at Posara on (UK number +44 (0)20 7193 6246 or or 



46th Watercolor West - International Juried Exhibition

  • Call for entries: ON-LINE ENTRIES ONLY

  • Entry deadline: June 30, 2014

  • Juror: Judy Morris

  • Exhibition dates: October 11 - December 14, 2014

  • City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA.

  • $20,000 in cash and merchandise.

  • Only Transparent Watercolor, $35 for 1-2 entries.

    Exhibition Chair: Angela Chang


Visit for prospectus and details



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      Watercolor Pocket Guide


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(price includes tax and shipping within the US)

The Mahl Bridge  

 Order a Mahl Bridge and receive a FREE Watercolor Pocket Guide 

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