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November 30,  2012   


What's New This Week?

Collection site for toy drop off
The Salvation Army is looking for groups to manage toy drop off stations on Saturday, December 8th. They would like groups to sign up for two hour shifts between the hours of  9am until 5pm at Walmart parking lots as well as the Corps building to unload the trucks at 5:45pm. Interested groups should email Major Jim Irvine or call 742-0006 and leave a message.

Help those with Cancer

Community Cancer Network has several opportunities for volunteers:  

  • Volunteer/Volunteer Coordinator
  • Transportation provider
  • Receptionist
  • House cleaner 

If you would like to offer encouragement, comfort and support to individuals being treated for cancer view more complete descriptions of the positions above on the Volunteer Center website, email Lori Miller at ccnlori@gmail.com or call her at 765-446-5464.  

Reading to Preschool Children
Dennis Burton Child Care has a long time volunteer reader retiring from reading to the children weekly and they are searching for someone(s) to replace his work. If you would like to become a volunteer reader, view a more complete description on the Volunteer Center website, email Kristi at khogue@tcchildcare.com or call her at 765-423-4906.

Still Needed

Sponsor a child for Christmas 
Red Cross' Christmas for Everyone Program is looking for people or groups to consider sponsoring a child or children who have registered for the program. Call for age, gender, clothing sizes and toy preferences. Spend no more than $50 per child, include wrapping paper and bows (but do not wrap). All gifts need to be taken to Red Cross by December 14th. To sponsor, email Liz or call 765-742-6975 x 2217.


Ring, Ring, Ring....Ring the Bell

With Christmas just around the corner, a familiar sound is the ringing of the Salvation Army Bells! Great family opportunity or by yourself, you can be a part of the tradition and help those in need at several locations in the Lafayette area.  

Visit www.RegisterToRing.com  or call 765-742-0006 to sign up for a shift or two.   

If interested in learning about more volunteer opportunities, contact Amy at the
United Way Volunteer Center or visit:

Children's Literacy Coalition

 Barnes & Noble Bookfair


Be a Part of the Action----READ!


Saturday, December 8, 2012

Barnes & Noble, Lafayette


Children's Literacy Coalition Read-a-thon
Sports enthusiast and athletes of all ages reading continuously from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Listen to favorite children's stories, do some Christmas shopping and support children's literacy.

Can't attend the bookfair?


visit BN.COM/bookfairs to support online from 12/8/12 to 12/14/12 by entering Bookfair ID 10866416 at checkout.


A percentage of your Barnes & Noble purchases will benefit the organization.

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Remember the agencies as you are doing your holiday shopping!

Visit the Donation Exchange to find items you can donate.
If you do not have the time to volunteer, you can still help out by supplying items such as books, clothes, gift cards, matchbox cars, pacifiers, etc. to several of our local organizations who have listed needed items on the volunteer center website.
Stop in and make your shopping list!

7 Ways Volunteering Can Help Deal With Holiday Stress


Why do you volunteer? Many volunteer for selfless reasons, but service can do so much good for the volunteer too! Consider volunteering more often to help others in your communities, social circles, and life, not only for all the wonderful benefits that come from spreading kindness, but also for the great benefits that people experience when they help others.


Research, observation, and possibly even your own experiences agree that helping others, altruism and finding meaning in life all have their hand in stress management. While donating your time or unneeded possessions doesn't always solve your problems or relieve your stress, acts of kindness and volunteer work can provide the following positive effects:

  • A good feeling about yourself. Having a positive sense of self can actually help you feel less reactive to stress, and bring more enjoyment to all of your activities.
  • A feeling of connection to others. Having a sense of community, a supportive circle of friends and other forms of social support can increase your resilience as well as your longevity and quality of life.
  • A sense of meaning and greater purpose in your life. Having a greater sense of meaning can help stress seem more manageable, feel less threatening and be less likely to trigger your stress response.
  • Perspective about your stress. Having a change of perspective can help your stress seem much smaller to you, and may help you realize that you have more control in life and more options than you realized.
  • A reminder to feel gratitude. When you're feeling more gratitude about what you do have, your whole life feels better, and those things that you lack seem less important, less stressful.
  • An opportunity to use your own unique gifts. Especially if you're battling burnout or in a job that doesn't thrill you, it's important to have outside activities that 'feed your soul', that challenge you in ways that make you feel alive. Often, volunteer opportunities can provide that, while you provide others with gifts that they can really use as well.
  • Something to think about other than one's stress! Distraction can be a beautiful thing, and distraction from stress can give your body a chance to recover from chronic stress and feel healthy and calm again.

All of these effects can help with stress management, and are reasons to continue to volunteer throughout the year! Consider starting with small things that will still make a big difference to someone in need; do to what you can, rather than thinking that you're too busy to make a real difference! Are you a regular volunteer, or do you plan to do something to help others this weekend? Share your good deeds in the comments below.


Don't wait until the last minute to find a volunteer opportunity over the holidays. They can help relieve some stress, but finding a somewhere to volunteer might add to your stress, too.

Contact the United Way Volunteer Center for ideas or questions on how you can get involved. Email Amy or call 765-742-9077 x 222.