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 The new year is off to a great start for Fisher House! We're looking forward to helping more families and sharing more stories with you.
"I walked in and was just in awe..."

Last year, film students from the Tribeca Film School in Chicago visited with families staying at the Fisher House in Hines, Illinois as they saw how Fisher House becomes their "home" as they care for their loved ones.

Hines Fisher House
Hines Fisher House


My husband and I have been donating to the Fisher House Foundation for nearly two years, all due in part because of one small baby. One baby who shouldn't have lived.... our nephew, Declan. I asked my sister in law and best friend, Jenna, to share her experience with the Fisher House Foundation so that you understand the vital role they play in the lives of our military and their families. 

 I grew up in a military family, have worked for the military since I was old enough to work, married a military man, and had never even heard of the Fisher House Foundation, but when the day came that we needed help they were right there to offer it.  We felt a great deal of relief knowing we could stay so much closer to our son and that a phone call away was someone to help us with anything that we needed to make that happen.

Read HJ Underway's blog here.  

Grants for Education & Helping Families 

This year Fisher House Foundation's Scholarships for Military Children program will be giving out over $1 million in scholarships to military kids across the world. Deadline to apply is February 22.
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The Newman's Own Award grant program gives out $100,000 in grants to volunteer groups and non-profits offering unique and innovative ways to help military families. Help your favorite group by letting them know to apply HERE
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