Dear Friends of Sustainable Long Island,
As the end of 2015 draws near, Sustainable Long Island's 17-year history continues to grow; highlighted by successful planning projects, an understanding of the region's unique challenges and opportunities, and a strong commitment to creating healthier, equitable communities.
Sustainable Long Island wants to take this time to thank you for your support; demonstrated by your generous donations, partnerships, and assistance that enable us to exceed in planning, facilitation, and community engagement capacities.

We look toward 2016 with anticipation and enthusiasm, knowing that our projects and programs will continue to make a difference in the lives of Long Islanders. Just in the past 12 months Sustainable Long Island has:
  • Led the public outreach process for the City of Long Beach's Comprehensive Plan and Local Waterfront Revitalization Program. This program included the facilitation of five public open houses; the production of a planning concept survey with over 1,200 individual submissions; and two focus group meetings focusing on arts and economic development.
  • Continued business recovery efforts in the City of Long Beach focused on providing resources and opportunities for local businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups, especially those impacted by Superstorm Sandy. These efforts included providing assistance for the design and printing of a business directory brochure; guidance and marketing expertise to 20 local businesses; and the coordination and hosting of a small-business support expo. 

  • Embarked on a Disaster Preparedness Campaign to determine if Long Islanders are better prepared for natural disasters since experiencing the impact of storms such as Superstorm Sandy. This campaign included conducting a comprehensive online survey; disseminating educational materials focused on disaster preparedness; and engaging college and high school students in a Peer-to-Peer educational campaign.
  • Launched "Reduce Rain Runoff" - an environmental health initiative that uses small-scale pilot projects and educational campaigns to promote the benefits of green infrastructure practices in residential, commercial, and community settings. This initiative included raingarden builds at East Islip High School, Teatro Yerbabruja in Central Islip, and Sherman Brown Park in the North Park community of Long Beach, as well as two tree plantings within the City of Long Beach.


  • Collaborated on a Complete Streets, Health, and Wellness initiative, which promotes an increase in walking, bicycling, and use of transit by supporting activities that lead to safer, more accessible streets. This collaboration included the development of a Complete Streets Action Plan for Wyandanch; production of wayfinding signage templates for the Wyandanch Rising Plaza area and nearby Geiger Park; and a focus group meeting with project partners from the Long Island Health Collaborative, the Town of Babylon, and community stakeholders.
  • Installed community gardens and conducted gardening workshops in three Low-to-Moderate Income communities; beautifying neighborhoods and providing Long Islanders the opportunity to learn, live, and grow together. The garden builds took place at Roosevelt Middle School, the "Yes We Can" Community Center in New Cassel, and Teatro Yerbabruja in Central Islip.

  • Provided technical assistance to seven youth-staffed farmers' markets in Roosevelt, Bellport, Flanders, New Cassel, Wyandanch, Freeport, and Great Neck; advancing access to fresh, affordable food in underserved areas in need. The assistance included business training, cooking demonstrations, development of customer surveys and evaluation tools, direct financial aid, and the organization of educational field trips to local Long Island farms.
  • Advanced the Healthy Corner Stores Project  aiming to improve the quality of food on local stores' shelves and to spur consumers to make more health-conscious choices when they go grocery shopping. Three stores in Mastic Beach, Wyandanch, and Gordon Heights have signed on to the program, which involves not only providing shoppers with smarter choices, but increasing those selections' popularity by reconfiguring products and display space.
You can read more about Sustainable Long Island's projects and programs through a variety of different outlets online. Keep up to date with the latest Sustainable Long Island news by checking in with us on a variety of different outlets including this e-newsletter! For example:
  • At www.sustainableli.org, you can find out more about our organizational events and programs, like our corporate social responsibility initiative.
  • At www.facebook.com/sustainableli, you can learn more about the purchase of  a van that will greatly decrease the transportation costs incurred by our farmers' market partners.
  • At www.twitter.com/sustainableli,you can join the discussion on what change you'd like to see in your community that would encourage healthier living.

Regardless, we hope you see that through each and every thing we accomplish our overarching approach remains the same:
  • Facilitate and implement community planning processes and projects that engage community stakeholders and empower Long Islanders.
  • Raise awareness and advocate for policy decisions which positively influence the future of Long Island's economy, environment, and equity.
  • Provide insight and access to information and resources to equip Long Islanders with tools necessary to foster meaningful change.
At year end, a special gift from a friend like you will give us a significant boost as we close out 2015 and set our course for 2016. If possible, we would appreciate your remembering Sustainable Long Island.
A tax-deductible donation will strengthen our organization's mission and purpose: improving the quality of life for each and every Long Islander. Every gift is appreciated and every gift makes a difference.
Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this message.
Happy Holidays!

- The Board and Staff of Sustainable Long Island

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