Warmest Holiday Wishes
from Sustainable Long Island
Dear Friends,

As we close out 2013, Sustainable Long Island wants to thank you for your support of Sustainable Long Island; a commitment that is clear through your generous donations.


We are preparing for 2014 with anticipation and enthusiasm, knowing that our projects and programs will continue to make a difference in the lives of Long Islanders, including those still recovering and rebuilding following Hurricane Sandy.


In essence, Sustainable Long Island is here to represent you - at the community, village, town, county, state, and federal levels. We strive to be the premier planning organization for Long Islanders, an organization you can trust and count on to ensure your voice is heard.


We help bring about positive change through real action

You can be sure when Sustainable Long Island works with you, we work for you and our efforts have a lasting impact.  


Through public outreach and community participation strategies, we've worked with storm-ravaged areas via the New York Rising Community Reconstruction Program to provide rebuilding and revitalization assistance to hard-hit communities. We've worked with City of Long Beach residents and business owners on revitalization efforts, including dune replanting projects; building community gardens; small business recovery initiatives; and the redevelopment of the City's iconic boardwalk.  


We've helped provide healthy, affordable fruit and vegetables to underserved families in numerous low-to-moderate income communities. We've moved forward the environmental cleanup of contaminated areas throughout neighborhoods, such as Riverhead and Hicksville. We've even partnered with local health systems to increase awareness of pollution prevention.


Throughout the successes and despite some challenges, our plan is to continue to advance sustainability by fostering a vibrant economy, promoting a healthy environment, and creating equal opportunities for all Long Islanders.


Launching Sustainable Long Island into the New Year

At year-end, a special gift from a friend like you will give us a significant boost as we close out 2013 and set our course for 2014. If possible, we would appreciate your remembering Sustainable Long Island by donating today.




Your tax-deductible donation will strengthen our organization's mission and purpose: improving the quality of life for each and every Long Islander. Every gift is appreciated and every gift makes a difference.


Thank you so much for taking a moment to read this letter.


Happy Holidays!


- The Board and Staff of Sustainable Long Island


Sustainable Long Island's mission is to advance sustainability by fostering a vibrant economy, promoting a healthy environment, and creating equal opportunities for all Long Islanders.  


As a catalyst and facilitator of community planning, Sustainable Long Island works across the region with leaders and residents of Nassau and Suffolk County for the betterment of all Long Islanders.


Please donate today and together we can continue to build a more sustainable Long Island.