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INMR 2013 World Congress 
Featuring Expanded
Arrester Session
Vancouver, Canada
September 8-11, 2013
The Arrester Session of the Congress this year will include twelve papers presented by authors from around the globe. Each presenter was hand selected for their area of expertise.



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ArresterNews May 2013
May 2013
A New ArresterFacts on 
Arrester Forensics

Arresters are surge diverters for lightning and switching surges that can at times be 

ArresterFacts 006

overloaded; resulting in their end of useful life.  If the reason for the failure is not obvious, sometimes it is necessary to do an investigation to determine the root cause of the failure; this process is known as arrester forensics.   Often times the underlying reason for an analysis is that several arresters of similar style have experienced a terminal overload and the organization requesting the analysis needs to know if the problem is isolated or system wide.  If it is a system wide issue and is indeed a failure issue, then perhaps a different mitigation strategy would be used than if it was an isolated event.  Sometimes the purpose of an analysis is to determine if there is a power system issue that is not related to the arresters, but since the arresters are overvoltage protectors, they result in a terminal overload.  The cost of a misdiagnosis can be very expensive.  If the cause of the overload is incorrectly identified as a system issue, literally millions of dollars can be spent trying to correct the wrong thing.     more ...


ArresterWorks offers e Seminar

Arresters 101

Arresters 101 eSeminar       

If you are new to power systems or a veteran, this quick and interesting eSeminar about the fundamentals
of surge protection is for you. This seminar gives those interested in learning a bit about arrester a good start.  

eSeminar Outline 
    1. Overview of Arrester Applications 
    2. Review of Arrester Components 
    3. Overview of typical Surges 
    4. Overview of How to Select An Arrester 
Suggested Participants: 
Anyone interested in understanding what an arrester is and how it is used to reduce outage rates.
Material Included: 
Copy of presentation available after attendance 
Suggested Prerequisite: 

Time Requirement:

60 minutes


150 USD


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Arrester Application Survey
Line Entrance Arresters
Line Entrance Arresters
Arresters located at the substation entrance are used by many utilities, but not all.  We are wondering what your experience is. Do you use them or do you not.  See  how your answer compares to others taking the poll.

  Photos of Interest
Contaminated Arresters
Arresters contaminated by iron ore dust.

This extreme photo was sent to us by a reader in Venezuela and shows a person cleaning off the contamination generated by an iron ore facility.  Insert in upper right corner shows a station arrester that has already been cleaned and a bushing that is in the process of being cleaned.


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ArresterWorks is an International Consulting Firm, owned an operated by Jonathan Woodworth and Deborah Limburg, focused on assisting others in improving power system reliability through design, production and application of arresters to mitigate the effect of lightning and other transients.


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