November 2012 Edition
Jim at deskFrom Bishop Mauney
  "Let all mortal flesh keep silence and with fear and trembling stand...Christ our God to earth descending..."

Martin Heinekin wrote this about Soren Kierkegaard: "To read Kierkegaard is to know what he has to say particularly to our age when the individual is lost in the mass and when general religiosity is confused with the specifically Christian and all awe and fear and trembling have disappeared from the God-relation."

Martin Luther would have liked this phrase altered for the incarnation as he wrote in his Christmas carol, "The little Lord Jesus lay down his sweet head."

The intersection of the Alpha and Omega in this very minute, the infinite who comes to fill the finite, the Lord of heaven and earth is the little Lord, is Jesus asleep In the hay, is water poured over a child's head, is bread and wine in one's mouth, is where cross and resurrection are proclaimed, is where two or three are gathered in the hope of forgiveness and truth telling,to help us see and hear how it can be where one is dying, can be the light that shines over casket, can be the only hope claimed in solitary confinement of the soul, in intensive care unit, in relationships seemingly forever damaged. Christ our God to earth descending. For us and for our salvation he came down and was born of the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ is born to save in this world where it seems, how silently, how silently the wondrous Word is given to sinners

Isaiah did not tremble in the temple because he knew God in heaven was holy.

Isaiah trembled because the holy had come down to fill his very moment here on earth. And the present Lord makes mangers arks of covenant, broken bread coals of fire, lost souls ambassadors of Christ in this world that belongs to God.


Assistant to the Bishop 

Encounter Israel and Palestine ...... the geography, customs, politics, and languages amidst the religious and cultural diversity.


In January 2014 the Candidacy Committee and Candidates of the VA Synod will be invited to participate in the Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary cross-cultural immersion and spiritual retreat in Israel.  In addition to the biblical sites, there will also be conversations with religious and institutional leaders including Archbishop Abuna Elisas Chacour. 


Candidates and members of the Candidacy Committee have participated in this educational and spiritual experience in 2010 and 2012, and Dr. Monte Luker is once again inviting us to be a part of this 18 day trip in January 2014 ... and this trip will be open to all in the VA Synod.  Hotel accommodations and food are great, and the experience is life changing - opening the scriptures in new and faithful ways.  Others have paid twice the cost of the trip for fewer days and fewer sites visited.  Conversations with leaders there are awesome opportunities. You are welcome to speak with Pr. Chip Gunsten and a brochure is available at:


Click here for Brochure

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From Pastor Lanny Westphal, Director, ELCA, Missionary Sponsorship and Global Gifts
How can my congregation sponsor a missionary?  A colorful new guide and covenant for ELCA Missionary Sponsorship (attached) are now available at 
or by calling 800-638-3522 ext. 2657. 


(Fill -in) 
God's Appeal through Missional Faith Communities


From Peace Lutheran, Charlottesville:
After November 26, 2012, Peace Lutheran Church will have the following items available for donation to churches within the Virginia Synod:


From Grace & Glory, Palmyra:
We find at this point we have to many chairs and would like to give them to a congregation that is in need of seating. We have 44 of the red upholstered chairs and 65 of the yellow molded plastic chairs




Grace & Glory Lutheran Church

683 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy

Palmyra, VA  22963


Attn: Helen Post




From Pastor Dave DelaneyDave Delaney
Director for Youth & Young Adult Ministries


Celebration 2013

* Early Registration Discount ends December 12th





7th Day, our event for youth in 5-6 grades is March 2-3, 2013

Earyly Registration for that event ends February 4th.




Included in this issue of Journey Together is a pledge report for Congregations 3rd Quarter (January 1 thru September 30)  showing pledges to date verses receipts to date for each congregation.

  Click here for Report  


 Several other things to note:

  1. Statement of Intent: Congregations are reminded to submit their Statements of Intent to the synod office as soon as the Mission & Ministry (Benevolence) figure is approved by the congregation.
  2. New 2013 Year Treasurer's Packets

    This year we are going to make changes to our New 2013 Year Treasurer's

    Packets. The form is online. We will be sending out envelopes for your use.

    The remit form islisted on our web site.

    To find it, follow these general instructions.

    Click on the maroon bar - resources -button this will list all of the things available

    for your use. Scroll, way down (in ABC order) to R's on left side of screen

    REMIT form- Printable And click and print form. Be sure to save a copy for your file so you can reuse this form. Please list your Church Name AND Congregation ID# (pin) or (envelope) if you don't know that then look it up on your statement.

    We have more than one church with the same name. So, please be sure and identify

    yourself name, city, envelope number so you will get credit for the contribution.

    Thanks for all you do,


     Billie Spencer

     Financial- Administrative Assistant 

    Virginia Synod, ELCA

    Office of the Bishop

    Tel: 540-389-1000



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