August 2015

Business Planning - Retirement

It's exciting to own your own business, isn't it? You're full of ideas, enthusiasm, passion, hope and expectations -- there is a flurry of excitement and fear coursing through your veins and for the first time in probably a long time, you feel ALIVE...

We love that feeling and encourage it whenever possible. But today we want to toss a dose of reality at you and ask you to think about something that most entrepreneurs forget: When do you plan to retire and what will you need financially in order to do so?


Retirement? What? Really? YES! When you are an entrepreneur the only person contributing to your retirement account and/or social security is YOU. And if you fail to plan for it, you could find yourself well down the path with nothing in your back pocket to provide for your future.

Don't forget too, that social security benefits are based on an amortization of what you pay in over the last x amount of years (I think it is 5). So if you quit a decent paying regular job to be your own boss and you don't pay yourself for the first 5 years, guess what? Zero contributions amortized across any number of years is still zero. And worse, those zero contributions dilute and reduce the overall benefit amount even if you were paying the maximum up until then.


Now we don't mean to be sounding all doomsday-y or scary. There are ways to plan for the future, older you, who wants to retire. One way is to put yourself on payroll and pay social security taxes along with all your other taxes. As your business grows and as your income grows, so too will your social security benefits.

Or, and this has better tax implications for the small business owner, another way is to open an IRA or, in some cases, you may be able to alternately open a personal 401K*. Every year save the maximum amount allowed. If the maximum is out of your reach, then at least put in as much as you can afford. Even a small amount is better than nothing.

As one component of your initial business plan (or business reviews), remember to provide for your future. If you don't, you could be in for a rude awakening! Just be mindful and try not to get lost in the day to day frenzy of running a company. With a little planning, your future will be bright!

*Always seek your accountant's advice to determine the best option for you and your future.

The Proof is in  
Our Experience

Our Concierge Business Solutions credentials include:

--Since 2006, operating a highly successful Lifestyle Management & Concierge Services company in Southern California, USA

--Ten years doing business and operations management consulting in the Aerospace industry all across the USA

--'Train the Trainer' facilitator

--Taught 2 1/2 years of Operations Management continuing education at California State University (Northridge)

--Business Process Efficiency & Metrics Measurement Expert

--Certified Concierge Specialist

--Certified in Supervision Management

--Certified at the Fellow level in Operations Management

--California Licensed General B Contractor, License 944447 

--34 industry-related articles published

Likewise, if you're interested in our consulting or educational offerings, please contact us directly. Our contact info is at the bottom of this newsletter.

Essential Elements Software Notes

New for Essential Elements™ -- when you license our software now until the end of 2015, we are now providing consulting help for your first year as a licensee at no extra cost. That means no matter when you sign up in 2015, you will continue to have consulting assistance until the same date in 2016.

Typically we consult at $100/hr with a two (2) hour minimum. But in your first year there is no fee for this assistance. Why? Because we want you to be successful. And because we know that it takes more than software to build a business. It takes process and action plans and reinforcement and someone to hold you accountable.

Are you tired of wasting your time on non-billable data tracking and reporting?  

Our Essential Elements™ software system automates nearly all of your data needs. We include:

  • Client info
  • Vendor info
  • Concierge info
  • Time tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Task Management
  • Ability to track client arrivals and departures
  • Task Management System
  • Automated Referral System
  • Electronic Activity Reports
  • Full transparency for your clients
  • Automated employee timecards
  • Multiple reporting tools 

All of this and more is available for a one time setup fee and a monthly licensing agreement starting at just $99/month! For more information or to view a Free Demo, please contact us at 7600.898.9604 or via email. 

We're changing...

Concierge Business Solutions was originally created to offer software, consulting and support to other entrepreneurs in the Lifestyle Management industry, but as it turns out, we want to offer all of that and so much more to entrepreneurs in all industries.


You see, we have over 15 years' experience doing consulting, education and training, proposal writing, policy and procedure generation, business analyses, mentoring, and coaching. And WE LOVE DOING IT! There is nothing more rewarding than helping a small business owner resolve his/her issues or helping them by renewing their passion for their company.

We have already helped companies in fashion, retail, manufacturing, finance, medical, service, lifestyle, food and hospitality! And we can help you too. As far as the software is concerned, Essential Elements™ will work for any company that charges by the hour or for any company that sells 'units' (i.e. housekeeping or pool cleaning, etc)

We are currently updating our website to reflect our new services and are including a shopping cart where you'll be able to purchase education and training videos that can be viewed at a time of your convenience. There are case studies where you'll read about real world applications of our services. And you'll be able to sign up for the new Entrepreneur Bootcamp™ - an educational program designed to help entrepreneurs of all experience levels!


We are excited about this new direction and hope you will be too. Keep your eyes open -- we plan to launch the updated Concierge Business Solutions website in August!

Education & Training
All of our webinars will soon be available 'on demand'.... Want to get your Education & Training fix in the middle of the night? You will soon be able! In the meantime, all of our webinars are available to schedule at a time of your choosing.


And don't forget! If you suggest an education topic and we create the webinar, you can attend for FREE!
Send an email with your suggestions.

Here is a current list of our offerings (unless otherwise noted, these are $75/ea):

  • Fee Setting Considerations
  • Goal Setting
  • It's All in the Details
    (for startups)
  • Marketing & Networking
  • Marketing to HOA's and Realtors
  • Setting up Vendor Networks ($150)
  • How to Write an Effective Business Proposal - Part I
  • How to Write an Effective Business Proposal - Part II
  • Business Models and Specialties
  • Creating Policies and Procedures
  • The Art of Delegation & Motivation
  • Hosting Events & Special Activities
  • Getting Over the Fear of Public Speaking
  • To Hire or Not to Hire - All about Employees
  • Expos and Sponsorships - Marketing for your business
  • Train the Trainer
To order webinars, download our documentation list and order form.

Documentation, Policies & Procedures
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