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January 2015    

Thank you to all the choir members, Music Directors, and volunteers that put in so many extra hours to provide our community with so many wonderful Christmas musicals!!  









Many people look at January as an opportunity to start over and correct some past mistakes.   It is an opportunity to make a difference in our world, whether it is in our own neighborhood, somewhere abroad or in between. Rankin Baptists are a difference-making people because of the difference that Jesus has made in our lives. In reflecting back on the past year, I have been reminded of the many ways that lives have been touched by our wonderful people. Prisoners have been set free, the sick have been healed, families have been reunited, addicted persons have been liberated, the unemployed have been trained and hired, churches have grown and most importantly, the lost have been saved. Thank you for your part in making these great things other great things not mentioned here, happen.


Once again, the Mississippi Baptist Evangelism Conference will be held in Rankin County with Brandon Baptist serving as the host church. The dates for the Conference are Sunday evening, January 25 and all day on January 26. We have outstanding speakers from TN, VA, AL, FL, MS and GA. (A free meal will be provided at 4:30 at Brandon Baptist)


Happy New Year! May God richly bless you, as you seek to serve Him, and make a difference in our world.



In Christ,


Allen Stephens 


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. 
Whenever this is heard, you can't help but think of what this time of year means, being thankful for the year past and eager for the year to come.  If you are like most people, you will soon begin considering what New Year's resolution you want to potentially challenge yourself to complete over the next year.  It is a commonly held statistic that 88% of all resolutions fail.  This is due to a list of different reasons, the largest being that it is typically only a temporary change instead of a true lifestyle change.  Don't let this get you down.  Completing resolutions is not only possible, but also a wonderful way to improve yourself and your lifestyle.  Let's look at some possible steps you can take to increase your chances of success.
First, make sure you choose something reasonable.  This does not mean "possible", but logical and rational.  Set yourself up for success by making sure you have the resources available in which to achieve your goal.  Second, make sure you break down your larger goal into more attainable, smaller steps.  Focusing on your larger goal will only cause stress and frustration, while focusing on concrete steps will give you a sense of accomplishment as you complete them.  Third, find a way of holding yourself accountable to complete the steps.  This can be done with friends of professionals (trainers, coaches, doctors, counselors).  The point of this is to connect and network yourself in order not to give up or skip a day.  This leads to the fourth step, accepting and appreciating your work.  Too many people don't make the progress they want, or feel they have not "come far enough" and give up.  This is the worst thing you can do when trying to achieve a goal.
Keep focused on the positives, the progress and your growth.  We all have bad days, so don't let the few bad days keep you from getting what you want.  If there is progress, keep going; if there is no progress, evaluate and keep trying.  This is how you make it a lifestyle instead of a temporary change.  Let's make this a year of success.

Toby Riley, Crossroads Counseling Center


Encouragment Bags from Fannin

Thank you so much to Shelly Bird and her team from FBC Fannin for providing the Encouragement Bags in December. They were lovely and filled to the brim with goodies and love!!
Ministry Assistants' Christmas Luncheon

Mary Callahan sharing with ladies about Hands UP outreach and ministry opportunities.

Ministry Assistants provided 61 Hygiene Bags that have been delivered to the Flowood Satellite prison as their loving offering this year.

Pastor John De La Fuente was our featured entertainment - boy can he sing and play the violin!!

Thank you again to Mary, Ginger, Sandra and Martha for serving our luncheon - FBC Brandon Believers members.
Hickory Ridge

Precious memories were made last night at Bro Terry Fant's home. He and Tina hosted 67 young children in their home for cookies and hot chocolate, while Bro Fant read the Christmas Story.  




Learning Center Birthday Parties

Thank you to all the volunteers from Meadow Grove that remember these special teachers every month!

Seen in the above photo is Diane from Rankin Baptists, and Carolyn Thornton, member of Meadow Grove.  She is a missionary to Honduras
Christmas Party
The Rankin Baptist Building was the address for 10 Christmas parties this year.....thank you Rankin Baptists for providing us with such a wonderful space to share.  Sometimes we only get to see the pictures, but this one tells the story of Christmas JOY!!
Meadow Grove hosts Christmas party at the Learning Center


Wow....this group of volunteers knows how to share at Christmas....the teachers were thrilled!!
Dates to Remember: 
December 29-30th - Youth Evangelism Challenge - Mississippi College
January 7th - Legislative Prayer Breakfast
January 10th - After Christmas Bazaar at Cross Roads Baptist Church - Pelahatchie - profits from this sale will be used to purchased decorative items for the church facilities
January 12th - Ministers' Conference - Liberty Baptist Church - 10:30 a.m. with guest speaker Dr. Gene Henderson
January 15h - Administrative and Strategy Committee meetings at RCBA offices
January 22nd - Financial issues facing churches - MBCB at RCBA offices - 6:30 p.m.
January 22nd - Grace Center ribbon cutting ceremony - 10:00 a.m. in Richland
January 25th and 26th - State Evangelism Conference - Brandon Baptist
January 29th - Finance meeting at RCBA offices - 11:30 a.m.
January 29th - Charity Taco Night for Center for Pregnancy Choices - 318 S. State Street in Jackson; Half of all sales from 5:00 p.m. until close go to the CPC....mark your calendars

Dr. Perry Sanderford celebrates 25 years

With his wife Mary
With Brother Allen Stephens
With Stephanie Smith-Jefferson

Baptist Hospital hosts reception for Encouragement Bag project
  Cynthia Stuart and Curtis Carter

Thank you to Danny Rutland, Faith Relations Director at Baptist Hospital, and Tonya Ball, Navigator for Cancer Center, for the wonderful entertainment and lunch provided for participants in the Encouragement Bag project.  We were blessed.  A special message was provided by Adam Richardson.

 The luncheon was for the Widow and Widowers of First Brandon Church, hosted by the Anse Barber Sunday School Class. The mission project was Hands UP Outreach and the Grace Center. Widow and Widowers with SS members brought hats, gloves and scarves for those starting over in the job market. Seen in the above photo are Mary and Roy Callahan, from Hands UP Outreach.

Rankin County Baptist Association is proud to announce our new church plant coming in 2015

Metro Grace Community Church
Our Core Values:

Every Person is valued and loved by God, therefore, every person deserves to be valued and loved by us.

Every Person deserves to hear the Gospel and have an opportunity to respond by faith to God's offer of salvation, regardless of their past or present sins....

Every Person needs a Biblical, moral compass to guide and protect them throughout their life.

Every Believer has unique gifts and talents to be developed and used to strengthen the church and for ministry to others.

Every Believer has a purpose in advancing the mission of the church.

Crossroads Counseling Center Statistics

2013                        2014

Crossroads Brookhaven         3                             -


Crossroads Clinton              34                           42


Crossroads Lakeland             1                             -


Crossroads Laurel                 -                            45


Crossroads Northeast         100                         116


Crossroads Rankin             155                         271

    Total                              293                        474


God is good all the time!!


Christmas Caroling
Clear Branch Baptist

Out there, making a difference
Cookies for Learning Center Teachers

 The Believers Class from FBC Brandon provded tins with homemade cookies for the teachers at the Learning Center.  Seen in the photo is Principal Patricia Corban.

News from RCBA WMU team
 On Monday, November 3, 2014, 12 women gathered at Brandon Baptist Church to take part in the Rankin County Baptist Women's World Day of Prayer. Everyone enjoyed homemade goodies, while hearing a greeting from the BWA President and the President of the Baptist Women's Continental Union of Latin America. The ladies present learned about the history of the Baptist Women's Department, heard testimonies from three different people living in Latin America and spent time in prayer for women in Africa, Latin America, the Southwest Pacific, Europe, Asia and North and South America. Before leaving an offering was taken; 50%  is used in the Continental Union of North America and 50% is used by the International Office of the Baptist World Alliance Women's Department. We hope more ladies will join us in November 2015 as we gather once again to pray for women and their needs all around the world. 
                                                            INTERNATIONAL MISSION STUDY; THE IVORY COAST 
 Ladies and men from several area churches attended the 2014 IMS on the Ivory Coast at the Rankin County Association office on Monday, November 17, 2014 from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Everyone enjoyed a light supper and some delicious deserts before the study. Everyone learned about the Ivory Coast through games, puzzles, and information provided about the history, people, culture and missionaries serving there. Time was spent in prayer for the people and missionaries there and everyone received a copy of "The Ivorian Times", a newspaper filled with wonderful stories and articles on the Ivory Coast. Attendees also received a colorful booklet prepared for the study filled with articles, puzzles, and recipes. Before leaving names were drawn for door prizes.  
Pelahatchie Baptist
Angel Choir

Life Christian Learning Center
2014-2015 Graduate/Undergraduate Schedule

Judges, 1,2,Samuel - January 6,13 - Rev. Allen Stephens
James - February 10,17 - Rev. Paul Earley
Understanding Churches - March 10,17 - Dr. Rick Henson
Intro to Theology - April 7,14 - Dr. Sam Hughes
Pastoral Leadership - May 12, 19 - Dr. Steve Jackson
The Gospel Birth Narrative - August 11,18 - Dr. Rick Henson
Exodus - September 8, 15 - Dr. Wayne Van Horn
Galatians - October 6,13 - Dr. Sam Hughes
Amos, Hosea - November 3,10 - Rev. Paul Earley
Each series is $50.
Contact rickhenson@aol.com or Ralph Henson at Henson601@comcast.net.

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