One of the disheartening trends in the retail world today is the lack of brand loyalty, the reduction of relationships between seller and buyer.  Therefore, we have been extraordinarily pleased to hear over and over again how happy our customers are to see us back.  Many of you have tried shopping elsewhere in our absence and found that the attention we give to helping you secure just the right pieces, our devotion to superb customer service are traits not easily found elsewhere and are worth cherishing.  Given our tradition of developing strong relationships with our customers, it should come as no surprise that we, as customers, have developed strong relationships with a number of our suppliers.


This has come to light as we worked to redesign our website and to include stories about many of our vendors.  As we started to write descriptive stories about them, we began to realize how deep and enduring our relationship with them has been.  Many have been suppliers from the very beginnings of their business lives.  So we've decided to share some of the stories with you in advance of the launching of our website.

We'll start with the story of Bograd's and Tomlinson and continue in the coming days with the story of our relationship with Hancock and Moore, Charleston Forge, Theodore Alexander, Maria Yee, Abner Henry and more.  The fact that we've built these strong relationships with our suppliers is important to you because it means that we can expect better service and better cooperation in solving problems both of which work to your benefit.


So now to Tomlinson.











Tomlinson and Bograd's have a storied relationship in the history of the furniture business.  We started doing business together back in the 1930's when Tomlinson made fine chairs that sold for $35.00.  Through the years, we have dealt with members of the Tomlinson Family and then with the Lambeths who assumed total control in 1987 with the merger of Tomlinson and Erwin Lambeth, two of the great names in fine furniture.


We have watched the line grow and develop over the years with legendary collections like Sophisticate and Pavane in addition to the upholstered furniture for which they were always justly famous.  Throughout this time, Tomlinson has become well known for producing work created by some of the industry's finest designers.  Today, their production represents items designed by Barry Dixon, Larry Laslo, Diane Granda, Rob Jones and more, all well respected names in the furniture design community.


Design, however, is only part of the Tomlinson story.  Good design requires fine quality construction.  In this regard, Tomlinson is at the head of the pack.  Rod Lambeth is someone we consider to be the most knowledgeable about making comfortable, well constructed upholstered furniture in the industry today. In addition to design and quality, Tomlinson offers a high degree of customization 


Tomlinson's history goes back to 1900.  Its factory was the largest in High Point.  From the beginning, Tomlinson employees were treated with respect and encouraged to make the finest furniture they could.  The Tomlinson family was also known for quotable remarks, so we end our Tomlinson story with three of them.


"Build to a standard, not a price."


"Focus on what we can do for our customers rather than what we can sell them".


"Take the best craftsmen, the best material, the best engineering and the best design and create the best furniture for the best customers in the world."


You can find out more about the history of Tomlinson and the products they make by following the links for history and for product.






Over the next few weeks we intend to introduce you to various sections of our website as we develop them.  We hope you find these stories interesting.


Marcia, Mark, and Joe Bograd