Almost 4 years ago, in the spring of 2010, Bograd's became the first retailer in the US to show Matsuoka International.  It was an instant hit with our customers and now that we're back as @Bograds we felt it important to return Matsuoka to our store.

Now that we've put it back on our floor, we're even more excited than we anticipated.

Christian Lyon, the world famous Australian designer, has outdone himself with the new additions to the line.  When we put the Origami chest on the floor, I immediately wrote to Christian to tell him that I thought it was the single most spectacular piece I had seen in my more than 57 years in the furniture business.

We're showing some of his recent additions to the line as well as several of the items we showed before.  Every one is fully customizable as to size and wood species. Matsuoka is a company almost 150 years old and they have one of the world's largest stocks of exotic veneers including Celebes Ebony, Silver Sycamore, Wenge, Paulownia and more. They have, in fact, five warehouses filled with fine specimens of veneers, some of which are to be found nowhere else.

We invite you to come and see for yourself how incredibly fine furniture can be.   We're here from 11 to 5 Monday through Saturday.

Joe Bograd

81 Hamburg Turnpike
I-287 Exit 53
Riverdale, NJ 07457