One Permission Form
for the Whole
Girl Scout Year!

Like all organizations, Girl Scouts has forms to be filled out.  At Girl Scouts of Southern Alabama, we are always looking for ways to make this necessary task a little easier for everyone. Here's one way we've succeeded.

Now there is just one Permission Form for the whole Girl Scout Year! 

This new form takes the place of the Hold Harmless Form and the Single / Multiple Events Permission Forms. 

Just click on the links below, and fill out the pdf forms on your computer.  Save the forms on your computer, and send as attachments to your Troop Leader.  She will forward  copies to us for our records. (Please note: this does not replace the annual registration form.)

For more information, please talk with your Troop Leader or contact Cheryl Miller, our Volunteer Training and Communications Manager, at [email protected] or 800-239-6636, ext. 2302.

Thank you, and welcome to a
great year of Girl Scouts!