Cookie Sale ends March 27

Recognition Orders

If you get this message, "According to council preferences, no recognition order can be created.", it means that one has already been created. 

You can still edit your recognitions, you just have to follow these steps:
Click on Rewards
Choose View Recognition Order
Double click on the order when it populates
Click on each girl's name to ensure their choices and sizes are correct
Save and Exit
Don't forget to allocate all cookies to the girls.
  Your available packages should be "0" when you finish transferring to the girls.  This ensures that your PGA is as high as possible and your proceeds are at the maximum number available for your troop. 
Upcoming Deadlines (no change)  

March 30: Troop Paperwork and recognition orders due to SUCC. (Snap locked for troops  11:59pm). Final Paperwork Forms are available on our Cookie Chair Resources Page of our website. 

April 4: SU Paperwork due to Council   

April 6: Final ACH    

As always, contact Teri at [email protected] or Cheryl at [email protected] with questions or concerns.  

Thank you for all you do! 
Teri and the GSSA Product Sales Team
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