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January 14, 2016 


Welcome to GSSA Weekly, the council's e-newsletter. 
At right, Girl Scout Press Rep Patricia and her Troop went to High Adventure Day at Butter and Egg Adventures in Troy.  Here is her report:

"I want to tell you about one of our latest Girl Scout adventures. We spent the day at Camp Butter and Egg in Troy, Alabama. 
There we were able to go zip lining, play laser tag, climb a rock wall, and do an obstacle course in the trees. The tree obstacle course was a little scary, but all of the girls encouraged each other to be brave.We also wore harnesses." 

Click here or on the image to read the rest of the adventure!

Want to see your Girl Scouts featured in GSSA Weekly?  E-mail the photo with event information to [email protected].
Cookie Bites: Reminders for Cookie Chairs
Do you use Facebook or other social media? Publicize your Cookie Booth in your Social Media, and ask your friends to share the post! The more who know about your Booth Sale or Drive-Thru, the better!

Booth sign ups continue in SNAP. Troops will be able to sign up for 3 additional booths everyday through Friday. On Saturday, the number will increase to 5 per day. If you encounter issues, contact Teri or Cheryl so they can help you sign up.  

We will continue to add booth sites as they become available. The new sites will be entered daily by 8pm so keep checking Snap for your favorite locations.
Vote for the Newest #GirlsChoose Badge: Art in the Outdoors!

The winner of the latest Girls Choose badge vote was Art in the Outdoors!

Now it's time for the girls to vote for the badge design for the Girl Scout level they will be in the 2016-17 Girl Scout Year.

Voting is open until January 22.  Click here for more information and to vote!

Graduating Ambassador? Scholarships Deadlines are March 1!

We are fortunate to be able to offer scholarships for graduating Ambassadors.  Have you excelled in community service, earned your Gold Award, or would you like to receive a Girl Scout  Lifetime Membership?  If so, click here for more information.
Welcome to Cookie Chaos!      

Welcome to cookie chaos!   You would think, because we do this every year, we would simply get better at it each time we do it.   Well, we wish that were the case.   We do keep notes and make changes each year.  But, as we make these adjustments, things around us changes.   The software is tweaked, the staff changes, we have different folks in the warehouse, etc.   Those are but a few of the changes we're dealing with for 2016 cookies.

First, my apologies again for the IT glitches we encountered at the end of last week.   We had more issues cropping up than we could believe, and they were different in separate parts of the council.   One part of the council could only view one page of the cookie booths; some could not see any booths.   In the midst of trying to work our way out of issues with the baker, our phone system started acting up, so it was a complete mess. Rather than have some inequity in booth sign-ups, we decided to cap it where we were until we could work our way through the issues and address them.

Continue reading on our Virtual Volunteer Blog.  
New Programs & Updates

Mobile Service Center and Shop will be closed on Tuesday, February 9.
Montgomery Service Center and Shop will be closed on Monday, February 15.

Save the date: Outdoor Badge Day at Kamp Kiwanis (4/2)

 "It's Your Planet, Love It!" Journey Overnight (J C) 4/2-3 DETAILS ADDED

 KD Badge Day in Troy (ALL) 4/16 DETAILS ADDED 

 Save the date: Biscuits Game/Campout (4/16) 
Upcoming Deadlines 


Planned order due in SNAP (TCM/SUCM)
online study
Planned order due in SNAP (TCM/SUCM)
Final Gold Award Proposal Deadline (Graduating Ambassadors)
Planned order due in SNAP (TCM/SUCM)
 Thursdays + as needed
Other Opportunities
Because we want our girls to have many learning (and fun!) opportunities, we offer this additional calendar for programs that are not presented by our council. Some of these programs are presented by our volunteer Troops and Service Units, others are put on by groups in the communities we serve. Calendar listings do not imply endorsement by the council.  This calendar is available on our Events & Programs page 
Please contact the volunteer listed in the program for more information and program status. 
Upcoming Events:

 American Heart Association First Aid Certification in Daphne: March 14, May 18, July 13

 CPR Certification in Daphne: February 3, March 2, April 5, May 3, June 6