When a Girl Succeeds, So Does Society.

Dear Girl Scout Supporter,

Thank you. Because of committed donors like you, we are able to continue our mission and ensure that girls in southern Alabama reach their full potential.

When you think of Girl Scouts, arts and crafts, cookies, camping and badges come to mind, right? Well, Girl Scouts is this and so much more! Girl Scouts is about high adventure, exploring the sea, traveling, learning about other cultures and community service. Girl Scouts is about team work, perseverance and concern for others. All traits that help shape the type of person you will become, how you see the world around you and your success as leader in the workplace and community.

We need your continued investment to positively impact the life of girls. Please give today. Why? Because  investing in Girl Scouts also is an investment in our society.

Thank you for taking a moment in this busy holiday season to support girls in southern Alabama! When a girl succeeds, so does society. 
Make your gift today!