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When I was in third or fourth grade, my teacher was talking about nutrition and asked us if anyone could identify the basic food groups. I proudly answered that the three basic food groups were "Jewish, Italian, and Chinese." In my Brighton Beach childhood that, more or less, was how it was. I thought of my limited but hearty understanding of basic nutrition recently, when my son, now a third-grader himself, made a similar observation...[More Here]   


--Eric Messinger   

Parenting Tips

*Slam dunk! Inspired by the excitement surrounding the Knicks' and the Nets' new season, we put together a list of popular basketball classes, leagues, and clinics across the city for hoopsters of all ages--with one that even offers scholarships!    


*With the beautiful change of season and the newly falling leaves, you may want to plan a day of hiking, biking, and enjoying the great outdoors with your kids. Here are 15+ ideas for local fall foliage fun, plus some arts & crafts projects for all of the colorful leaves you gather.  

Picks Of The Week: Classes & Birthday Parties

*Our recommended kids classes this week: For younger children, a soccer program that's tailored to little kickers ages 12-24 months. For older children, a Brooklyn-based oasis for budding builders and mini architects  


*From colorful costumes to glamorous ball gowns, birthday parties at Let's Dress Up! are always big on fun and high on fashion. Boys and girls alike will love playing with fancy wear like princess crowns and knight's armor.

*Owls are everywhere this fall! And, cutest of all, they're popping up on children's clothes. From little sneakers to divine onesies, take a peek at the wise birds flying across fashion.   


For more shopping finds from our Treats blog, click here.    

Hot Topics & Tips 

*A no-bake healthy and delicious seasonal treat that children will love! Yummy Delicious blogger Jenna Helwig's Apple Slices With Pumpkin Pie Dip is a smart after-school snack.


*At what age should children start to attend preschool? Read why our editor didn't enroll his two-year-old right away.  


*With Election Day just a few weeks away, our Parenting In Progress blogger Gabriella Rose has some ideas for involving your children in the political process.  

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October 10-16, 2012
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