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See below Nigeria, Africa's 1st WTCQD event!  The global wave of the Tai Chi and Qigong family coming together to expand Tai Chi and Qigong into the world ... expands into Africa!

All our voluminous resources are provided as a FREE PUBLIC SERVICE to communities and nations, and to Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts and teachers, because we know from mounting scientific research that the more people use these ancient Chinese mind-body tools the more money society saves and the better the world we all live in will become.  This is not some fanciful philosophy ... this is REAL SCIENCE.   As you enjoy (and hopefully share) our free newsletters and free resources at WorldTaiChiDay.org you to will become convinced that there is no more powerful contribution you can make to society than to spread the use of these amazing mind-body practices called Tai Chi and Qigong.

Our newsletters, like this, enable you to expand Tai Chi and Qigong in your community, nation and the world ... together ... creating a clearer, calmer, and healthier world.

We also give practical Tai Chi and Qigong Tutorials and Learning Tips that are universally applicable to ALL styles of Tai Chi and Qigong, which teachers worldwide have found profoundly useful to their own teaching. An ezine for ALL styles of Tai Chi and Qigong, created to support both students and teachers worldwide.

Our world acclaimed newsletter ezine has been hailed by top Tai Chi and Qigong experts worldwide as helping explain complex Chinese concepts in tangible easy to understand modern terminology, and also is hailed by teachers worldwide as helping them dramatically increase interest in their local classes and in Tai Chi and Qigong in cities around the globe.

This video sent courtesy of Ebenezer Idowu Ajayi in Nigeria

For years World Tai Chi & Qigong Day was mostly celebrated across Oceania (Aust/NZ); North America; South America; Europe; and Asia: But, due to the dedication and work of WTCQD organizers in South Africa, Tunisia, Egypt, Cameroon, and now Nigeria, WTCQD events are permeating the continent of Africa as well.  WELCOME AFRICA!

We Help Tai Chi & Qigong Enthusiasts and Teachers Worldwide Connect with Government & More ...

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizers in the United Kingdom have worked with government health and park ministries to promote World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events, while Italian WTCQD organizers worked with Italian Govt. Sports Departments, and worldwide, America, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, etc. have collaborated with government agencies interested in expand health for their citizens via promotion of Tai Chi and Qigong and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events in their nations.

Years ago, World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Founders participated in a historic conference organized by Sifu and Educator Roger Jahnke, creating a "Tai Chi Program Efficacy Guide by the National Council on the Aging," which is why so many YMCAs and senior centers across America now have Tai Chi and Qigong programs through their facilities.

Angela Speaks at National Council on the Aging
Roger Jahnke (founding member of the National Qigong Association, and organizer of the above
historic YMCA / National Council on Aging Conference to spread Tai Chi and Qigong nationwide)
is on right in red sweater.  WTCQD Founder, Angela Wong Douglas, is to Roger's right
speaking on Tai Chi's importance to society.

Brazil Natl 4
Brazil's National Congress officially recognizes World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and Tai Chi
and Qigong's value to Brazilian society at historic government event, organized by WTCQD organizers and Brazilian Tai Chi teachers, Professor Jose Miltion, and Master Woo.

Government agencies/officials worldwide Officially Proclaimed World Tai Chi & Qigong Day events and TC and QG benefits, click to see Official Proclamations. Learn how to get one from your government's bodies/officials for your local WTCQD Event.

What if We Proved To You that Tai Chi and Qigong Could Save Society TRILLIONS of DOLLARS?


Medical research by Kaiser Permenente found that 70% of all (non-accident related) illnesses sending people to their physicians were caused by stress.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day contacted Dr. David Sobel at Kaiser after this study was released, and he informed us that that number could go as high as 85%.

So, some may ask, "Okay, but what does that have to do with Tai Chi and Qigong?"

Tai Chi and Qigong, when taught and practiced as mindfulness meditation practices as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine's 3 prongs of 1) Acupuncture, 2) Food/Herbology, and 3) Tai Chi and Qigong ... are among the most powerful stress management techniques known on the planet.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's efforts to expand Tai Chi and Qigong into public education worldwide, corporate wellness, senior care, and throughout modern healthcare ... by educating government, business and healthcare of the TC & QG medical research ... and by educating Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts and professionals on how to create effective Tai Chi and Qigong programs to fit at all levels of society ... will one day result in society worldwide saving TRILLIONS of dollars in saved healthcare costs alone, and then when saved court, police, and prison costs are calculated, that number goes even higher.

If 85% of illnesses sending people to doctors are caused by stress ... imagine how profoundly a population practicing Tai Chi and Qigong learned from kindergarten through university, and beyond in corporate wellness, healthcare and senior care can reduce that 85% of increasingly expensive health costs.

Emerging research on mind-body meditation techniques also shows that these practices can increase intelligence, and actually increase the size of the brain, in some studies shrinking the stress/fear part of the brain and increasing the size of the empathy/compassion parts of the brain. Studies have shown mind-body practices can reduce bullying and treat ADHD in teenagers.

When these arts are taught in school it will not only reduce bullying issues and improve test scores (giving us smarter more creative citizens), but it will also dramatically reduce police, court, and prison costs worldwide. Which will save additional tens of billions worldwide, and create a more livable society.

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Founders were invited to present at Folsom Maximum Security Prison years ago, and learned that Judith Trethway's ongoing Tai Chi and Meditation program had had profoundly positive impacts in that maximum security prison.  The normal 70% recidivism (return to prison rates) among Folsom inmates, had been reduced to 30% for their Tai Chi Meditation group.

Face it, Tai Chi and Qigong have the ability to transform our world, when you look at the mounting social and medical research.

Tai Chi in Prisons News Coverage

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's WorldTaiChiDay.org page on TC and QG for Penal Rehabilitation is an official link source for the United States Department of Corrections Bureau of Prison Affairs' website.  Click to see our TC & QG for Penal Rehab., and the free resources we provide to Prison and Penal Rehabilitation and to Tai Chi and Qigong professionals to foster programs worldwide.

WTCQD Founder's pioneered working in Penal and Drug Rehabilitation settings with the Kansas City Court System, and share their knowledge freely with Tai Chi and Qigong teachers and Penal Rehab. professionals worldwide.

Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's official website, WorldTaiChiDay.org Keeps the Global Tai Chi & Qigong Family Up to Date on Medical Research.

WTCQD organizers have spent nearly 2 decades connecting Tai Chi and Qigong medical researchers, health organization, and Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts and teachers. Our goal is to enable YOU to be an expert on the emerging medical research on Tai Chi and Qigong, and then to share your knowledge widely, by teaching you how to partner with media.

Click to View WorldTaiChiDay.org Medical Research Library

Zang Fu Organ Systems
Teachers Worldwide Refer Students to Our FREE Educational Resources ...

WorldTaiChiDay.org provides FREE resources showing how Tai Chi and Qigong are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and provides universally applicable tips to students and teachers of all styles, to help them see ways to explain difficult Chinese concepts in easy to understand modern science based ways..

 Click for FREE Teacher / Student Resources 

How T'ai Chi can help with chronic health issues
KCPT Television: How T'ai Chi can help with chronic health issues

WorldTaiChiDay.org and WorldQigongDay.org organize the annual global event of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on the last Saturday of April each year, which has educated millions worldwide of the benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong.

However, our work and resources are used continually year around by Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts and teachers, health professionals, government officials and agencies, and by media and major health institutions. Harvard Medical School Tai Chi and Qigong researchers recognized WTCQD by holding a Lecture Series on Tai Chi as Medicine. We are a nexus at the heart of the rapidly growing interest in Tai Chi and Qigong worldwide.

Why do we do it?  We want to see a healthier, clearer, calmer world, where we can walk into a future of possibility, by using Tai Chi and Qigong to lower global health costs by trillions of dollars. WTCQD Founders, 

Bill & Angela Douglas, have worked for 20 years to pioneer getting Tai Chi and Qigong into Corporate Wellness, Public Education, Special Education, Penal and Prison Rehabilitation (WorldTaiChiDay.org is a source for the National Institute of Corrections - Federal Bureau of Prisions' website), Houses of Worship, Senior Care, and into society at all levels.

The global costs savings realized by expanding Tai Chi and Qigong (as mindfulness meditative health practices) into society become exciting when you view the above KCPT program on Tai Chi for Chronic Health Issues, where the Kansas State health system has saved millions of dollars by interesting patients in the University of Kansas Hospital Turning Point Center for Hope and Healing Tai Chi Meditation Program.

And this is only the beginning, because Tai Chi and Qigong can also help the world evolve as new challenges face a world with a growing population, and social and environmental strains that accompany that, as well as the rapidly changing technological changes people worldwide scramble to keep up with. 

WTCQD's work of getting Tai Chi and Qigong into public education worldwide has profound ramifications, as medical research shows that mind-body mindful meditation techniques like Tai Chi and Qigong not only treat ADHD naturally, but increase brain-size, mental acuity, and make our brains function in more creative open minded ways.

We bring the world together year after year to celebrate health and healing ... a powerfully important image to flood to millions worldwide via our global media work, informing the world of this exciting research. We teach Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts worldwide how to gain media attention for this research, and for their local classes. WTCQD has been covered by media all over the world, including CNN, FOX News, BBC Radio and Television, China's Xinhua News Agency, Agence France Presse TV, Associated Press TV, etc. etc.

ONE WORLD ... ONE BREATH ... be a healing part of history, Share these newsletters widely!

Bill and Angela Wong Douglas, Founders of
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

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Did you know that Tai Chi has been proven to "treat heart disease," not just help prevent it, but TREAT IT?

The renowned "Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi"'s largest medical research section on Tai Chi is on Heart Disease.

WTCQD Founders, Bill & Angela Wong Douglas, have had a unique opportunity to actually see the benefits emerging medical research is proving about Tai Chi and Qigong's efficacy. For years they have taught Tai Chi and Qigong as Mindfulness Meditation, combining Sitting Qigong Meditation (relaxation therapy), Moving Qigong Warm Ups (taught as mindfulness breathing meditations), and a Tai Chi Short Form (of about 7 movements) ... with many classes focusing on Dementia, Parkinson's Disease, MS, Chronic Pain, and for those dealing with Heart Disease.

This has enabled them to actually see the results research is proving, because students are dealing with health challenges, like Heart Disease, and getting regular tests from their physicians, enabling them to see actual verifiable results.

At the end of the below KCPT (PBS Affiliate) coverage of their University of Kansas Hospital classes, one participant who speaks at the end about "the Tai Chi Meditation Program being worth millions and millions of dollars if it could be priced like a pill," is Bill Lowenstein.  Bill and his wife Babs run the "Bill & Babs Lowenstein Foundation" and after Bill was so amazed at his physician lowering his heart disease medications after he began the Tai Chi program, Bill & Babs actually funded the entire "Tai Chi Meditation for Heart Disease" program at the University of Kansas Hospital. He literally put his money where his mouth was, as he enthusiastially endorsed and then supported this Tai Chi program.

Below this video see this weeks "Tai Chi & Qigong Medical Research of the Week - Tai Chi & Qigong for Heart Disease" with links to the WorldTaiChiDay.org Medical Research Library, another free public service of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day organizers to help you spread this knowledge to friends dealing with Heart Disease, and to share with local health networks, to hopefully use the University of Kansas Hospital's example to fund and expand such program in their health networks.

See Bill Lowenstein of the
See Bill Lowenstein of the "Bill & Babs Lowenstein Foundation" extolling a Tai Chi Meditation Program at the Hospital as "being worth millions and millions of dollars."


Tai Chi 'can treat heart failure'

A US study of 30 patients found regular classes gave patients better movement and reduced BNP levels, a measure of heart failure.

BBC News - Saturday, 9 October, 2004, 23:22 GMT 00:22 UK

A total of 29 studies met inclusion criteria, including 9 randomized controlled trials, 14 nonrandomized studies, and 6 observational trials. The study subjects included patients with coronary heart disease, heart failure, CVD, and CVDRF (hypertension, dyslipidemia, impaired glucose metabolism). Tai Chi interventions ranged from 8 weeks to 3 years ... The authors concluded that Tai Chi may be a beneficial adjunctive therapy for patients with CVD and CVDRF.- Medscape Today, from WebMD, 10/26/2010

A 53-person study at National Taiwan University found that a year of tai chi significantly boosted exercise capacity, lowered blood pressure, and improved levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, insulin, and C-reactive protein in people at high risk for heart disease.

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