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See above video, and below event link!

University of Maryland School of Medicine
Center for Integrative Medicine


Qigong Self-Healing Retreat for Cancer Patients

Introducing the latest breakthrough in cancer therapy - YOU!

Come learn targeted, evidence-supported self-healing techniques designed to enhance your recovery and develop a positive, optimistic and confident attitude about your life journey.


A Unique and Powerful Self-Healing Retreat for People with Current or Past Cancer and Their Families 

Join us for a special Qigong retreat designed specifically for people who have faced cancer, and their families. You will gain powerful skills designed to: 
* Maximize your body's self-healing potential
* Increase your energy and confidence
* Minimize the immune suppressing impact of fear and stress
* Take advantage of Qigong techniques designed specifically to support cancer recovery
* Give you tools to use at home to maximize your health and wellness



Thank you to Kevin W Chen, Ph.D.  MPH




Click to Learn More about
Qigong Self-Healing Cancer Retreat:


Also, be sure to bookmark WorldTaiChiDay.org's Tai Chi Medical Research Library for links to research articles on how Tai Chi and/or Qigong can benefit or treat nearly 100 common health challenges. Also, we highly recommend The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, by Dr. Peter Wayne; and The Way of Qigong: The Art and Science of Chinese Energy Healing, by Ken Cohen.

Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi

Dr. Kevin Chen is creating a template that will one day be part of all major oncology departments and health networks worldwide.

What if Mind-Body Arts Like Tai Chi and Qigong were part of public education worldwide? How much money and suffering could that save in the future, when multiplied by hundreds of millions of students?  It would take vast numbers of Tai Chi and Qigong teachers to implement a vision like this ... we are always being prepared for what is about to come ...

2015 WTCQD Event Reports Flowing in From Worldwide!

5th installment ... featuring WTCQD Events in Dallas, Texas USA; Pakistan; UN's UNESCO World Heritage Site in Italy; YMAA School in Iran; Milford, Connecticut USA; York, Pennsylvania USA; Thessolonkiki, Greece; Swindon, United Kingdom; Cape Cod, Massachusetts USA ... AND A HUGE BREAKTHROUGH FOR WORLD TAI CHI & QIGONG DAY, an Italian group gained permission to hike a huge group of people up to UNESCO World Heritage Site -- Mount Etna.

This newsletter quickly FILLED, but more are coming...from the incredibly beautiful WTCQD Tai Chi & Qigong Family ...

If you missed the first 4 installments of WTCQD 2015 Reports, click here to view it. Please share these links and newsletters widely ...

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"When you do things from your soul,
you feel a river moving in you, a joy." 
-- Rumi

Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters,

We need a financial angel ... our website WorldTaiChiDay.org has had a huge impact, connecting over one-million of our visitors to local Tai Chi and Qigong teachers worldwide, and helping teachers worldwide expand TC and QG into society at all levels.

OUR PROBLEM?  We don't make any money off of this, and we need to HIRE A WEB DESIGN FIRM TO MAKE THIS SITE AND THE TEACHER/SCHOOL DIRECTORY STATE OF THE ART to keep up with the Internet's technological changes. Me and Angie have invested our life and our life savings in creating this global phenomenon to spread Tai Chi and Qigong worldwide for a healthier, clearer, calmer world. I have learned web design, video production, photoshop, etc. to make this happen ... but I cannot, at my age, try to learn the kind of programming a website needs in this day and age. I've done the best I can ... I've given it all I've got.

IF YOU ARE A WEALTHY PERSON WHO SHARES OUR DESIRE for a healthier calmer world, and connecting the global Tai Chi and Qigong family, OR IF YOU HAVE A FOUNDATION THAT SHARES OUR VISION ... WE NEED A BIG DONATION TO SUPPORT WHAT WE DO ... we can't do this alone, me and Angie's shoulders are not big enough, we are simple struggling Tai Chi teachers who do all this on the side as basically volunteers. [Please, just scan this newsletter and imagine how many hours of email correspondence, photoshopping of images, text construction, etc. that went into ... just this one newsletter ... and then look at our website content ... ALL FREE tools shared with the world ... and all the expensive global media work we've done year after year to promote "other teachers" worldwide for a better world ... and imagine who much of our lives and resources we have poured into this ... and I think, seeing all the good it has done ... you'll agree that this is something worth preserving and expanding.]

Please reply to this email if you share our vision, and have the means to finance our website conversion.

Now, onto our work, and the work of the global Tai Chi and Qigong family ...

Before we get to the amazingly beautiful WTCQD 2015 video/photo reports pouring in ... meet Margaret of Dallas, Texas (below video), who may be the oldest WTCQD 2015 participant :-) ... and also ...

Dr. Kevin Chen's above report on the Qigong breakthrough event at the University of Maryland School of Medicine is a glimpse of the future. We see videos of Dr. Peter Wayne's program at Harvard, Dr. William Tsang's work at Hong Kong Polytech, and we see amazing results in our University of Kansas Hospital Tai Chi Qigong Meditation program ... and we know that Tai Chi and Qigong have only begun to expand into modern healthcare in the way they will be soon.

Last week we did a feature on the National Qigong Association's members holding World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event across the US. Other national and international organization's members do so as well, including YMAA Tai Chi and Qigong Publication Center's members. Here is a very beautiful photo, just in from Barbara Langley at YMAA, of their YMAA School in Iran participating in WTCQD 2015, with below caption:

"Iran Wushu Federation helped and supported Iranian taiji schools to hold an event at the Water and Fire Park in Tehran celebrating World Tai Chi & Qigong Day."  
-- Shermin Rezaei-Dorji, director, YMAA Iran School

Yours in Qi,

Bill Douglas & Angela Wong-Douglas, WTCQD Founders
p.s. We urge every WTCQD supporter to follow Iran's example of contacting Tai Chi and Qigong groups throughout their state or country to invite larger and larger participation each year, to expand TC and QG worldwide ... for a clearer, calmer, healthier world.  

If you live in "Japan" please Google "Tai Chi Japan," or "Qigong Japan," and if you live in "Wyoming" Google "Tai Chi Wyoming" and "Qigong Wyoming" and become a WTCQD ambassador, emailing all the surrounding Tai Chi and Qigong schools, groups and organizations ... and then sending them our WTCQD global newsletter links, so they can see this global wave you are inviting them to be a part of, by organizing their own events, or joining existing ones.  If your state or nation was FILLED with WTCQD events ... that would bring a great deal of attention to Tai Chi and Qigong's benefits ... and to your local group or school.

We win/win when we cooperate with other schools and styles to elevate the internal arts ... when we see each other only as competition ... we all lose ... its the same in all of life ... coming together is why we are here.

NQA's 2015 National Conference on Friday, July 17, 2015.

"These NQA annual national conferences are very unique opportunities for Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts and teachers to network, learn from other teachers and masters, and expand your vision of Tai Chi and Qigong as profound healing tools in society. I made connections and learned things at the NQA conference that have changed my life, and expanded my vision of Tai Chi and Qigong forever."
-- Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Italian WTCQD organizer, Master Nello Mauro, at United Nations Education and Science Organization's World Heritage Site ...

Master Mauro gained permission to hike a massive group of people up to UNESCO Heritage Site, Mount Etna, to celebrate World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2015. See these gorgeous photos, followed by Italy's WTCQD group's breathtaking video ...



Meet Margaret, the Oldest WTCQD 2015 Participant at WTCQD Dallas, Texas USA ...



Milford, Connecticut's WTCQD 2015 Report ...

CT, Milford


Dear Bill and World Tai Chi & Qigon Day,

I had two of your [official WTCQD] shirts left over so I gave them to two deserving vets at the West Haven V A. The two belong to the M S/Spinal Chord Support Group there. All profits from our WTCQD Milford go to support the Fisher House Foundation, an organization that provides housing for vet' families while in hospitalization. Its a win-win situation for WTCQD, NQA, and Vets. Do other events also benefit veterans? I'd suggest that they do so. Everybody wins, and vets need all our support beyond words.

See Milford, Connecticut USA's video of their event:


Lamont, Milford CT WTCQD organizer
National Qigong Association Boardmember

WorldTaiChiDay.org note from WTCQD founder:

"My father was a combat veteran who suffered from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) his entire life, and I grew up at times living in a war zone, so WorldTaiChiDay.org has offered free copies of our Sitting Qigong CD to any combat veteran who requests it, and we have taught at the Veterans Administration Hospital Tai Chi and Qigong Meditation for veterans suffering from PTSD, and consulted with health professionals in other VA hospitals as well."
-- Bill Douglas, Founder of WTCQD 



Meet Mrs. Falaknaz , the WTCQD organizer in Sialkot, Pakistani, and General Secretary of DMAA ...



York, Pennsylvania USA Officially Recognizing WTCQD 2015 ...

From left to right is Commissioner Christ Rielly of York, Rich Julius, Dustin Quance, LoAnn Clark, and Scott Mackie Manager of Strictly Fitness Center.  

We had around 30 individuals show up for this event.  If it wouldn't have been so cold we would have had a great deal more that is why it was held inside.  Our temperature was in the mid to high 30's which is totally unusual for this area at this time of year. 

I showed the 6 breathing techniques of qigong and taji. later I had everyone experience taiji ball qigong.  Dustin a long time friend of mine showed the mini form of taji 4 movements. LoAnn a student of Scott, was our coordinator for the entire event. Scott Mackie, had everyone go through the entire 108 Yang long-form classic style. We ran out of time but Dustin was going to show short form of Yang style sword.  

There were two other instructors who also participated but are not in the picture and they were Travis Knaub who also demonstrated some Qigong methods, and Jack Weaver who introduced Tai Chi Chih to the group.  As pointed out in a previous email this proclamation was our second one we have received from Chris Rielly and the Commissioners of York.  Next year our goal is to have all three, this one again and one from the governor and mayor.  

York, PA's 2015 WTCQD Event also got MEDIA COVERAGE ...

Thessoloniki, GREECE's WTCQD Reports!







Tai Chi & Qigong Medical Research ...

Spanish language article on
Qigong for Blood Pressure!

Computer English Translation:

A recent study confirms that Qigong helps reduce cases of high blood pressure in patients with hypertension and pre mild hypertension.
Qigong has wide variety of shapes with characteristics within each being many traditionally used to benefit specific body systems.
The researchers concluded that Qigong is safe and has a "positive effect on blood pressure and health status in patients with pre hypertension and mild hypertension." Based on these results, the researchers suggested further studies to analyze more thoroughly the medical benefits of Qigong, using a larger group of participants.
A total of 40 participants randomly selected two groups, one control and one of Qigong were formed. The group practiced qigong exercises five times a week for eight consecutive weeks.

Qigong group reduced their blood pressure, but not the control group. Systolic blood pressure was significantly reduced. Diastolic blood pressure was unaffected.

Traditional Chinese medicine is divided into five broad categories: movement arts, acupuncture, herbal medicine, diet and health to the bones. Qigong and other arts like Tai Chi, belong to the category of the movement arts in Traditional Chinese Medicine, which includes other breathing exercises and meditation. Most forms of Qigong include meditation, synchronized breathing and exercise.


Medical Tai Chi

See World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's "Medical Research Library" for links to research articles on how Tai Chi and/or Qigong can help with nearly 100 common health challenges.


Everyone, PLEASE
upload your videos onto Youtube, and then send us the Youtube link. It is way less work for us that way, plus you get increased outreach for your photos/video. You can use Windows Movie Maker, a free video editing program, where you can add titles & music to imported photos or video.

Also, if you post your photos on a Facebook page, and send us the link, or post them in your WTCQD Event Listing, and then send us the link. But, Youtube and Movie Maker are great tools to learn how to use for your own local school's promotion!

UK, Swindon's 2015 WTCQD Reports ...

Cape CodMassachusetts, USA


"Sometimes Chinese culture can be difficult to explain. Sifu
Bill Douglas successfully uses American culture to explain the
art of T'ai Chi Chuan. He simplifies difficult concepts, making
them easier to understand. This book takes the best parts of
T'ai Chi and makes them understandable [to Westerners]
without requiring a grounding in Chinese culture and history."
-- Sifu Yijiao Hong, USA All-Tai Chi Grand Champion and USA Team member; Certified International Coach and Judge, International Wushu Federation

"Visionary! If you only buy one book on T'ai Chi, then this is the book ... I have taught T'ai Chi for several decades myself, yet I have now read Bill's book from cover to cover seven times, and still get something new from it each time."
Dr. Michael Steward Sr., D.MA, Ph.D., MA, Senior Coach for Team USA, Inductee of the World Sports Medicine and World Martial Arts Hall of Fame

From the Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day on the how his book is designed to help teachers worldwide expand their teaching into society at all levels, by learning how to explain complex internal aspects of Tai Chi and Qigong into easy to grasp modern language ... and directing readers to local teachers in their areas worldwide.

What I hoped to accomplish with this book ... as a tool to help teachers of all styles, and enthusiasts of TC and QG, to expand Tai Chi & Qigong throughout society at all levels:

CIG 4th Edition
Available in:

On my book, what I can say about it is that teachers worldwide are a part of it ... it promotes all Tai Chi and Qigong teachers worldwide ... provides examples of how make these arts more understandable and tangible to the modern student ... gives teachers of all styles a vision of how to expand their Tai Chi and Qigong teaching into education, penal rehab., modern healthcare ... and society at all levels.

Because it is the product of closing in on 40 years of Tai Chi and Qigong practice and study in many countries around the world, being exposed to probably more Tai Chi and Qigong teachers and styles than any human being due to our work organizing World Tai Chi Day, and thousands upon thousands of hours creating the richly detailed illustrations in the book, and of course the text, but even moreso the nearly 150 web video support videos that accompany this book, making it a state-of-the-art multi-media instructional, but with a focus on the universality of all styles of Tai Chi and Qigong's benefits, giving teachers very simple ways to explain amazingly deep and profound Chinese concepts ... in a tangible modern way. 

I studied acupuncture for a year, as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine, through Tokyo Japan's Wasada School of Acupuncture's US training program, and wanted to share with other teachers and students an overview of how Tai Chi and Qigong are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. But also how Western Medicine is now embracing Tai Chi and Qigong mindfulness meditation as a powerful health tool. My decades of work in major health networks enabled me to keep abreast of the cutting-edge research on Tai Chi and Qigong as highly effective medical therapies.

Through decades of teaching Tai Chi and Qigong meditation in some of the world's largest corporations and health networks and institutions, I had to learn how to explain these ancient, often thought of as mystical, concepts in no-nonsense science based modern Western terminology, and this gave the book a richness that only decades of refining the message in front of some of the most challenging audiences, could have given. Most teachers, and even the top Tai Chi and Qigong masters' biggest struggle is not their ability to do the arts well, but their ability to explain sensations and self-perceptions that took decades to cultivate ... in a way that those who are new to the arts can resonate to and connect with ... and my decades of putting these internal arts out into the world, corporate, education, healthcare, penal rehabilitation, special education, etc., cultivated this skill in me ... and I share those years of trial and error and cultivation of techniques with teachers worldwide via the book.

So, why should a teacher or student believe that all this experience has resulted in anything of value? The proof is in the pudding, as my Mom used to say ... And our Tai Chi and Qigong Meditation Program at the University of Kansas Hospital has seen amazing results, people finding relief from type 2 diabetes; chronic pain; heart disease; parkinson's and MS, anxiety, insomnia, allergies and asthma, etc. See local PBS affiliate's feature on our University of Kansas Hospital classes titled "Tai Chi for Chronic Health Issues." 

Many teachers worldwide have used my book as a tools to enhance what they teach, regardless of style, or Tai Chi or Qigong approach. The concepts can be used universally by teachers of all styles, to enhance, expand, and become even more effective by using our simple explanations of esoteric Chinese concepts. 

My successful results are the result of my being open to other teachers' teaching around the planet, and that openness enabled my teaching to evolve, so I offer what I've learned in the form of this book to all teachers worldwide ... not as THE way ... but as more tools for your tool belt ... and for students of all styles to relax more into the process, to enjoy their teacher, their stumbles and falls, lightening up on yourself, your teacher and seeing the Tai Chi and Qigong journey as an adventure you cannot fail at, but can grow and evolve into as you "play" at it.

However, I wanted this book to be about more than just my teaching, because I believe Tai Chi and Qigong offer the world so much. So,
I included an Appendix in my book that directs readers to teachers around the world via the Tai Chi and Qigong Events and Listings Directories at WorldTaiChiDay.org, to help my book's readers find local teachers in their areas.

These are not affiliates of ours, or franchises, or teachers connected with us in any way other than just listing their local teaching on the free directories World Tai Chi & Qigong Day created, which has connected over one-million of our website visitors to local teachers' contact info.

This is the world's ONLY Tai Chi or Qigong book that refers readers to "all teachers in the world" as a resource, and provides links to connect readers with any and all teachers worldwide.

-- Bill Douglas, author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong (4th edition, Bantam/Penguin Books)

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