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If you do Tai Chi and/or Qigong and have benefited from it, then please pay it forward by sharing this below PBS video with everyone you know. It could get them to start using Tai Chi and Qigong, and perhaps change their lives forever. Share this with your teacher.


World Tai Ci & Qigong Day founders have pioneered collaborating with modern healthcare, and have worked to help empower teachers worldwide to replicate this potential worldwide by providing free step-by-step suggestions on how to do this.  The below video can be used by Tai Chi & Qigong teachers worldwide to educate their local communities and institutions about the profound health and healing potential of these internal arts.


KCPT Public Television coverage of a Kansas University Hospital Program Pushing the Boundaries of Modern Healthcare ... Click




World Tai Chi & Qigong Day founders have also worked for 20 years to collect emerging medical research on Tai Chi and Qigong, to share with enthusiasts and tai chi and qigong teachers worldwide, to empower them to educate the world and local health institutions, government, etc., about tai chi and qigong health benefits. The goal being to get society to recognize the profound value of their local tai chi and qigong teachers worldwide, to advance calm and healing worldwide. Via the free public resource of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's Medical Research Library.




KS PBS affiliate KCPT on University of Kansas Hospital's pioneering Tai Chi & Qigong program [partial transcript from above video coverage]


Some of those practicing T'ai Chi in [World Tai Chi Day Founder] Douglas's class say they are are experiencing some of the benefits that have been touted in research published in the last few years by Harvard Medical School.


Al Hussar said he practices T'ai Chi nearly every day, and has for a couple of years. It's helped his stress level, and his balance, he said.

Hussar said he's been able to stop taking some of his medications he was taking for Type 2 diabetes.


"I don't know why it works, but keep doing it," his doctor told him.

Douglas encourages his students to work with their doctors.


"What we always tell people is that you do everything in conjunction with your physician, but let your physician know that you are practicing T'ai Chi and meditation and if they don't know about the medical research, show them the medical research about how T'ai Chi and meditation can help their particular health issue," he said.

Bill Lowenstein credits the class with helping him lower his doses of his heart medication.


"If they could put a money value on what is being done here, it would be like a pill that is worth millions and millions of dollars," he said.



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