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Andrea Mei-Wah Cook, A Life Entwined with World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Human Interest Factoid: 

Andrea Mei-Wah Cook, A Life Entwined with
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day


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Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters,


As a nexus point for Tai Chi & Qigong teachers, researchers,  authors, and DVD producers worldwide, we get a unique opportunity to become aware of concepts to help Tai Chi & Qigong students see deeper into these arts, but also as teachers, we get insights to help with our quest to make these arts more understandable to our students. See "Teaching/Learning Tips for Students & Teachers" article below. In that section we share these insights with teachers worldwide, as well as students, to offer innovative ways to view and explain these deep Tai Chi & Qigong concepts to the mainstream culture.


AMAZING NEWS!  The potential of Tai Chi and Qigong are exploding throughout society. In our first article below entitled "UPDATES on Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi ..." learn how a Mid-Western University Hospital Cancer; Cardiopulmonary; Neurology and other departments may now be on the verge of opening to Tai Chi as part of their patient treatment options. This is nothing short of an epic social evolution, and can be a prototype to be used by Tai Chi & Qigong teachers and enthusiasts worldwide.


This is a vision has been working for 15 years to realize, and now it is on the horizon, poised to become reality. This shift is a result of Tai Chi & Qigong professionals and enthusiasts worldwide breathing their vision into the world, Rod Ferguson of Tai Chi Australia, Peter Wayne of Harvard, the International Tai Chi Symposium bringing masters and medical researchers together, Master Luk and Hong Kong Polytech's Professor William Tsang, Dr. Shin Lin at the University of California, Garri Garipolli's visionary documentary work, Dr. Roger Janhke's work with the National Council on Aging and the NQA, Effie Chow and the World Congress on Qigong ... a family of people who have had a burning desire to share what has healed them and those they've cared about and for ... this Tai Chi health revolution is beautiful ... for it is the result of empathy, compassion, love and healing.


The changes Tai Chi & Qigong are making are not just in healthcare, for when you see the STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Tai Chi Flashmob video from the group in Antwerp, Belgium, you'll see how a small group of Tai Chi players ... literally stopped the rat race ... for a few magical moments. You, we, are all part of a profoundly important calming and healing antidote to the stress of the modern age.


Yours in Qi,


Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas, Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day


Bill, Angie, Andrea



WTCQD in international media again!

Unity Magazine, an international publication for Unity Churches worldwide, reported on Tai Chi's benefits and World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's global health education work in their currently released summer 2013 issue. See article for more.


Unity Magazine Cover



















Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi Publisher's Project to Partner w/ Tai Chi & QG Teachers Worldwide IS OPENING DOORS & MINDS at Kansas University Hospital System!
Kansas Tai Chi teacher to present for Multiple Sclerosis Society, Cancer, and Cardiopulmonary programs!
Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi
When the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi was released, hailed it as a breakthrough, a powerful tool to open minds and doors for Tai Chi and Qigong teachers worldwide.  The Kansas University Hospital Turning Point Tai Chi program took this tool, and created a template project, and it is finding profoundly exciting success.
UPDATE:  We got our 50 copies of the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, and now the Director at Turning Point, Center for Hope & Healing, a program of Kansas University Hospital, is now working to get Turning Point Tai Chi Teacher, Bill Douglas, into the Cardiopulmonary and Cancer departments to present the medical research on these issues as summarized in the Harvard Guide, and to leave copies of the Harvard Guide to Tai Chi for physicians to read. We are also working with the Neurology department, and on August 3rd, Bill Douglas will present at the National Multiple Sclerosis Society event in Kansas City.
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Founder, Bill Douglas's, local project with his Kansas University Hospital program, is offered here, with these progress updates, as a prototypic model for all tai chi and qigong teachers teaching in medical and hospital systems to hopefully be inspired to follow. believes that the "Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi"'s summary of medical research on Tai Chi is a powerful key to help tai chi teachers worldwide working in healthcare settings, that they can use to open minds and doors to expand their Tai Chi offerings in those settings, magnetize more funding for therapeutic Tai Chi classes, and also possibly for research funding as those therapeutic classes show results.
Bill reached out to his Kansas University Hospital Turning Point department, to students, and to the community, to raise funds to purchase bulk copies of the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi. Bill's fundraising project purchased 50 copies.
The plan is three-fold:
1) Present Tai Chi & Qigong Medical research to various departments Cardiac, hypertension, neurology, and so on. 
2) Leave a copy or two of the Harvard Medical School Guide with each center, group, or department for their further study after the meeting.
3) Create a Testimonial Video like the below "Tai Chi & Qigong Testimonial Video" of Bill's Kansas University tai chi & qigong programs.  This video can be shown at these physician meetings, in addition to the medical research presentation and the leaving of the Harvard Guide to Tai Chi, to show physicians in the health network you or your teacher teaches in that local people are already experiencing the benefits the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi's medical research indicates are possible.
* spoke to the publisher of the Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi, and they said that any group ordering a minimum of a $200 order of Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi can get copies for 50% off list price, plus shipping costs, because they believe this project is good for society.
Contact w/ Harvard Med School Guide to Tai Chi Education Project in subject line.
Tai Chi at Turning Point's Center for Hope & Healing, The University of Kansas Hospital
Tai Chi at Turning Point's Center for Hope & Healing, The University of Kansas Hospital

"Alone we can do so little ... together
... so much."
-- Helen Keller
TEACHING / LEARNING TIPS for Tai Chi & QG Teachers & Students of the Arts!
How to Be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher Book   
Teaching from authenticity, when you suggest your students breathe deeply, take a deep breath and let your body "relax", rather than just asking your students to relax their shoulders, letting your shoulders relax, giving yourself a moment to "feel" that experience you are suggesting, it'll make you feel better, too, taking the pressure off of you as a teacher.
When you "feel" what you are saying, it changes the resonance of your voice, and the vibration of the room.
Rather than talking "at" your students, but rather "sharing an experience with them," when you throw out suggestions to relax, to breathe, take time to do it yourself, is a shift in approach. Let your class be a relaxation therapy for you as well as your students.  Your own relaxed state will calm them, as it calms you.  When you are calm the teaching can flow through you like the waves of Qi that roll through you when you let your Tai Chi forms flow through you.
by Bill Douglas
China, Summer Palace
  Summer Palace, Beijing, China - Qigong     






Last week we discussed and advocated Sifu and author, Arthur Rosenfeld's new book, "Tai Chi - The Perfect Exercise," for its insights into what enables success in those new to Tai Chi.


Arthur Rosenfeld's Tai Chi Book


Arthur wrote that it wasn't their athletic prowess, strength, etc., but rather their ability to handle a state of bewilderment, a sense of not fully understanding what they were doing, but going with the flow of it. Tai Chi is too big to wrap your head around in an hour, a month, a year ... ever. It is an ever expanding journey so long as we don't try to grip it in our head.  The gripping for control is what stops Tai Chi's expansion.


What stops our ability to be okay with a sense of "bewilderment," as Arthur's new book so eloquently puts it, is our need to "stay in control," in a rapidly changing world that feels perpetually out of control.


Tai Chi & Qigong's loosening, flowing motions, give us a safe place to "lose control" regularly, letting the movement flow through our relaxing body. Doing this over and over again helps to de-program the fear our neural system has been programmed with. Our Tai Chi & Qigong experience of letting go of control again and again, and finding that nothing bad happens, we begin to feel safer in the world, less stressed, and more okay with not having to grip onto some illusory control.


Fibonacci Fractals


Albert Einstein once wrote that the most important question we can ask ourselves is, "Is the universe a friendly place?" Because our answer to that determines whether we flow and expand into the world, or whether we grip, flinch, and tighten away from the world. Chinese masters talk of "suppleness," "looseness," and they called Tai Chi a "return to child likeness." This state of fluid and flowing wonder and amazement that we held as children, can begin to come back to us, seeing life as an adventure, not as a threat or a sentence :-) as we practice the art of "letting go of control."







  CIG 4th Edition


In my Tai Chi & Qigong book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong, I discuss how the biggest challenge to "enjoying a state of bewilderment," is for most of us in the modern world, our "obsession with staying in control."  We are programmed this way growing up, hearing terms like "get a grip," and "you're getting way out of control," as if that were a bad thing, and we had to constantly GRIP reality or something really bad would happen.


At their core, Tai Chi and Qigong can help us surrender control and allow our movements to flow through us, loosening, and massaging us as they do. This is why medical research shows that Tai Chi and Qigong profoundly improve "micro-circulation" enabling blood to get deeply into tissue and to cleanse that tissue as well. It is this deep sense of "surrender" and "letting go," that allows that.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine study, we are told of the old saying, "The Qi feeds the blood, and the blood feeds the Qi." It took me a long time to understand that, but now I realize that when we exhale and let go, and allow the Qi to radiate through our tissue, it relaxes the tissue, enabling blood to soak into our tissue more deeply. The blood warms the tissue, causing it to relax even more, which then allows the Qi to relax more deeply into the tissue, more blood, more Qi, more blood, more Qi, and on and on. 


Breathing, Visualization, and gentle motions can become neural programs that enable us to deeply let go of control each time we exhale, not just when we're doing tai chi and qigong, but out in the world we live in as well.



Below is an excerpt video from my best-selling tai chi book, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong (4th edition)'s nearly 150 web-video support videos. The below video excerpt is called "Shaking Loose the Tension."


As you experience the below video, think of your solar plexus, the nerve bundle in your upper abdomen, just letting go of itself. Let it hang loose and go limp, jiggling. This is the largest concentration of nerves itself, and a place where we all often carry a lot of nervous tension gripped unconsciously in that upper-abdomen. So as you exhale, just let that whole upper abdomen let go, surrender to the bouncing jiggling.


What you'll find, is that as you let this area go physically, more and more with each releasing breath as if your entire being could exhale and let go, you'll feel a mental and emotional letting go of control.


A lot of the "control issues" we hold are squeezed in this upper abdominal area. Feel yourself going out of control as you breathe deeply, and then let your entire being just loosen, bounce and jiggle as each exhale sighs out of your entire being. Let go of control, let the movement loosen and move you, as you relax out of the way. 


CIG - Shaking Loose the Tension
CIG - Shaking Loose the Tension


This simple Qigong loosening exercise is a powerful health regimen, I learned 30 years ago from my teacher, Jais Booth.


Then 20 years later while taking a seminar with a Chinese Qigong master, he taught the same thing, telling us how his 80 year old master had taught him, saying to him, "If you don't remember anything else I've taught you, remember to do this twice a day. Breathe, and shake out all the tension dust from your being."
























World Tai Chi & QG Day 2013 Events!


... a MUST see! 




Taichi Flashmob Antwerpen 2013
Taichi Flashmob Antwerpen 2013


The above video is of Antwerp, Belgium's World Tai Chi & Qigong Day flashmob event at the Central Train Station in Antwerp, and their video is hauntingly beautiful.


They literally halt the rat race, spellbinding the entire train station, as the world's rush is put on pause for several precious moments.


Share widely!

Above is the result of's ongoing global organizing work. If you see value in our work, you can support our efforts via the Official World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Official Sponsor's store for Tai Chi & Qigong DVDs, CDs, Zen Alarm Clocks, Oriental Health Balls, Tai Chi Fans or Swords, Chinese Gongs and Chimes, Chinese Calligraphy Paintings, and more. Tell your friends about our unique Sponsor Store.



"One World ... One Breath."






















Featured Artist of the Week! Hong Yijiao!
Master Hong Yijiao has been a pioneer ...
Hong Yijiao
Hong Yijiao is among the greatest living Tai Chi practitioners, having been the United States Tai Chi Forms Grand Champion, and representing the U.S. in international Tai Chi competitions.
However, Hong Yijiao has also been a visionary pioneer, seeing the profound healing potential of Tai Chi long before many could. Master Hong Yijiao has taught for corporate wellness years before it became the fashionable thing to do.
Hong Yijiao's vision of Tai Chi as a healing force in society has been a guide post for Tai Chi and Qigong teachers worldwide to follow, which is why is honoring her work in this week's newsletter.
Hong Yijiao                                                                   

Master Yijiao Hong is a 12th generation disciple of Chen Style Taichi, studying under Chen family successor and world-renown Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei since 1998. She studied Yang Taichi from Yang family successor and world-renown Grandmaster Fu Shengyuan since 1995.


Master Hong currently offers classes for Chen Taichi and Yang Taichi in Seattle, Washington and beyond.





Unity Magazine: World Tai Chi & QG Day!
  Unity Magazine                                                                  
In the past, has been asked to give educational presentations on Tai Chi & Qigong health benefits for the National Catholic Youth Conference, and other various religious organizations. Tai Chi & Qigong have found a home in not only hospitals and corporate wellness programs, but prisons, drug rehabilitation programs, and churches, mosques and synagogues, as well. Tai Chi and Qigong centering qualities are useful to everyone for a host of mind, body, spirit benefits.
Unity Magazine Article
Bill Douglas, author of  The Complete Idiot's Guide to Tai Chi and Qigong, attests to Tai Chi's stress relieving properties. "When I first started, I wanted to get away, like a monk on a mountaintop. But I've since learned that the goal is to weave it into your everyday life."
Douglas says when he began learning about tai chi 30 years ago, the practice was fairly unheard of in the West. But all that's changing now, and tai chi is practiced in all corners of the globe. Indeed, classes are beginning to appear on the calendars of Unity spiritual communities throughout the country ...
Read more:

 World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013, Perth, Australia  
























Tai Chi & Qigong Medical Research Library!


Medical Tai Chi


Are you aware of's globally popular Tai Chi Medical Research Library?  A collection of medical research article links from popular health and media publications, showing how Tai Chi and Qigong can help with nearly 100 common health challenges.


Australia Tai Chi instructor, Rod Ferguson, used our library information to create a proposal for his State government, showing how much money the state could save in avoided falls by seniors, through training Australian seniors in Tai Chi. It resulted in state funding of a tai chi program open to all seniors in their region, thereby saving society money, and unnecessary suffering by those who avoided falling injuries by having access to Tai Chi.


Australia, Gold Coast

 Rod Ferguson, leads Gold Coast WTCQD 2013 event.    

























Guang Ping Conference   


Dear Members and Friends of the Guang Ping Yang T'ai Chi Association,


I'm sure that you are aware that the GPYTCA 2013 Conference is coming up fast! This year's conference will be held October 4-6 in Nashua, New Hampshire at the Radisson Hotel Nashua.


It's been a few years since we have held a conference on the East coast. While the original plan was to have a conference on East and West coasts in alternate years, the reality is that the attendance for East coast events has historically been very low; as a result we held the last East coast conference at a loss.


We are hoping to have more conferences in this region but we need your help to make this happen, and especially need the assistance of our members and friends that live in the East coast region. The larger the attendance at our conferences, the more often we can get together to have even bigger events with more presenters.


Please help make this year's conference a success. Come join us in Nashua. Encourage your T'ai Chi friends and students to attend! I know times are tough, but the new friends you make and the new things you learn at our annual conferences can last a lifetime.


I look forward to seeing you all.


Thank You,




Lawrence L. Riddle

Guang Ping Yang T'ai Chi Chuan Association President

Kuo Lien Ying, Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi
Kuo Lien Ying, Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi, Past Conf. Video



Master Y.C. Chiang: Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Drills
Master Y.C. Chiang: Guang Ping Yang Tai Chi Drills































BIG NEWS!  A "2nd" International Tai Chi Symposium is Scheduled for 2014!
Tai Chi Symposium

 For information on the coming International Tai Chi Symposium, July 6-11, 2014, visit:



"I attended the 1st International Tai Chi
Symposium a few years ago, and it was a
profound experience. The grandmasters
from China, representing the 5 major
Tai Chi styles, were present, as well as top
medical researchers from Harvard, the
Mayo Clinic, etc. This is a conference you
do not want to miss. It had a profound
impact on the expansion of Tai Chi and
Qigong worldwide."

-- Bill Douglas, Founder of

     World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 



International Tai Chi Symposium


































Together, changing the world one central
nervous system at a time.
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Press Release
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Press Release
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
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Overland Park, KS 66207
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Chow Qigong System, Volume 1
Dr. Chow
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BREAKTHROUGHS! Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi Project OPENING MINDS AND DOORS IN MID-WESTERN UNIVERSITY MEDICAL SYSTEM - A Model for What Can Happen Worldwide! ...
TEACHING / LEARNING TIPS for Tai Chi & QG Teachers & Students of the Arts! ...
Can Tai Chi Stop the Global Rat Race? ... See for yourself in the FEATURED VIDEO OF THE WEEK! ... WTCQD 2013 in Antwerp, Belgium ... HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL....
Featured Artist of the Week! Hong Yijiao!...
Unity Magazine Covers World Tai Chi & QG Day! ...
Tai Chi & Qigong Medical Research Library!...
GUANG PING YANG T'AI CHI ASSN. ... 2013 Conference ... COMING! ...
BIG NEWS!...A "2nd" International Tai Chi Symposium is Scheduled for 2014!...
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