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Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporters,


We are soon about to wrap the planet in a wave of health education through our mass tai chi and qigong events, and by the mass media coverage of them (see this newsletter).

And we are doing this at a time when the world is being shaken to its foundation by the stress of rapid change.


We all get so many benefits from tai chi and qigong, athletic, mental, emotional, physical/health, etc. But, perhaps the greatest benefit
these profound mind body arts offer modern society is a prescription for the future, a model for how to survive and thrive in a jarringly changing world. I had a glimpse of this 30 years ago.


My family, the Douglas's, are from an island near the highest part of the Scottish Highlands, and are purported to be touched by what the Scots call "the 2nd sight," defined as the involuntary ability to glimpse the future. Being an American, I only became aware of this aspect of my heritage later in life when I traveled back to Scotland as a young adult.


My glimpse of the future so long ago, was when, after my wife's graduation from Kansas State University at Ft. Hays, we moved to the sprawling Los Angeles basin. Suddenly, I, a boy from a farm town with less than 2,000 people was smack dab in the middle of millions of people, 16 lane freeways jammed with choking smoking cars, and where road-rage had become common as people were experiencing a rapid increase in population density and trying to deal with it. On top of that we were broke and in constant financial panic, as I went from job to job, and career change after career change in an economy that demanded constant struggle. 


So, in other words, I was living today, 2013, 30 years ago. I had my own non-voluntary glimpse of the future, my 2nd sight, if you will.


I was going out of my mind as my world got more crowded, more polluted, more intense and frustrated, and I scrambled like a dying swimmer to keep my head above water financially, while dealing with the stress of constant career changes. I was living 30 years ago, the world that most humans are now facing today, by virtue of my being thrown from small town life into the heart of planetary change, LA in the 1980s.


The population of planet Earth has nearly quadrupled
in our lifetime. No generation in history has faced
this kind of change.


So, how did I survive my massive life challenges? Someone told me that Tai Chi was good for stress. I enrolled in a local community college class, and 30 years later I am a teacher of the art, a tai chi author, and an organizer of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. Why? Because tai chi and qigong were a prescription for my future. They helped me find my center so I could ride the bone jarring waves of change, while remembering to breathe, and loosen, and flow with those waves rather than being beaten down by them.

Earth World Tai Chi & Qigong Day


Back at this time, computers were just coming into the American workplace, and I was terrified of them, they felt foreign, I felt odd and unsure of myself around them. I tended to tighten and hold my breath. When I started learning Tai Chi it felt odd and foreign, and I felt like a klutz doing it. I tended to tighten and hold my breath, beating myself up for being so clumsy and off balance as I struggled to remember the tai chi moves.


Then over time, I learned how to breathe fully, and to let my shoulders and head muscles relax, and I became more comfortable with tai chi's complex motions. Amazingly, this same feeling permeated my approach to computer program exploration, I became more comfortable and adventurous with computers, remembering to breathe, to let my shoulders relax, etc.


Technology change is doubling in speed
every few months today!


Without Tai Chi and Qigong ... life in Southern California would have been a sad story for me and my family, my stress would have hobbled us. But, because of tai chi and qigong's mind-body inner centering and calming benefits my life became an adventure, and my career flourished over time, as I learned how to ride the waves of change, I ended up thriving. 


Our planet is where I was 30 years ago. We have seen Earth's population quadruple in one life time. We have seen our ecosystem taxed to its limits. Our economy is in flux and rapid change. Change is being demanded of us more than any other generation in this history of humanity.


In my book, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong, I use this image to illustrate what we are going through. When a merry-go-round, or carousel as those in the UK would call it, is spinning at high speed, you are barely holding on by your finger nails and feeling as though you want to throw up. The change spinning around you is unbearable.


However, if you move to the center of the merry-go-round then it can spin even faster, and you feel much more calm and clear, even in a world of spinning massive change. Tai Chi & Qigong's centering, mindful, meditative visualizations and motions, whereby we continually bring our awareness back from the "outside" world, into the "center" of where we are within, give us this ability to survive change. 




However, tai chi and qigong do not only improve our ability to tolerate change, but as we learn how to sense the ebbs and flows of energy and motion within our mind, heart, and body, through our tai chi and qigong practice, we get a sense of the flow of social and planetary change. Its not an intellectual grasping its a feeling. Its like how a surfer learns to flow with the ocean's waves, rather than suffering the illusion that he controls them. He controls how he flows on them, but he must surrender to the waves of change coming at him.


When we are more calm and at peace with change, our synapsis function more coherently, and we are more creative. Our societies economic, social, environmental, etc. changes are all navigable. This new challenging world is not punishments or sentences, but an opportunity to evolve.


Gandhi said that there is always enough for humanity's need, but never enough for humanity's greed. So, solutions will come as resources shift. Clean technologies will evolve to replace ones that threaten our environment. The solutions are rising, the only thing that holds them back is human consciousness's tendency to grip onto what is known, rather than loosening and opening to what is required for the future.


Tai Chi and Qigong facilitate this un-gripping. As we learn how to breathe, to loosen, and to flow through our tai chi or qigong movements, we are learning how to flow through the changes of life, un-gripping from what we've held onto physically, emotionally, mentally, so that we can flow into becoming what the future needs us to be.


This is a time of great change and adventure. Tai Chi and Qigong are playing a huge role in lubricating the consciousness of humans so that they don't blow a gasket with the heating demands of global change. 


"Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga will play an important part in the global awakening."
-- Eckhart Tolle, author of A New Earth
    (Oprah's Bookclub pick) 


By participating in and helping to organizing WTCQD events, doing outreach, and media work, to educate the world, you are smoothing the rails to a future we can not only survive in, but can love living in, as Tai Chi & Qigong facilitate a more flexible and innovative society.


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's family of events and participants worldwide ... doing our parts to create a clearer, healthier, and calmer world.



One World ... One Breath.


Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong (4th edition)

Author of How to Be a Successful Tai Chi Teacher 

2009 Inductee to the Internal Arts Hall of Fame

2005 Media Excellence Award recipient from World Congress on Qigong






Some new books/video out are showing why a traditional Chinese diet was a powerful prescription for health, and how we can learn from it. See below article on conscious eating. 


The Banner artwork pdf we had up in our free banner, poster, flyer page for you to download, was too large a file. We had it at 300 dpi resolution. We just updated/upgraded our Free Banner Artwork, and lowered it to 150 dpi resolution, and now the file is much smaller and easier to download. Download it here: http://www.worldtaichiday.org/Posters_flyers.html


Once you download it, you can put it on a CD disc and take it to Costco, Kinkos, etc. to create a Banner for your WTCQD event. If you know photoshop or some other art media, you can personalize it with your local city/state, and school website(s).


If you don't know photoshop we can do it for you for $30, see below "Personalized Banner" Banner" article for more. 


If you are organizing or helping to organize a World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event, you'll want to do Press Releases, and follow up calls to your local media. See below articles on how to maximize media attention for your event.


If you are an individual planning to attend a WTCQD event on April 27th, and be part of the global wave of Qi, as you breathe with the world, might as well get involved in organizing too. Click here, to search our Events/Schools directory, do an "advanced search" entering your zip code, and contact local organizers to see how you can help, maybe with the media work leading up to the event, see below to get an idea.


Still time to apply as a presenter, or to register to attend the World Congress on Qigong, held in 3 locations this year in May in San Francisco, China, Japan. See article below.


Harvard Medical School's new Guide to Tai Chi, may be the tipping point that will open the gates for tai chi and qigong to flow into the fabric of modern healthcare, and save society trillions in future health costs. See below article.


Time to do media work. World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is an opportunity for local schools, teachers, groups and programs to gain valuable media attention. Why does WorldTaiChiDay.org want to help you get media attention? Because if tai chi and qigong teachers are more abundant, the world benefits from your success. You are the creators of a clearer, healthier, calmer and more peaceful world for us all.


One World ... One Breath.


Bill Douglas & Angela Wong Douglas,
Founders of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day



World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Press Release

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Video Press Release

WorldTaiChiDay.org is about to release MAJOR
and VERY EXPENSIVE global media campaign.

Take a couple of minutes to preview above Video PR release!
And PLEASE take a moment to "Like" it on Youtube.

World Tai Chi & QQ Day 2013 - Saturday, April 27th, 10 am worldwide!
 ORDER NOW to get
WorldTaiChiDay.org spends thousands of hours creating professional tools like the Video Press Release for WTCQD 2013, you saw at the top of this email. If you didn't watch it, take a couple of minutes to. Then, save the url link, and use it as part of your overall local media campaign. See below for articles on valuable FREE media tools and how-to-guides we have created for you.
Before founding World Tai Chi Day, Bill Douglas served as a media outreach and organizing director for several political campaigns and for environmental and human rights campaigns. The below tools are the result of his years of professional media experience, offered to tai chi and qigong groups for free.
  Media Coverage of WTCQD
CNN covered 1st World Tai Chi Day event in Kansas City!








Hi Bill [WorldTaiChiDay.org],

I've been with World Tai Chi Day for some years, and wholly appreciate the work your organization has done to bring TCC and Qigong to the public attention...everyone benefits from these efforts...many thanks, 

-- Jeff Zauderer, Great Harmony Tai Chi,
Tucson, Arizona (USA)






See below media campaign articles ...



The 3 pillars of Chinese Medicine are Acupuncture, Qigong/Tai Chi, and Food as Medicine (or herbology). New research is showing that this is a powerful part of a healthy life, and you don't have to eat Chinese food to make use of this ancient wisdom, now being proven out by modern research.

Ms. Wong's Healthy Tasty Recipes

A couple of new books are shifting the foundation of how people see the food industry, and can be a powerful help in finding a healthful way to eat.
Fat Chance - Beating the Odds Against Sugar, Processed Foods, Obesity and Disease; and Sugar, Salt, and Fat, are rocking old perceptions of what healthy food and diet are.
Here is a youtube video by the author of Fat Chance ...
Sugar: The Bitter Truth
Sugar: The Bitter Truth
As Tai Chi and Qigong teachers, many of us are now being commissioned to teach in health institutions. Many of our students are being referred to us by physicians because Tai Chi or Qigong are proven to help with Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Disease, Hypertension, etc. etc.
As advocates of health, we can profoundly increase our effectiveness in this role, by including diet in our recommendations to our students. What I've always done is to advocate what I know, what I use.
When I first decided to teach, I asked my teacher to share a syllabus with me to get me started. She said, "No, you teach what you know, what you have absorbed in your own tai chi and qigong journey." That was the best thing she could have done, because it made my teaching, not rote, or mental, but authentic and organic.
So, over the last years, I have changed my diet, and share that knowledge of my own experience in my classes.
Several powerful documentaries had a big impact on my dietary changes, including:
Food Inc.; Let Me Be Frank; and a film called Fast Food Nation.
Food Inc - Official Trailer [HD]
Food Inc - Official Trailer [HD]


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Here's how the media operates. The national and international media, when
alerted by us at WorldTaiChiDay.org, and by you, look to "local feeds" to get
video, photos, and interviews from local events.

This means that if you don't do the local media work, then there's nothing for
the national and international media to pick up. The good news is,
we've put in thousands of hours to make your work easier
and much more effective:


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
We have Official WTCQD Press Releases updated for 2013 in 18 languages in a pdf format you can download from our website for free.
Our press releases have a Local Contact space, where you can add your local name/group, phone, email, website, etc. for media follow up on your local event.
However, they also offer the all important HOOK, showing how your local event is part of a massive global event. With links to:
* About World Tai Chi & Qigong Day - What is it?
* Photo/Video Gallery of Past Events
* Links to our Media Resources so they can see past media coverage worldwide, so they know you are part of a newsworthy event.
* Video Press Release * WorldTaiChiDay.org's Video Press Release [top of newsletter] is a powerful tool to show your local media you are part of an extraordinarily visual and meaningful mass global event. This free video PR is ready for you to use (get video link of video at the top of this email). [However, if you'd also like it personalized for your locale, see below article.]


Download a pdf Official Press Release to use at:


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Once you've downloaded your Press Release pdf, then add your local event/group contact information in the "Local Event Contact" space.

THEN START SENDING IT TO MEDIA! We have collected media contact lists and links, including all local and national Associated Press offices, and links to all your local TV, Radio, and Newspaper media.
At our above MediaResources page, you'll see links to our Organizing Kits, and to another link to help guide you through when to send out Press Releases to your local media, and how to follow up by calling them after you send out your releases.

Getting media isn't just sending out the Press Releases above, and then sitting back, it is a process that requires follow up calls, and more. You'll want to send media several Press Release packets in weeks leading up to WTCQD 2013, and follow them up with calls to Assignment Desks for TV, to Programmers for Radio, and to Editors and Reporters for Newspapers.

It pays off in media coverage for your group(s) that you could never afford, because the GLOBAL aspect of WTCQD and the polished tools we provide at WorldTaiChiDay.org can help you "HOOK" your local media's attention.
1) Click the below link for your country or area
2) Then click your "state", and then click your "city" to find local media links
3) Click on the Newspaper, TV, or Radio media link,
4) Then look under "Web Sites" for that Newspaper, TV, or Radio station.
When you click on their website, scroll through the page looking for:
Until you find the email address and the phone number. You'll want to contact the News Desk for TV stations, the Program Directors of Radio Programs to get interviews, and the Assignment Desk for Newspapers, or contact the Health Reporter/Editor, and the Features editor, and also the Calendar Section.




1) Click the below link for your country or area
2) Then click your "COUNTRY", and then click your "region or nearest city" to find local media links
3) Click on the Newspaper, TV, or Radio media link,
4) Then look under "Web Sites" for that Newspaper, TV, or Radio station.
When you click on their website, scroll through the page looking for:
Until you find the email address and the phone number. You'll want to contact the News Desk for TV stations, the Program Directors of Radio Programs to get interviews, and the Assignment Desk for Newspapers, or contact the Health Reporter/Editor, and the Features editor, and also the Calendar Section.








Can provide an additional "media hook."

Proc Fargo, North Dakota  

The Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota, above issued an official proclamation of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day for his city. This is only the first step.
Once you get an official proclamation, the next step is to do another round of Press Releases for your World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event, around your just having gotten this official proclamation.
See above Press Releases, and Organizing Kits, links, and Media Contacts links.
Last week we contacted the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, to request an official proclamation for our WTCQD 2013 event. It took 2 emails and one phone call, maybe about 10 minutes of time total.
Now, we will pick it up tomorrow from the Mayor's office, and then send it out with press releases to our local TV, Radio, and Newspaper media (see above).
We seek to get pre-event media, and event day coverage. See Media Kits link in articles above.
Below is a link to how you can acquire an Official Proclamation for your event:




Italian Media on WTCQD 2  


As you read in the opening, we have scheduled a major international media campaign release, which was very expensive. WE'D LIKE TO DO A 2ND WAVE ...
We want to do a 2nd release through another service that specializes in Health Media Press Releases, to publicize World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 more widely.
Why? Our goal is to educate millions worldwide about the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong, and then connect them via our free global Tai Chi & Qigong Events/Schools directory to local teachers worldwide to help people get started on their Tai Chi and/or Qigong journey.
We want to support local groups work, because we believe in what you do.
If you'd like to help us raise funds for a 2nd major media campaign for 2013, here are 3 ways to do it.
1) Purchase our our Official T-Shirts, and encourage your group to do so.
2) Purchase a Personalized Video Press Release, see below article for details.
3) Purchase a Personalized Banner artwork file you can take to a local printer, Costco, Kinkos, etc. to print a banner for your event to include in your event photos and videos. See below article.
4) Upgrade you Event/School directory listing from a basic free one, to a Platinum Listing. This will make your listing come up at or near the top of searches for your City/State/Nation when people search our directory at www.worldtaichiday.org and this can help because we've connected over one million of our site's visitors to local school contact info. It'll help media find you when they want to cover WTCQD events in their area as well.
A Platinum listing will also give you added features, like being able to post photos and video directly into her school or group listing.
And of course, it will also enable us to offer even more of the voluminous free resources we offer, including this 2nd MAJOR MEDIA CAMPAIGN WE HOPE TO LAUNCH IN COMING WEEKS FOR WTCQD 2013, to bring even more eyes to the directory listings, etc.
Everything we do is designed to be a win/win situation for everyone involved ... which is the Tai Chi and Qigong way ....




Only listings of our premium users will be displayed as a sponsored listing.  

To become a premium user, 

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Click the 'My Account' main menu link
  3. Select 'Subscription Signup' under the 'Account Administration Options' from the Subscriptions page.
  4. Select either the Silver, Gold, or Platinum subscription level.  All of your listing will automatically be updated and be displayed as a sponsored listing once you have paid for a subscription

All listings and event albums that you've created will automatically get added to the sponsored lists and will get priority ordering on all search results.


For answers to more Frequently Asked Questions about our directory:








You can print out a free pdf artwork file that you can take to Costco, Kinkos etc. to print a banner with to display at your local event, so when media covers you, it will show who/where you are. After downloading the pdf, at: http://www.worldtaichiday.org/Posters_flyers.html you can add your local info and website, so that when media covers you those who view the media coverage can find your local group and classes.
If you don't have someone who can do photoshop to personalize it, we can do it at WorldTaiChiDay.org for $30.00, as we did for Topeka Tai Chi, in Topeka, Kansas. See below:


Banner Topeka KS



Video Press Release Personalized  
YOU DO NOT NEED A PERSONALIZED VIDEO PRESS RELEASE. The generic Video Press Release for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day at the top of this newsletter email can be used to help the media see that your local event is part of a global event, and give you that all needed "HOOK" to get them to cover you.
Understand that you can use the video link at the top of this email, by clicking on it, and capturing the link from the youtube browser window url that appears as it is.
However, if you would like to have that video lead with your local information as seen below, we can do that for you at WorldTaiChiDay.org and post it on Youtube for you and send you the link to is to use for your media work and local event/school/classes promotion.
We charge $50 to do that. Why? Its labor intensive, it's work.  But, also we are raising funds to do a second global media campaign, and your purchase of a personalized video will go towards making that happen, if we can raise enough.
Your Personalized Video Press Release would open with the below screen with your local info, as you see it generically below. Then it will proceed right into the video you see at the top of this newsletter, and it will also end with the below screen with your local info in place of the generic.
To order it personalized, contact angelaorders@aol.com with "PERSONALIZED VIDEO PRESS RELEASE" in the subject line of the email, and we'll tell you how to get started.

World Congress 15   

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is a Proud Sponsor of the World Congress on Qigong





Dr. Shin Lin will speak on "Blood is the Mother of Qi, a Fundamental Principle of Qigong and TCM"; 


Prof. John Longhurst, Head of Cardiology and Director of the Center for Integrative Medicine at UCI will speak on ""Acupuncture in the 21st Century, Reflections on a Decade of Research"; 


Dr. Peter Wayne from Harvard will speak on "Clinical trials demonstrating benefits of Tai Chi"; 


Dr. Jue Lin at USCF will speak on "How mind and body exercises can counteract the damage of stress on chromosome structure".


For more information on attending, presenting at the Congress, or who will be presenting ...




Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day's WorldTaiChiDay.org,
You have been with us these many years being part of this growth and expansion to make an impressive impact of Qigong/TCM on our mainstream of living and health care system world-wide! We have organized the WTCQD here in San Francisco for many years....Last year and this year we partnered with New Living Expo where we draw 12,000 people through the weekend!  
-- Effie Chow, Founder of the
    World Congress on Qigong
Dr. Effie Chow formed the Congress the same year we began a fledgling concept of a World Tai Chi & Qigong Day. This global event, recently recognized by The Harvard Medical School's Guide to Tai Chi, we were forming would never have come to fruition without the ground breaking work of Dr. Chow, and her formation of the World Congress on Qigong.
Dr. Chow, since her time in the Clinton Administration's Complimentary and Alternative Task Force, has brought together the Qigong and Tai Chi family of scientists, researchers, and masters from around the world, and thereby profoundly expanded global awareness of the Chinese mind-body treasures of qigong and tai chi.
We cannot put into words the vast wave Dr. Chow's work has sent rippling through the consciousness of humanity, and how many millions of people have been affected by her work.
Effie and I and my wife, Angela Wong Douglas, share a common vision of a global tai chi and qigong family supporting one another's work for the betterment of humanity, and as our work has spread we discover the global family of tai chi and qigong practitioners and teachers also share this vision.
We are all one, made of the same energy, with the same heart, seeking to do good in this world. Again, our work at World Tai Chi & Qigong Day was built on the shoulders of the work Dr. Chow and the global family she worked so long and so hard to connect.
Angela and I are so excited to see the Congress become global in events as well as spirit, and want to thank each and every one of you who supports the World Congress on Qigong for your contribution to a building wave of change we are all a part of.
One World ... One Breath.
Bill Douglas and Angela Wong Douglas, Founders of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day

Harvard Tai Chi Guide  


"Highly readable and deeply informative. . . . This book has the potential of once and for all dispelling any lingering myths that Tai Chi and Qigong, and Western science's growing understanding of its uses, are anything less than a profound health revolution that can help prevent or treat the majority of health challenges, and ultimately may save society hundreds of billions if not trillions in future annual health care costs. The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi may well be that point we look back to and say, 'That was the tipping point that unleashed the building wave of Tai Chi, which has now transformed modern health care.'"
-Bill Douglas, founder of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day and author of The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong






"The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi is a significant milestone in the integration of Eastern and Western medicine. It deftly summarizes the scientific evidence for the healing potential of this traditional Chinese system of body movement and gives readers practical advice for using it in everyday life. I recommend it highly."
-Andrew Weil, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Arizona, and author of 8 Steps to Optimum Health






 "Evidence has shown that unhealthy lifestyle is the cause of most if not all chronic conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. Dr. Wayne's book, with his expertise in medical research and Tai Chi, is a significant step towards modernizing Tai Chi-essential to making Tai Chi a central part of practical and effective solutions to the epidemic of chronic disease."
-Dr. Paul Lam, director of the Tai Chi for Health Institute and author of Teaching Tai Chi Effectively and Tai Chi for Beginners 
"Peter Wayne has long been a leader in scientific research into how Tai Chi boosts health and well-being. In this brilliant book, he blends rigorous Western science with Eastern wisdom to present an illuminating and thoroughly modern view of a wonderful, life-enhancing art. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in Tai Chi, from novice to advanced practitioner."
-Yang Yang, PhD, director, Center for Taiji and Qigong Studies, and author of Taijiquan: The Art of Nurturing, The Science of Power

      T-Shirt 2013 Mockup 


Official T-shirts include "One World ... One Breath"
in 34 LANGUAGES on the back.


Order now to get your official
t-shirt before WTCQD 2013!


The Tai Chi & Qigong groups who ordered official t-shirts have made the mass media campaign we do at WorldTaiChiDay.org to publicize all Tai Chi and Qigong events worldwide possible!




If your group would like to help us expand our global media work for WTCQD 2013,

YOU Can! See above Official T-Shirts!



"One World ... One Breath"

in 34 languages.