Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Supporting Teachers,


I wanted to clarify something, as I just got an email of concern from a Tai Chi teacher, who viewed our Press Release Video below.


His concern was that that video states WTCQD events are free and open to the public, thinking that we were advocating that Tai Chi and Qigong teachers should not be paid or their work.


I want to be absolutely clear on this. I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE TAI CHI AND QIGONG TEACHERS SHOULD BE PAID. They are treasures to their community and world.


There are a couple of reasons why we founded WTCQD as free events on that one day a year on WTCQD.


1) Its a chance to get the larger public to come and try Tai Chi and Qigong. Now, as we advocate in all our newsletters, you should get email addresses for everyone who attends, so that you can promote your paying classes to them throughout the year.


2) Its way easier to get the media to cover your event if its a free open to the public event. Media is EXPENSIVE, as all teacher who advertise know. To get the kind of media exposure we've helped teachers get thru WTCQD coverage would have cost MILLIONS of dollars if purchased as ad buys.


WTCQD is a profound opportunity for teachers to get free publicity for their local classes. In fact our Events/Schools directory has connected over one million of our visitors to local teachers who list in our directory.


Use our Media Kits and Organizing Kits to maximize this. Save this email, because below it links you to info and checklists to help you get maximum exposure for your local classes.


If you choose to charge for your WTCQD event that's up to you, we don't dictate or micro manage how events are held. We just see big advantages in offering this once a year freebie to the public, because in the long run it can get you a lot more students and exposure, and do the world some good.


One of my assistant teachers found out about Tai Chi when she saw me on a TV news program talking about our WTCQD event to be held that day. She ended up being in my classes for years, and eventually taught Tai Chi at a Kansas Penitentiary for Women, and certified two inmates to be Tai Chi teachers, thereby changing these women's lives forever.




The idea that people should work at jobs they don't believe in and then just volunteer a few hours to do what they love and what heals society, is a bizarre distortion of reality.


We should be able to make a living being a healing force in society.


Our goal at is to help teachers become more successful and abundant, because when you are more abundant, society is healthier, and the world is a calmer more peaceful place to live in.


Go forth a prosper :-)


Yours in Qi,


Bill Douglas, Founder of World Tai Chi and Qigong Day,

and professional Tai Chi and Qigong teacher in Kansas City trying to eek out a living doing what I love, helping people who need healing.



World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Press Release

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Video Press Release is about to release MAJOR
and VERY EXPENSIVE global media campaign.

Take a couple of minutes to preview above Video PR release!
And PLEASE take a moment to "Like" it on Youtube.

World Tai Chi & QQ Day 2013 - Saturday, April 27th, 10 am worldwide!
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Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day supporters,


If you are an individual, now is the time to find a local WTCQD organizing group so you can help them with their local media campaign.
If you are an organizer of an event, it is IMPORTANT that you read on, and keep this for future reference ...
We are about to do a VERY EXPENSIVE mass global media release announcing World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 events, but this will only be effective if local organizers do their part too.
LOCAL GROUPS/ORGANIZERS NEED TO DO LOCAL MEDIA RELEASES, and Follow Up Calls to News Desks!  WE HAVE TOOLS TO HELP! We've spent thousands of hours creating powerful media tools to help you, and to make it quicker and easier for you to do.
The main way we enable local organizers to get media coverage is by organizing this global event each year. Why does that help? It provides "the hook" that media needs to justify covering your event. Just contacting media to cover a local event or local classes is difficult. However, when your local happening is part of a spectacularly visual global event in 70 nations YOU ARE IN LIKE FLINT! IF you do the groundwork below. spends thousands of hours creating professional tools like the Video Press Release for WTCQD 2013, you saw at the top of this email. If you didn't watch it, take a couple of minutes to. Then, save the url link, and use it as part of your overall local media campaign. See below for articles on valuable FREE media tools and how-to-guides we have created for you.
Before founding World Tai Chi Day, Bill Douglas served as a media outreach and organizing director for several political campaigns and for environmental and human rights campaigns. The below tools are the result of his years of professional media experience, offered to tai chi and qigong groups for free.
  Media Coverage of WTCQD
CNN covered 1st World Tai Chi Day event in Kansas City!
See below media campaign articles ...
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Here's how the media operates. The national and international media, when
alerted by us at, and by you, look to "local feeds" to get
video, photos, and interviews from local events.

This means that if you don't do the local media work, then there's nothing for
the national and international media to pick up. The good news is,
we've put in thousands of hours to make your work easier
and much more effective:


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
We have Official WTCQD Press Releases updated for 2013 in 18 languages in a pdf format you can download from our website for free.
Our press releases have a Local Contact space, where you can add your local name/group, phone, email, website, etc. for media follow up on your local event.
However, they also offer the all important HOOK, showing how your local event is part of a massive global event. With links to:
* About World Tai Chi & Qigong Day - What is it?
* Photo/Video Gallery of Past Events
* Links to our Media Resources so they can see past media coverage worldwide, so they know you are part of a newsworthy event.
* Video Press Release *'s Video Press Release [top of newsletter] is a powerful tool to show your local media you are part of an extraordinarily visual and meaningful mass global event. This free video PR is ready for you to use (get video link of video at the top of this email). [However, if you'd also like it personalized for your locale, see below article.]


Download a pdf Official Press Release to use at:


World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Once you've downloaded your Press Release pdf, then add your local event/group contact information in the "Local Event Contact" space.

THEN START SENDING IT TO MEDIA! We have collected media contact lists and links, including all local and national Associated Press offices, and links to all your local TV, Radio, and Newspaper media.
At our above MediaResources page, you'll see links to our Organizing Kits, and to another link to help guide you through when to send out Press Releases to your local media, and how to follow up by calling them after you send out your releases.

Getting media isn't just sending out the Press Releases above, and then sitting back, it is a process that requires follow up calls, and more. You'll want to send media several Press Release packets in weeks leading up to WTCQD 2013, and follow them up with calls to Assignment Desks for TV, to Programmers for Radio, and to Editors and Reporters for Newspapers.

It pays off in media coverage for your group(s) that you could never afford, because the GLOBAL aspect of WTCQD and the polished tools we provide at can help you "HOOK" your local media's attention.




Can provide an additional "media hook."

Proc Fargo, North Dakota  

The Mayor of Fargo, North Dakota, above issued an official proclamation of World Tai Chi & Qigong Day for his city. This is only the first step.
Once you get an official proclamation, the next step is to do another round of Press Releases for your World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event, around your just having gotten this official proclamation.
See above Press Releases, and Organizing Kits, links, and Media Contacts links.
Last week we contacted the Mayor of Kansas City, Missouri, to request an official proclamation for our WTCQD 2013 event. It took 2 emails and one phone call, maybe about 10 minutes of time total.
Now, we will pick it up tomorrow from the Mayor's office, and then send it out with press releases to our local TV, Radio, and Newspaper media (see above).
We seek to get pre-event media, and event day coverage. See Media Kits link in articles above.
Below is a link to how you can acquire an Official Proclamation for your event:




Italian Media on WTCQD 2  


As you read in the opening, we have scheduled a major international media campaign release, which was very expensive. WE'D LIKE TO DO A 2ND WAVE ...
We want to do a 2nd release through another service that specializes in Health Media Press Releases, to publicize World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 more widely.
Why? Our goal is to educate millions worldwide about the health benefits of Tai Chi and Qigong, and then connect them via our free global Tai Chi & Qigong Events/Schools directory to local teachers worldwide to help people get started on their Tai Chi and/or Qigong journey.
We want to support local groups work, because we believe in what you do.
If you'd like to help us raise funds for a 2nd major media campaign for 2013, here are 3 ways to do it.
1) Purchase our our Official T-Shirts, and encourage your group to do so.
2) Purchase a Personalized Video Press Release, see below article for details.
3) Purchase a Personalized Banner artwork file you can take to a local printer, Costco, Kinkos, etc. to print a banner for your event to include in your event photos and videos. See below article.
4) Upgrade you Event/School directory listing from a basic free one, to a Platinum Listing. This will make your listing come up at or near the top of searches for your City/State/Nation when people search our directory at and this can help because we've connected over one million of our site's visitors to local school contact info. It'll help media find you when they want to cover WTCQD events in their area as well.
A Platinum listing will also give you added features, like being able to post photos and video directly into her school or group listing.
And of course, it will also enable us to offer even more of the voluminous free resources we offer, including this 2nd MAJOR MEDIA CAMPAIGN WE HOPE TO LAUNCH IN COMING WEEKS FOR WTCQD 2013, to bring even more eyes to the directory listings, etc.
Everything we do is designed to be a win/win situation for everyone involved ... which is the Tai Chi and Qigong way ....




Only listings of our premium users will be displayed as a sponsored listing.  

To become a premium user, 

  1. Make sure you are logged in
  2. Click the 'My Account' main menu link
  3. Select 'Subscription Signup' under the 'Account Administration Options' from the Subscriptions page.
  4. Select either the Silver, Gold, or Platinum subscription level.  All of your listing will automatically be updated and be displayed as a sponsored listing once you have paid for a subscription

All listings and event albums that you've created will automatically get added to the sponsored lists and will get priority ordering on all search results.


For answers to more Frequently Asked Questions about our directory:







You can print out a free pdf artwork file that you can take to Costco, Kinkos etc. to print a banner with to display at your local event, so when media covers you, it will show who/where you are. After downloading the pdf, at: you can add your local info and website, so that when media covers you those who view the media coverage can find your local group and classes.
If you don't have someone who can do photoshop to personalize it, we can do it at for $30.00, as we did for Topeka Tai Chi, in Topeka, Kansas. See below:


Banner Topeka KS



Video Press Release Personalized  
YOU DO NOT NEED A PERSONALIZED VIDEO PRESS RELEASE. The generic Video Press Release for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day at the top of this newsletter email can be used to help the media see that your local event is part of a global event, and give you that all needed "HOOK" to get them to cover you.
Understand that you can use the video link at the top of this email, by clicking on it, and capturing the link from the youtube browser window url that appears as it is.
However, if you would like to have that video lead with your local information as seen below, we can do that for you at and post it on Youtube for you and send you the link to is to use for your media work and local event/school/classes promotion.
We charge $50 to do that. Why? Its labor intensive, it's work.  But, also we are raising funds to do a second global media campaign, and your purchase of a personalized video will go towards making that happen, if we can raise enough.
Your Personalized Video Press Release would open with the below screen with your local info, as you see it generically below. Then it will proceed right into the video you see at the top of this newsletter, and it will also end with the below screen with your local info in place of the generic.
To order it personalized, contact with "PERSONALIZED VIDEO PRESS RELEASE" in the subject line of the email, and we'll tell you how to get started.



"The problem with the rat race, is that
even if you win the race ... you're still a rat."
-- Lily Tomlin
"Slow down. There's always time
to rush to something else."
-- Bill Douglas, The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong
"The best predictor of future success in the art
[of Tai Chi] is the ability to embrace bewilderment."
-- Arthur Rosenfeld, TAI CHI - The Perfect Exercise



"Lighten up! Have some fun! Nobody comes
to a class to watch you fail. They all want to
come and have a good time."
-- Bill Douglas, author of
    The Complete Idiot's Guide to T'ai Chi & Qigong


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