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World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 - Saturday, April 27th, 10 am worldwide!

Dear World Tai Chi & Qigong Day supporters,


TONIGHT (Saturday) an EXPLOSIVE & HOPEFUL DOCUMENTARY extolls a long term mind-body approach to healthcare. AIRS ON CNN Network TODAY! SATURDAY! 
Escape Fire Awards 
You may remember, helped the producers of this visionary and  hopeful healthcare documentary, "Escape Fire," organize expert panels involving Tai Chi and Qigong teachers at the opening premieres of their film's openings months ago ... Another one of the ways helps empower Tai Chi & Qigong teachers maximize their potential as healing forces in this world.


Escape Fire Documentary Film
Escape Fire Documentary Film
Please forward this email widely, to urge everyone you know to watch this profoundly important documentary!  SHARE WIDELY! Facebook! Twitter! Forward to a Friend!

Harvard Medical School to release Tai Chi Guide in conjunction with World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013! The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi mentions World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, and footnotes link to
This ground breaking book, from the heart of medical academia, may be the start of a paradigm shift toward mass usage of tai chi and qigong in modern healthcare!
Harvard Tai Chi Guide
Excerpt from this important book ...
A reflection of how successful the invasion [of
Tai Chi worldwide] has been is World Tai Chi Day ... One of the purposes of this day is "to bring together people across racial, economic, religious, and geo-political boundaries, to join together for the purpose
of health and healing, providing an example to the world." Millions of people around the world--65
nations participated in 2011-- gather one day each
year to celebrate the health and healing benefits
of Tai Chi and Qigong.
-- The Harvard Medical School Guide to Tai Chi  
Harvard Medical School will hold Tai Chi as medical therapy lectures in days leading up to World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013
(Sat., April 27th, 2013), to kick off the global education events held in hundreds of cities in 70 nations on WTCQD!
Exact dates/times and website to view video will be posted in coming newsletters!
15th Annual World Congress on Qigong - San Francisco, Tokyo, China in weeks following World Tai Chi & Qigong Day, as part of the worldwide wave of Tai Chi and Qigong educational events (see below).

This can give groups more ideas about ways to publicize your events ...
ALSO, check out our Official Press Releases (in several languages) you can use, and add your local contact info to. They have links to past event videos, official proclamations of WTCQD worldwide, etc., to help your local media see you are part of something massive and profound. THEN, use our newly updated Media Contacts page, which provides you with local, national, and international TV, Newspaper, Magazine, and Radio news contacts you can send your Press Releases to: has spent thousands of hours building media resources you can use to get maximum coverage for your local WTCQD events and classes, all a FREE service to the global family of Tai Chi and Qigong enthusiasts, teachers, associations.

The New Zealand National Tai Chi Association announces their plans
for World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013:
Wellington Herald News, Wellington, New Zealand
Atlanta Journal-Constitution on World Tai Chi & Qigong Day
Westiminster Presbyterian Church announces World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 plans:
Tai Chi Union of Great Britain announces World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 plans:
Team Beach Body announces World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013:
Sarasota, Florida uses Youtube to promote World Tai Chi & Qigong Day 2013 event:

  Angie and I are sitting on a big pile of Official T-Shirts that have not been ordered yet.

We just happened to see this message on a tai chi page on Facebook:
"Last year all the WTCQD t-shirts
were sold out at the April event.
Can you purchase them beforehand?"

-- Cynthia
YES, YOU CAN!  There are so many out there celebrating WTCQD who want official t-shirts, which are what supports our work while providing people with a beautiful and meaningful piece of history they can wear, BUT THEY DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GET THEM.


Dear Angela &,

I think this is the 7th shirt I've ordered since 2005. 
After class, my wife and I will trade our school shirt for a World Tai Chi Day shirt as we go about our day.

The shirts are a great conversation starter and we get to share the good news about Tai Chi and Qigong with people we meet.

Most ad campaigns rely on a lot of noise, hype and empty promises which isn't what Tai Chi is about.

In your next news letter perhaps you could encourage folks to wear their shirts every 4th Saturday throughout the year.

Every media blub about improving ones health states that stress reduction is important.

Yoga and meditation are almost always mentioned as modalities for reducing stress.

Then there is the small number of articles that reference Tai Chi and even fewer, Qigong.

So, bypass the media and have a once a month effort to raise awareness about Tai Chi.

Best regards,


FOR GROUPS AND ORGANIZERS: We provide deep bulk order discounts so local groups could use them as local fundraisers for their schools or group, while still supporting our efforts too.
We believe in what tai chi and qigong offer the world, and we believe in those enthusiasts, teachers and schools around the world sharing it with others. That's why we do what we do, to together create a clearer, healthier, calmer world. If you believe in our work at consider using our main official t-shirt fundraiser.
"One World ... One Breath."
Bill Douglas and Angela Wong Douglas,
World Tai Chi & Qigong Day Founders
Kathleen Sebillius 
Bill & Angie explain research to U.S. Health & Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebilius,
proving how tai chi and qigong could transform society as more people learn about them.

Thanks so much to all the groups who ordered our Official T-Shirts, this is our only major fundraiser to support our year-round work. We can't do what we do without you. THANK YOU!
T-Shirt 2013 Mockup
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Official T-Shirts
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for WTCQD 2013!
Over 22 US governors, the senates of California, New York, Puerto Rico, the President of Croatia, the Health Minister of Bonairre, etc. etc. This in turn has generated media, and shifted programs and expanded use of tai chi and qigong in many ways worldwide.
Click below to learn how to Acquire Official Proclamations.
  View gorgeous World Tai Chi & Qigong Day event photos and video
  in our Gallery Page from all around our beautiful planet! has spent thousands of hours receiving, sizing,
  posting, photos and videos from events worldwide to connect and
  support a global tai chi and qigong community year after year.
"One World ... One Breath"

World Tai Chi & Qigong Day is a Proud Sponsor of the World Congress on Qigong!

World Congress 15   



Experience the 15th World Congress on Qigong/ TCM (15WCQ/TCM), the leading international educational event of its kind.From spectacular feats & amazing demonstrations, powerful all-day workshops to innovative keynote speakers, we invite all join in this global movement to further complementary alternative medicine!  Exciting festivities of the 15thWCQTCM also include: science symposium, Traditional Chinese Tea served all weekend, Gala Awards Banquet, Spectacular performances in Qi-Healing and Martial Arts, Dinner with Entertainment, Music and Dance.

WHEN: May 17-20, 2013
WHERE: 1231 Market St. San Francisco
 > World Congress

The 15WCQ/TCM aims to advance the education of natural health practitioners as well as educating the beginner on health and well-being. It supports the development of clinical research, and facilitates the delivery of high-quality natural healthcare worldwide. Therefore this educational event will feature a plethora of world renown experts, including Qigong, Tai Chi and Martial Arts masters, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, physicians, and clinical researchers, as well as other healthcare professionals involved in modern western medicine and natural health care.

View List of Invited Speakers/Presenters:

This year, the 15thWCQTCM will be bigger and better than ever with three international locations in:

         San Francisco, California, USA ( MAY 17-20, 2013 ) in collaboration with the Asian Heritage Street Celebration (over 100,000 attendees!)

          Chengdu, China (June 21-25, 2013) in collaboration with the 22 International Conference on TCM/Yang Sheng and the Chengdu University

         Tokyo, Japan (September 21-23, 2013) in collaboration with Japan Shaolin Temple.

Important dimensions added to this year's Congress:

         Open Award Nomination

         Competition for a creative Logo and flyer for our 15th World Congress on Qigong/TCM;

         Competition for a dedicated song composition for our World Congress

         Saturday, May 18 will be a FREE day because of annual co-sponsorship with The Asian Heritage Street Celebration, where Dr. Effie Chow is the coordinator of The Healthy Living Pavilion-Natural Medicine.


Other links:


Program Schedule:
Present/Speak at 15thWCQTCM:
Exhibit/Sponsor/Advertise at 15thWCQTCM:
Sponsorship Opportunities:



World Tai Chi Day . org Provides Explanation of Tai Chi and Qigong's Link to Traditional Chinese Medicine!
Zang Fu Color
Click to see Info on Tai Chi and Qigong as Integral Part of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tai Chi and Qigong teachers and educators worldwide, forward's free educational resources through their email lists, websites, facebook, twitter, linkedin, googleplus, etc.


We make complex Chinese concepts simple to comprehend to aid teachers in expanding their student's awareness of the vast depth and breadth of Tai Chi and Qigong as a health science. 
 offers free resources explaining how Tai Chi and Qigong are an integral part of Traditional Chinese Medicine!


Click to learn more ...








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We have created FREE BANNER Artwork for a 8 foot x 3 foot banner (you can have your
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You can also help support our work, and get a PERSONALIZED version of the banner with|
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You'll also find FREE 11" x 8.5" FLYER Artwork that you can use to print flyers, also with
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them at their doctor's offices, or community organizations ... so they too can be a part of
expanding world health & healing. People like to feel empowered to be a part of something
good and larger than themselves, don't deny your students this opportunity
to feel empowered.

 cannot do what we do without your support, via the
Official WTCQD T-Shirts - Please, organize your local group to pre-order
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Tai Chi History and Philosophy


"Breathing Out -
Touching the Root of Heaven,
One's heart opens;
The Dragon slips by like water..
Breathing In -
Standing on the Root of Earth,
One's heart is still and deep;
The Tiger's claw cannot be moved."
-- Chang San-Feng


"What is essential to practice the Tao is to get rid of cravings and vexations."

-- Chang San-Feng


Taoist philosopher, Chang San-Feng is credited by many as the founder of Tai Chi, born in 1247 a.d., some believe he studied the behavior of animals in nature to create the art of Tai Chi.

The most famous story around this involves a snake and a crane he observed, as the snake did not confront the crane, but yielded away from his attacker until the bird grew weary of  the fight. This epitomizes the foundation of Tai Chi and of the Taoist approach to life, to "not contend," to "become soft and yielding even in the face of confrontation."






"A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent on arriving."
-- Lao Tzu
 "The truth is not always beautiful, nor beautiful words the truth." 
-- Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching
 "By letting go it all gets done."
 -- Lao Tzu
Lao Tzu is considered the founder of Taoist philosophy, which Tai Chi probably best articulates the wisdom accrued from Tai Chi and Qigong practices.
Lao Tzu, born 604 b.c., according to legend was the chief archivist for the Imperial Court, centuries after the time of the renowned Yellow Emperor, known by some as the patron of Taoism.
According to legend, it was the Yellow Emperor who had united all of the tribes of China to create the nation known today as China, central, center of the universe.
The Yellow Emperor has long been revered by Chinese people for this feat of bringing people together, and some believe may have possibly had some influence on Lao Tzu's forming thoughts that led to Taoist philosophy.
Some have misinterpreted Taoism as a religion, but it is more of a how-to book on how to understand the rhythms of the energetic nature of the universe, and how it relates to the human mind, heart, and physical world.
So it was very natural that Taoism would give an intellectual side of the non-intellectual, experiential arts of Tai Chi and Qigong, as their practice enables the practitioners to "feel" and "sense" the flows of the energetic nature of being.
It is a fascinating time to be alive and to be a Tai Chi or Qigong student, as modern western physics more and more validates the early Chinese realizations of the energetic nature of the universe, and of our physical being.





"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." 
-- Lao Tzu

      T-Shirt 2013 Mockup 


Official T-shirts include "One World ... One Breath"
in 34 LANGUAGES on the back.


Official T-Shirt


THANK YOU to all the groups who've supported our year-round work by getting our beautiful and meaningful official t-shirts!


"One World ... One Breath"

in 34 languages.