Maximize2040 for a Greater Baltimore Region
On behalf of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB), thank you for your interest in the process to develop the region's next long-range transportation plan - Maximize2040:  A Performance-Based Transportation Plan. 

 This edition features: 
  • Call for public project ideas through December 9th
  • BRTB Advisory Committee Seeks New Members  
  • Financial forecast for Maximize2040
  • Results of our Big Ideas online survey
Adding ideas to the Maximize2040 Public Project Ideas Map
Help us improve transportation in the Baltimore Region for you, your family, and your community

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board is accepting project ideas from individuals and organizations through Tuesday, December 9 as part of its effort to develop Maximize 2040. 
Maximize2040 Public Project Ideas - Interactive Mapping tool

It's easy to share your ideas:

Red Star with # 1Add your idea to our online map
Visit to add your idea online
Red Star with # 2 Share your ideas using our public project ideas comment form 

Download a comment form at and send it back to us by email to:, by fax to 410-732-8248, or by mail to: The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board Offices @ McHenry Row, 1500 Whetstone Way, Ste 300, Baltimore, MD 21230.
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We're listening on Twitter @Maximize2040 and @BaltoMetroCo 
using the hashtag #BRTBlistens

Be sure to send us your ideas by December 9, 2014

Maximize2040 Outreach in Baltimore City Maximize2040 Outreach at Baltimore County Senior Expo Maximize2040 Outreach at Baltimore County Senior Expo
Maximize2040 Outreach - Woodlawn Open House with Red Line Maximize2040 Outreach - McHenry Row Maximize2040 Outreach - Westside BNIP Open House with MTA
Be a part of the conversation 

Over 600 ideas have been generated from our outreach in communities around the region and through our online map.  

What big ideas to you have? 
  • Add a bicycle trail or walking path in your community 
  • Construct a new bridge or interchange 
  • Build a new highway 
  • Add a new transit line 
  • Create a new transit station 
  • Install a new bicycle lane on a local road 
  • Increase the number of lanes on a highway

Be sure to be a part of the conversation!  Visit to add your ideas! 

Public Advisory Committee Flyer 1
Serve on the BRTB Advisory Committee

Transportation affects each of us, each day, but not in the same way. That is why it is essential that a wide variety of individuals, businesses, and organizations are engaged in the regional transportation planning process and that their voices are heard. 

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board is currently accepting applications for volunteers to serve on the BRTB Public Advisory Committee. 

The PAC is a diverse group of residents, representatives of community organizations, and industry professionals that provide essential independent advice and feedback to the BRTB about regional transportation plans and related issues. Members also assist in promoting equity and public awareness and public participation in the regional transportation planning process.

Please submit applications by November 21, 2014. Terms beginning in January 2015. 

MaxNotes, v2 - Financial Forecast FINANCIAL FORECAST APPROVED

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board, in consultation with the Maryland Department of Transportation, has forecast the amounts of federal, state, and private funds the region reasonably expects to be available for the 2020-2040 period.

Of the $57.89 billion in total revenues, approximately 52% ($29.95 billion) will go to operations, and 21% ($12.10 billion) will be set aside for system preservation. 

The remaining $15.84 billion will go towards major expansion projects such as building a new transit line, increasing lanes on a highway, or adding a new bicycle and pedestrian trail.

Survey Results Online

The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board would like to thank the 200+ individuals who took the Maximize2040 survey on major trends and external forces that could have a significant impact on the transportation system in the future.

Part of creating Maximize2040 is conducting scenario planning - specifically when it comes to social, technological, economic, environmental and energy, and political forces.



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Maximize 2040 is an initiative of the Baltimore Regional Transportation Board