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 Public Input Sought for Long-Range Transportation Plan Survey

BALTIMORE, MD (June 16, 2014) - The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) seeks public input for Maximize2040: A Performance-Based Transportation Plan, through an online survey that addresses major trends and external forces that could affect long-term plans and projects. To take the survey, visit


The BRTB, as the metropolitan planning organization (MPO) for the Baltimore region, is required by federal law to create a long-range transportation plan every four years. In developing the document, the BRTB will consider major trends and external forces that could dramatically change our lives. For examples of several social, technological, economic, environmental and political forces that could be considered, visit the Maximize2040 infographic "Preparing for the Future: Big Ideas."


This is the first phase of scenario planning for Maximize2040. Scenario planning is a technique that can help the BRTB identify major trends and forces and analyze the potential effects. The objective is to find the investment strategy that best addresses the needs of the Baltimore region, while recognizing the challenges it could face in the future. For more information on this scenario planning, visit

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The Baltimore Regional Transportation Board (BRTB) is the federally-recognized Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for transportation in the Baltimore region. The Baltimore Metropolitan Council (BMC) staff provides technical and staff support to the BRTB. BMC is the organization of the region's elected executives who are committed to identifying regional interests and developing collaborative strategies, plans and programs which will improve the quality of life and economic vitality throughout the region.


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