New MJP Study Shows Hot Spots Throughout the United States with Higher Rates of Shaken-Baby Syndrome Cases 


In December 2013, The Medill Justice Project published the first known study that has identified where people are being accused of shaken-baby syndrome crimes throughout the country. Along with the study, MJP released its national database on shaken-baby syndrome cases to the public for the first time. Given the complexity of the issue and lack of public records, it has taken The Medill Justice Project a year and a half to collect, verify and analyze more than 3,000 cases and identify countrywide patterns and trends. MJP's study was featured by Utah Public Radio, UPI, the ABA Journal and others.


MJP Unearths Questions 
About the Origins of Shaken-Baby Syndrome

In December 2013, The Medill Justice Project published an article about the complicated origins of shaken-baby syndrome. Some researchers of landmark studies question the diagnosis.


MJP and Center on Wrongful Convictions Co-Host 
Scenes of a Crime Screening
In October 2013, the Center on Wrongful Convictions and The Medill Justice Project presented a screening of the true-crime documentary "Scenes of a Crime." The screening included a Q&A with the filmmakers, Grover Babcock and Blue Hadaegh, who made a special appearance. 


MJP Hosts Seminar at 
ACP/CMA National College 
Media Convention

In October 2013, The Medill Justice Project conducted a session at the National College Media Convention in New Orleans. The session focused on how to create a journalism-based project at other universities.


MJP Named Finalist for National Online Journalism Award 


In September 2013, the Online News Association and its academic partner, the School of Communication at the University of Miami, named The Medill Justice Project a finalist for a 2013 Online Journalism Award for our spotlight on shaken-baby syndrome.


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