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3rd October 2013


When mooring at Limehouse after the Moonlight Cruise I was disappointed to hear the it is being turned over to primarily residential mooring. As the lock keeper points out, it is expensive for them to be paid overtime waiting for us to arrive at 8pm, when residential berth holders pay for long moorings and don't do anywhere.  Apparently it is unlikely that it will always be completely full, so there will probably always be a couple of visitor berths, however the days of club trips with pre-booked berths for a few boats look to be numbered.

Best wishes

Andrew Kirkwood

Just Been
The Great River Race

A few BCC members and Brentford Dock residents gathered to watch the Great River Race pass by. As usual, it was a colourful affair with a broad array of competitors, some taking it more seriously than others.


The Southampton Boat Show
A few BCC members made the annual pilgrimage to the Southampton Boat Show. Abi and Christopher Kirkwood made themselves at home at the helm of a giant Sunseeker.

The Moonlight Cruise

With perfect weather, Hebe III and The Old Boy set off from Brentford with a plan to meet up with Harvey's Joy and Caldo Donna half way. In the event, The Old Boy left slightly late, delayed by engine problems, and then briefly joined in a search for somebody reported to be in the river around Tower Bridge. Harvey's Joy and Caldo Donna pressed on ahead, finding the swell at Imperial Wharf somewhat uncomfortable. As such, we didn't cruise down the river in the usual convoy, but all made it to Limehouse in time for last orders!


BCC 2013 Events

Coming Up
October 2013
5th - Saturday - Afternoon cruise to the Anglers in Teddington/Fish and Chips at Twickenham Yacht Club. The plan is to leave Brentford Dock around 2.30pm to meet boats from TYC at the Anglers around 3.30pm.  This should allow time for a pint or two and return to Brentford before 6pm. Alternatively, we are invited back to TYC for fish and chips, however please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to do this as I need to give Tom numbers.  Please call me for further details  on 07778-641666

18th - Friday - Cruiser end of season party at Twickenham Yacht Club. Boats from Greenwich Yacht Club will be coming and members of Richmond Yacht Club and BCC are invited. 

November 2013
27th - Wednesday - AGM - Please come along and vote in your committee for next year. Its a great opportunity to have you say and let us know what you would like to do next year. If you would like to join the committee, please step forward! Commodore@brentfordcruisingclub.co.uk
Other News

The berth holders 'snug' is now complete. Many thanks to Jan Ferber who has put a great many hours into the project, and also to Charles Curran who has helped out with the painting.  


Jan is keen to point out that Brentford Dock have made the room available to the berth holders, and not the club, although we do of course have a number of berth holders in the club. The room has some comfy chairs, a table suitable for meetings etc, and kettle and a fridge, should you be in need of a cuppa. Berth holders and their guests are now welcome to use the room however please try to leave it tidy when you leave.      


Thames Barrier Closed on Sunday 6th October 

I am informed that the Thames barrier will be closed all day on Sunday so please check the details if you plan to hear downsteam at the weekend.  


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Forthcoming Events
October 2013
5th - Saturday - Afternoon cruise to the Anglers in Teddington/Fish and Chips at the Apprentice
18th - Friday - Cruiser end of season party at Twickenham Yacht Club
November 2013
27th - Wednesday - AGM
8pm at the Residents Club
December 2013
7th - Saturday - BCC Christmas Party

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