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1st May 2013

Now that subs for the year are in, I am pleased to report that we have around 40 paid up members with about 10 active boats. If you haven't renewed yet, its not to late to send 15 to John Yates, to ensure that you receive full details of the trips and events.

Your committee is keen to welcome new members to the club, so please feel free to forward this e mail to anybody that you think may be interested.

Finally, the club now have a Facebook page. I know that this will not be of interest to all of you, but if you are into Facebook, please like us by clicking on the Facebook icon at the very bottom of our home page.

 Best wishes 

Andrew Kirkwood

BCC 2013 Events

Date Changes
Please note that ther have been some date changes .
The River Wey weekend has been moved from 18th/19th May to 8th/9th June. The river is very shallow in places and some of the bridges low, so please check the information sheet on the National  Trust's website for full details. National Trust

The Windsor horse racing trip has been moved from the last weekend in June to the weekend of August 10th. We will take in the delights of the fireworks at the Sunbury regatta, stopping overnight in the Sunbury area before pushing on to the horseracing on the afternoon of Sunday August 11th at Windsor. The date change means that Richmond Yacht Club will also be able to join this adventure.


TYC's planned Fish and Chip supper at the London Apprentice on 21st September has now been moved to 5th October, so may be combined with our planned trip to the Anglers.  


Coming Up
1st June RNLI BBQ
Steve is organising this and will all assistence will be gratefully received, especially on Saturday morning. Please let Steve know if you are able to lend a hand.

22nd  - 27th June - A Brentford Cruising Club First.
A Medway Cruise

George Rowell and Harvey Bell are planning a Medway Cruise in June. Now looking like it will be 22nd to 29th June. Further details to follow but if you are interested just email Commodore@brentfordcruisingclub.co.uk 



Twickenham Yacht Club visit BCC On On 27th April BCC welcomed Twickenham Yacht Club who cruised down for the afternoon. The fast flowing river presented its usual challenge to those entering the lock, and Steve had his work cut out mooring four boat onto the outer pontoon.

The crews then headed to Poppsdums for a delicious curry and a beer or two. A little later than planned, dusk was falling as the boats began their trip back upriver, a fine time having being had by all. 

Marina News  


Although great progress was made on the new berth holder clubroom, unfortunalely injury put Jan Ferber out of action, then glass purchased for the window was damaged by strong winds. Jan is optimistic that work will resume shortly and  completion is near.



Other News   

Lots Ait  

Clive Evans attended a talk by John Watson on Lots Ait. Apparently it had been a boatyard in the days when there was a lot of commercial traffic on the river and on the canals, and it was was a flourishing repair shop. It seems that when the traffic dropped off with the advent of road transport, the owners just put down their tools locked the door and left. Inevitably, vandals and villains of all sorts began to strip out the steelwork, and nature took over in the usual way.

The Ait was to be part of a housing development scheme, however this failed to get off the ground and the island was handed to the current owners - Hither Green Development. After much wrangling with LB Hounslow they managed to show that since it had always been a boatyard, it was still a boatyard, and they were entitled to restore it to its former glory. As part of the deal, they have fenced off one end of the Ait as a nature reserve. 

They found John Watson through a selection process, to run the yard. He came up with the idea of dividing up the main shed into smaller units, which he rents out to other craftsmen of all sorts: woodworkers, boat builders, artists, et al.

There was then a long process of removing all the rubbish, reclaiming the land from the trees, putting in the bridge etc so that boats and materials could reach the into the yard. Considerable progress has been made however, and John Watson now offers all the yard services needed, on our doorstep.

Environment Agency launches Licence Crackdown

A two-day operation on the lower reaches of the non-tidal Thames has seen waterways officers serve 49 boaters with registration enforcement notices. And the Environment Agency has warned the crackdown will continue through the boating season.

Regulations require all boats kept on the Upper Thames, above Teddington, whether they are used or not, to display a valid annual boat registration licence.

Environment Agency officers were joined for the operation by officers from the London Boroughs of Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames. The councils were serving notice to quit upon illegally moored boats near Teddington, several of which appeared to being used as houseboats.

The councils served notices to quit on vessels along the stretch upstream of Teddington with the Met's MPU officers in attendance to prevent a breach of the peace.


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Side Heading
May 2013
4/5th Downriver Cruise - Greenwich Yacht Club
June 2013
1st - Saturday- Pontoon Party & RNLI Barbeque at Brentford Dock
8th/9th - River Wey weekend
22nd - Saturday - Afternoon potter upriver
22nd -29th  Medway Cruise
July 2013
13th - Saturday - Twickenham Yacht Club Regatta
27th - Saturday - White Swan raft race - or an excuse for a beer.The White Swan
August 2013
10th - Sunbury Fireworks and Regatta Sunbury Fireworks then on to Windsor for horseracing on Sunday.
24th - Saturday - ATYC Regatta West India Dock
September 2013
7th - Saturday- Great  River race and riverside picnic at Brentford Dock
14 - 16th - Saturday - Monday. London Ring.
23rd - 24th  Monday/Tuesday. Night cruise to Lime House.
October 2013
5th - Saturday - Afternoon cruise to the Anglers in Teddington/Fish and Chips at the Apprentice
18th - Friday - Cruiser end of season party at Twickenham Yacht Club
November 2013
27th - Wednesday - AGM
8pm at the Residents Club
December 2013
7th - Saturday - BCC Christmas Party

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