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December 2012
Let's Chat About the 2013 Conference
For those who missed the live webinar on our upcoming conference/cruise, you can watch it from our webinar archives.  This webinar discusses the ease of cruising, aspects of the conference, and other details you don't want to miss.

Hosted by our very own "cruise expert" Jeanie Travers, you will get answers to all your questions.

To watch the archive of the webinar, go to and click on Let's Chat About the 2013 Conference.
New YouTube Video - - Creating QR Codes and Using URL Shorteners - Creating QR Codes and Using URL Shorteners
Our new YouTube video takes a look at a tool from Google that allows us to quickly shorten URL's and make QR codes.  Not only does it make these tools, it tracks the number of people who use the links!

Check out the video at 
Matthew's Corner - New Printing Options

I'm in the middle of working on a new toy. This enhances the report system inside of Student Manager. This new toy gives you more options on printing your reports.


The first thing that is different with this tool is 

that the toolbar is different (see the first image). So there are a few new icons and the Printer icon now has the word "Print" next to it. The three new buttons are page buttons and allows you to preview 1, 2, or 4 pages at the same time. The door with the arrow pointing out does still close the report, but it does not ask if you want to print. Instead, you must use the Print button to print. 


You click the new Print button and you will see a dialog like what you see in the second image. This has a few more options than your standard print options you get from the current Windows dialog. For one thing, you now have the option to print only Odd Pages or only Even Pages. Even cooler is that you now have the ability to put more than one page of the report on one sheet of paper. (I hope you have a magnifying glass if you choose 16 Pages on 1 sheet.)


I know that there have times where someone in the office grabs the wrong labels and the top margin is now slightly lower (or higher) on these. With this new print dialog, you don't have to modify your mailing label report. You can just do a Margin Offset to get it right.


The Shrink to Fit will come in handy if you have a report that has just one record that goes to the next page. Just set the shrink to be slightly less than normal and that last record will not be left dangling on its own page.

Finally, when you are done printing (or you cancel), you are returned back to the report and not closed out of it. This way if the report misprinted, you can still print without rerunning the report.




As it is, this is still being developed and tested, but may be ready by the time this newsletter goes to print. Just watch my post on the forum to see if I do indeed have it done. It is slated to go out in the 7.2.A.005 release and it will require that you download from the tools section of our ftp site (see the forum post for a link to the file and see your technician if you don't have the current username and password to download from there).


Until next time,

Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems



Book: The Signal and The Noise
I just finish reading this awesome new book by Nate Silver.  The name may sound familiar as he is the gentleman who guessed 98% of the national election results correctly! 

This book takes a look at how to make better predictions and decisions by learning how to separate real data from the noise that surrounds all decisions.

Learn about some of the pitfalls of making predictions including our own opinions and how to filter for those.  

While not a text book on making proper predictions, this book is a great introduction to the concepts and pitfalls of decision making.
Did You Know?
We have a huge archive of past webinars that you can watch at your leisure.  

This archive includes our complete Student Manager 101 course that takes you through all the different areas of Student Manager

About Aceware
Aceware provides easy to use registration software designed for non-credit programs.  

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The annual Aceware Conference will be April 22-27th, 2013. Come join us as we celebrate Aceware 25th Anniversary with a learning cruise!

Come join us for a boat load of learning and fun.

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