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October 2012
Matthew's Corner: Conflict Checking in the New Student Manager 7.2A
Figure 1.
Figure 1.

One of the features with Student Manager is the ability to warn you if you have already booked another course in the same location. This way you don't have to keep track of locations by hand. But what if you have a room with a dividing wall?


Figure 1 shows what I am talking about. You have a location that is split into three by two dividing walls. Let's call the master room ABC and each division A, B, and C. Previous to Student Manager 7.2.A, you could only enter the three divisions separately. But what if a room took up two of the divisions? Student Manager only accepts one location on the course screen. You could enter the location of AB (so A and B has the dividing wall removed between them), but then the conflict checker would not warn you if A, B, or ABC was booked. What a nightmare.


Enter Student Manager 7.2.A to save the day! As long as your course divisions are defined via Module -> Locations -> Define Location Splits, the conflict checker will warn you when booking this room or any part of the room. It is even smart enough that if there is a class booked in C, booking A, B, or AB does not conflict with this. But, a booking in BC or ABC does conflict and you will be warned.


I do want to mention that you must have a location for the master room and all possible permutations of sub rooms in order for all of this to work. Also, if you have a master room that has three or more dividing walls, I wish you luck on figuring out those permutations! I'm getting a headache just thinking of that. Hopefully, you just have one or two dividing walls so it is easy to set up. But, if you do have a bunch of dividing walls in a single location and are able to successfully set it up, I want to see it!


Until next time,


Matthew Olson

ACEware Systems



New Programmer Hired for ACEware NxT
Eddie Hedges
ACEware has just welcomed Eddie Hedges as the newest full-time staff member to our team!  Actually, Eddie is only slightly new as he has been used and abused as ACEware's intern since February.

Eddie is graduating from Kansas State with a Bachelors in Information Science from the college of Engineering.  His is going to be working full-time on our new ACEware NxT software which is a cloud-based and fully hosted registration program.

When not chained to his desk programming, Eddie says he likes ... wait for it.... programming! He also likes online communities, sports and eating.  

If you would like to send your own congratulations, warnings, words of advise or latest stock tips, Eddie can be reached at 
Lot's of New Resources For You
(  I have been really busy in the last month creating new resources for you.  These resources are designed to keep you better informed about your software, about ACEware and to teach you skills that can help you run your program better.

I've been adding to our existing social media sites and creating new content.  Take a look at the list below and don't forget to friend us!

NOTE: Let us know if your program has a Facebook or Linkedin site so we can highlight it on our site.  Have something you would like to see more information on?  drop me a line at 
  • Facebook Page... Our Facebook page has been updated.  get updates on upcoming webinars, hints and tricks, and links to articles that will help you in your business.  You will also get to see the more casual side of ACEware on this page with pictures of the "behind the scenes" of your favorite software folks!
  • Linkedin... We now have a Company page and a discussion group on Linkedin.  We will be focused on the management side of running your program on these pages including discussion on the software, trends, and other information related to your adult learning, CE, etc..
  • YouTube Video Channel... Our new channel is running on YouTube.  The first videos are up and new videos will be added regularly.  Subscribe to the channel and you will get an email letting you know when new videos are posted.  
  •  Webinar Archives... Don't forget about the archives.  We do a lot of webinars at ACEware.  If you miss participating in one live, you can come back and watch the recording.  It's a great tool for getting new people up to speed on Student Manager.
Greg & Chuck At NCCET Conference
Greg and Chuck will both be at the NCCET conference starting this weekend.  If you are attending the conference, stop by the booth.  they will be available to answer your questions and to show you some of the new software features available on Student Manager.
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The annual Aceware Conference will be April 22-27th, 2013. Come join us as we celebrate Aceware 25th Aniversary with a learning cruise!

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