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Star Wars: Force Awakens is the seventh of the epic science fiction created by George Lucas. Episode IV: A New Hope, which is the first Star Wars movie made, premiered in 1977 - before many of today's audience was even born. The first three films constitute the original Star Wars trilogy and a prequel trilogy was later released between 1999 and 2005. Popular culture penetrates into politics. When President Ronald Reagan proposed a space-based missile defense program in the 1980s. It was officially called the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI). But the program was universally known as the "Star Wars" program. Reagan also made a famous speech at the height of the cold war in which he identified the Soviet Union as "an Evil Empire."
On March 1, 2013, President Barack Obama spoke on the sequestration debate. He said that some people expect him to do a "Jedi mind meld" on the Republicans who refuse to deal.
President George W Bush addressed the cadets at the U.S. Military Academy (West Point) on June 1, 2002 and made clear the role pre-emptive war would play in the future of American foreign policy and national defense. Most of the world is against the U.S. pre-emptive war strategy on terrorism, criticizing it as an ideology that creates fear and repression that creates enemies and promotes violence instead of mitigating acts of terror and strengthening security. Nevertheless they love the American-made movie Star Wars. It's comforting to know that people still love America... minus its politics.
1. Texas grand jury issues no indictments in jailhouse death of Sandra Bland

A Tex. grand jury will not indict anyone in connection with the death of Sandra Bland, who was found hanged in a jail cell after a traffic arrest in July. A family attorney called the investigation "a sham of a proceeding." (WP)   

In the U.S., drug companies set their own prices and raise them over time. One of the biggest U.S. buyers of medicine, Medicare, is prohibited from negotiating prices directly with drug companies. Private insurers and benefit managers strike their own rebate deals with drug companies, and details of these contracts are almost never disclosed. (Bloomberg)

This upheaval, fueled by advances in engineering and an influx of foreign money, and enabled by lenient zoning codes, has left residents, politicians and developers themselves scrambling to adapt the city's changing profile. (NYT) 
A landslide, caused by the combination of heavy rains and a pile of dirt and construction debris, spilled over an area of 4 million square feet and destroyed 33 buildings on Sunday. (HP)
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump, the pageant's former rights-holder, tweeted early Monday, "Very sad what happened last night at the Miss Universe Pageant," and insisted that were he still owner, "This would never have happened!" Trump, 69, later told NBC's "Today" that as a solution, "I think I'd make them a co-winner. That'd be very cool." (Newsday)
"The Force Awakens" is currently 102nd on the worldwide grosser list with $288.1 million in domestic grosses in four days and $322.7 million in international take in six days. The international take is particularly impressive, given that "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" will not open in the booming Chinese market until Jan. 9. (Variety)
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7. 재외선거 참여 더욱 편리: 추가투표소 2곳 설치영구명부제 실시

선거법 개정안 주요 내용은 인터넷을 통해 재외선거인 등록신청을 하는 것과 동일하게 이를 등록 신청하는 단계에서 필요했었던 여권사본 및 국적확인서류의 첨부를 폐지. 공관 외에 추가투표소 설치를 허용.재외선관위 관할구역의 재외국민수가 매 4만명 마다 추가로 재외투표소를 설치 운영할 수 있도록 했고, 추가로 설치되는 재외투표소의 수는 2개소를 초과할 수 없다.                    
뉴저지주 상*하원은 최근 킨더가튼~5학년생들이 매일 20분씩 운동장이나 체육관에서 함께 운동을 하거나 친구들과 어울릴 수 있는 시간을 제공하도록 의무화한 법안을 차례로 통과. 학생들이 교실 밖에서 뛰어놀며 체력을 기르는 한편 사교성, 협동심, 커뮤니케이션 능력을 키우도록 하기 위한 것이 목적. 법안은 왕따 가해 학생들에게 휴식시간 활동에 참여하지 못하게 할 수 있는 처벌 규정을 포함.                                        
한인은 물론 한국에 관심 있는 순수 외국인을 위한 '한국대학 입학정보' 웹사이트( 구축 사업을 완료했다"며 "현재 임시 개설한 상태이며 내년 1월1일부터 서비스를 본격적으로 시작. 교육원은 이번 '한국대학 입학정보' 웹사이트 개설을 계기로 167개 한국학교 재학생 9,225명과 뉴욕 일원 정규학교 한국어반 수강생 4,391명 및 한국내 대학 입학에 관심 있는 모든 외국인들이 한국 유학에 필요한 관련 정보를 체계적으로 얻을 수 있을 것으로 예상.
10.  비자면제 프로 강화 법안 연방하원 압도적 찬성 통과

프랑스 파리와 샌버나디노 테러 이후 미국 본토에서도 테러 우려가 커지면서 연방 의회가 전격 추진한 비자면제 프로그램(VWP) 강화 법안이 8일 연방 하원에서 압도적 찬성으로 통과. 내년 4월1일부터 지문 등 생체정보가 담긴 칩이 내장된 위조방지용 전자여권 사용을 의무화.